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  1. Also the triple flying type, although its not that bad cause the kanto e4 sucks
  2. What's in your spam folder?

    I like how they spelt the link for the apple account thing Froget, cause I definitely wouldn't notice that.
  3. Hi! I'm Squirtle!

    But the real question is are you multiple squirtles from the squirtle squad, or are you just one of them, and if you are just one of them, which one?
  4. My wife wants to sell tie dye clothing.

    I mean they look good to me, but I'm more or less the same as Alina as I'm just not a fan of Tie-Dye
  5. Oh okay, I thought you meant the first time you faced them it was 89
  6. Probably just Swampert way back in Ruby, like many people I just used my starter and since Swampert can destroy the entirety of Ruby I probably only had it on my team, maybe Groudon too
  7. Your bad and you should feel bad, but I agree