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  1. Well technically it's a Soullink so if mine die so do yours so we will have the same number of deathes at the end of the locke...
  2. Idk man some MOBA players are dumb as bricks, but I guess outliers will always exist...
  3. What could you do with $2

    Next level shit right here.
  4. Fuck you Clad, I dont have prime either so Amazon would still have to ship it to me.
  5. Rowlet is unquestionably the worst starter because I said so, is that good :P
  6. Fairy already is the antithesis of the dark type, because in Japan the dark type is called the Evil Type, it has no relation to light what so ever. As a side note the only other 2 types that I saw have a different name in Japan are Psychic, which is called the Esper type (An Esper is someone possessing psychic powers), and Fire which is named the Flame Type.
  7. Apologizes, I forgot about something that I need to do tonight so I won't be able to make our match for today, but I should be good for tomorrow if you want to do it then.
  8. Dragon Pictures thread

    Seems like an odd pairing in the last picture...