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  1. We have an extensive library of information on every aspect of SHK, if you're ever interested just dropping in our TS and one of our officers will be more than happy to help you out. DI members are always welcome to see if this game will spark they're interest
  2. dude you are posting a lot more omg! if ad when you step down you need just over 150 to be master when you step down! you got this!

  3. 12 - 14
  4. just heard thru the grapevine about car accident, I hope you're alright man

    1. Mzz


      #pray for Syndi

  5. Ran out of FP so had to enter VM for 2 weeks, loaded up asuci with ID before going into VM. If you need me to come back early send me a message here, or contact my son (JDShop) in IW.

  6. Try using the stronghold client, its independent of steam and uses your same log in info
  7. Congrats on making the perv list @AlwaysSlayin LOL
  8. Super sad I wasn't picked :(
  9. This is an awesome guide, especially for 1st time parish stewards. Great job @Snek
  10. Hopefully not frozen burritos although that would be something to see
  11. What is the 1st thing you would do as Empress of the Antartican Republik @AlinaStarkova
  12. No cookies for cookie monster :-(
  13. I figured that if somwone cam close that they would just create more.
  14. Welcome to DI @BlazeInfernape, seems we all know they all cannot possibly be caught but good luck
  15. Just remember that this is how firefly makes money. people invest time and money in creating castles while othets invest time and money into destroying them. Never get overly attached to villages