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  1. Microtransactions in games?

    I agree with @fullpizza on this. The developer could purposefully add in sections where long amounts of grinding are needed just to reach the the next part of the story to push players towards buying micro transactions.
  2. Microtransactions in games?

    I agree that cosmetic micro transactions are okay. But what about micro-transactions in single player games?
  3. Greetings from Toto

    Welcome to DI Toto, just curious, what are you studying in college?
  4. With Shadow of War having loot box microtransactions within the game, i'm curious what you guys think about this and where do you draw the line with microtransacation purchases being in the game?
  5. Introducing Me,Myself and I

    That's interesting, another initiate in DI is also studying IT Security.
  6. Introducing Me,Myself and I

    Welcome to DI, just curious, what are you studying in college?
  7. Hiya.

    Welcome to Di Sol, what are you studying in college?
  8. sandal and socks

    Welcome to DI, what consoles did you used to play?
  9. Hello from the Great White North

    Welcome to DI, do you also go out for a rip in the great white north?
  10. Intro from QueenD

    Welcome to Di, I like the story behind your name.
  11. Introductions (:

    Welcome to DI, what console do you play now?
  12. Hi! My name is Little Snowman

    Welcome to DI, what kind of style art do you make?
  13. fortnite battle royale

    I also see that the developers of PUBG aren't too happy with this move.
  14. fortnite battle royale

    I knew this game a wave based defense game, when did it become a battle royale?
  15. Can't wait to test this against some players, thanks for the share.