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  1. Hey! Nice to meet you.

    Welcome to DI, i'm sure there is something about you that you can tell us.
  2. Favorite Band/Artist?

    I enjoy listening to Motörhead
  3. The things that annoys you ?

    When someone uses your stuff without asking then places it somewhere else
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC?

    I just hope Take-Two won't pull anything shady like what they did with mods on GTA 5.
  5. RileyDoTa Introduction

    Welcome to DI, happy 21st birthday in advance.
  6. Take-Two hasn't commented on whether they would release RDR2 on PC. What are your thoughts on this situation? I think that they are puling a GTA5 where they release only for console first then release it on PC to get more sales.
  7. Good Day

    Welcome to DI, and happy Birthday in advance.
  8. Browser games

    Not sure if you will like this one but Bush Whacker 2 is another one.
  9. Browser games

    Similar to cookie click would be clicker heroes.
  10. Excited for a new opportunity with DI

    Welcome to DI, that is quite a lucky and fortunate story for joining DI.
  11. ink Introduction

    You did a great job putting the emotions of the drawing.
  12. Remember Pokemon Go?

    Was here any particular reason why you didn't get into it?
  13. Remember Pokemon Go?

    Oh this kid, thanks for bring this up.
  14. ink Introduction

    Welcome to Di, love your artwork, were you inspired by anything when you drew that picture?