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  1. Good old days
  2. 6105
  3. Impressive! With the right events you can easily get over 100K.
  4. Just read an article about Nintendo not being able to ramp up their production because Apple and other companies buy their LCD screens and storage. They have been out for a while now and are sold pretty quickly. I have to say I was skeptical at first, though Nintendo seems to be doing better than expected. The Switch has raised my interest over the last few months. Anyone able to share their experience?
  5. Teamspeak is currently the best platform for us to be on. Discord would not be manageable currently for a group of our size and with the number of guests and short term members who join us. Neither has it the organisation like TS. In the long run we can see discord becoming our platform.... eventually... when its evolved enough... so not yet.
  6. Yeah. DI-C often got TF2 events, there are quite a few people playing it. Spent a few hundred hours playing it myself back in the day. Definitely a great game.
  7. I've recently been playing GTA V and Fallout IV again and noticed how much I enjoyed the radio these games had. It definitely gives another experience, and reduces my boredom when driving/walking around. Personally love Los Santos Rock Radio, though what's your favorite and why?
  8. Every cell in your body is replaced at some point. Taste buds take about 10 days, livers and internal organs take a bit longer and the spine takes about 3 years. At the end of 7 years, not 1 cell in your body remains from what was there 7 years ago. Apart from all that, I believe I'm still intact.
  9. That's a neat beatmaker, thanks!
  10. Jazz Jackrabbit
  11. I pronounce it with the L /ˈsæmən/
  12. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a sanctioning body which oversees many types of racing across the country. The three top series under the NASCAR banner are: Sprint Cup Series Nationwide Series Camping World Truck Series
  13. Welcome to Damage Incorporated Is a controller that much better? Got to try it myself then...
  14. Welcome Drigorry, to Damage Incorporated!