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  1. Morning Tea will take place upcoming Saturday at 3PM US EST (aka. 7PM GMT). Spread the word!

  2. I've seen it in the Library. Is it any good?
  3. Since they got IP's per neighborhood, they have no restriction on owning multiple accounts. Firefly makes good money on them since they buy crowns for 2 accounts, so they don't do much against it. With some strategy you can beat them or most effectively with force and timed attacks from multiple players, though their bots were amazing. Much more advanced then the NA bots; auto-scouting, trading, recruiting, attacking AI, monking, etc. With nearly unlimited gold, resources and cards which the Russians owned, even the most seasoned warriors had to put in some effort to remove them during domination. Not all servers and Russians are the same though, it also keeps the game alive sometimes.
  4. That's Moscow. From SHK I know Russians have IP addresses per neighborhood/block, so unless you got a MAC-address it would be hard to trace back. Best advice, set-up new passwords and change them monthly.
  5. We got people from all over the world, so that won't be a problem. Welcome to Damage Incorporated!
  6. Welcome Celenysta
  7. How do you plan your grocery list? At which moment? I write down what I need during the week How and where do you look for your recipes? Internet and books, also depends on what's in sale Do you manage your pantry? If yes, how; If no, why not? Organized, so I know in 1 look what I have available. Do you have a way to reduce the waste of food? Eat it the next day for lunch (if possible) How do you plan your meals? The afternoon itself, as it's depending on when I get home. I'm flexible with my recipes so I can switch around with what I've planned. What is your goal when you do these tasks? Balanced meals that don't expire in a few days if I've no time to cook How do you manage those task? Planning and carefully selecting recipes Which task are automated and which are not? None How could you make these tasks easier? They bring groceries into the kitchen if I order it online. Would you have an interest for an application who would help you to achieve those tasks? Perhaps Which aspect of the application would be the most important? List of foods a-z, with time it takes cooking. I never know how long everything needs to be cooked.
  8. Honestly... I've no idea how they taste, though it solves the discussion.
  9. Talk to everyone, there are a lot of TM's out there for free.
  10. There may be room for improvement, but it certainly isn't bad. Keep it up! Looking forward to see more of these.
  11. I prefer reddit
  12. Welcome Dante!
  13. One of the most common causes of hearing loss can be traced back to long exposure to loud noises. As gamers, we put ourselves at risk every time we turn on a new game and play with loud sound effects and headsets turned all the way up. We all got about 15,000 hair cells in each ear. Once those cells are damaged, they cannot regrow. According to this source, a solution to combat hearing loss is a drug treatment. Some researchers came up with a combination of drugs that expands the population of progenitor cells in the ear. They induce them to become hair cells, and thus offer a new way to treat hearing loss. So...