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  1. What you listening to?

  2. Song of the Day

  3. Correct. RSVPing to BBQ CLAN events are no longer mandatory. Additionally, BBQ events have also been moved to the Community Calendar. More news can be found in the announcement. http://dmg-inc.com/july-2017-news/
  4. Song of the Day

  5. New interesting game i found.

    Thanks. I'll stick around until then. Would love to see this as a venture.
  6. Ashes of Creation

    I've seen so many new MMORPG's these last few days. Game looks great so far. When will this be available?
  7. New interesting game i found.

    Looks promising. Cheapest pack is $39.99 USD. I thought they said it would most likely be F2P based on cosmetic purchases, or is that just for the closed beta? Otherwise I would be down to try it once available.
  8. Old Member Tracker

    errare humanum est (= To err is human) Will let you know if I spot something else, though as mentioned it's quite a nice overview.
  9. Old Member Tracker

    Nom Casual A Officer Member 1 January 2017 6 Nom is from February 2014 cohort. She's been in here current position for over a year now, that's a little more than 6 months.
  10. Old Member Tracker

    Besides Events, I do see a few flaws in the Full Member data too. Once it gets accurate, it will certainly be useful. Nonetheless it's definitely a nice overview. Well done.
  11. Casual Team B Thread

    Read and understood
  12. Welcome to DI-CII

    Seems I got a free transfer. Hi DI-CII
  13. Greeting! DI-C

    Welcome to the Community Division Wonka.
  14. Like Alina said. As long as they don't drag others unwillingly into it, I respect their choice. Though that's the same for religion, favorite sports team, etc. People are free to choose whatever satisfies or makes them happy, just let me choose my own meals.