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  1. Bumpception
  2. So am I reading this right, you're asking for a dog forum?
  3. YAY A SIMPLE GRAPHIC FOR ME TO START WITH! i mean, im a bit concerned that summer squash and winter squash just appear to be the same. but other than that. plant shit, wait for it to grow, eat shit. gotcha. also birds are shits. yeah herbs will be the starting point i reckon, thinking maybe some strawberries at the sides and herbs at the front with lettuce at the back and carrots/onions in the middle. need to look into smell factors. i hear garlic next to carrot protects carrot. Also: am i to be offended that you didnt consider i might have commissioned it specially? (which i did). mostly because they cost like £200 in the shops and i was like, da fuk, my friend can make it for me!
  4. GUIDE ME OH WISE ONE. in the land of the UK what do i still have the capability to plant in a timely manner! i will settle for an excel spreadsheet with a filter option. Useful shit... legal useful shit...
  5. i dont have any banana's, otherwise there would be bananas for scale as is customary it is approx 2m long 50cm deep and 50cm wide, so its not tiny
  6. shit thats a thing? *goes offline* i.... i'm gonna go ahead and not trust any advise in this topic now...
  7. I was kinda hoping somebody would assist in some kind of crop rotation planning thingy.... i greatly misestimated the helpfulness of you guys.
  9. HALP! i now have a garden and a large wooden structure in which to plant things. What i need, being a nerd, is a "garden simulator" - a garden version of : would be great :P
  10. thats it. we're done. close the introductions subforum! Hey sprinkles! WB
  11. Oh I agree, it's all semantics at this stage!
  12. awesome! straight in there with a 3d printer. whatcha printed?
  13. Technically yes. but the first things called computers were people sauce = wikipedia because lazy.
  14. We have the same amount of posts. 

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