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  1. You failed to meet the February 2017 Di-Community Requirements.

    -0/1 events attended

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    2. Siren


      That's a treason strike if I've ever seen one.

    3. Shand
    4. AlwaysSlayin
  2. Oh I agree, it's all semantics at this stage!
  3. awesome! straight in there with a 3d printer. whatcha printed?
  4. Technically yes. but the first things called computers were people sauce = wikipedia because lazy.
  5. We have the same amount of posts. 

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    2. Mal


      RLLY? I cant read apparently 


    3. Shand


      Reading is hard when you have dark glasses on.


    4. Mal
  6. the first computers were people sat at a desk with a load of pens and paper actually... out of interest what was wrong with while true do; ..... or similar, why overcomplicate with all the i interactions.
  7. That said i've heard rockstar are a bit PITA and randomly ban people on the offchance they are cheating!
  8. i watch youtube on my tv... there are a few top shows i intentionally watch namely: formula one, doctor who, the occasional murder mystory series (silent witness that kinda thing)
  9. 07cb659c6b4b76257ae6c0bcdd7757be.jpg Always knew you were a rust fan

  10. Fair enough. keep plugging at the schoolwork and have a bit of fun on the wallpaper :P cant wait!
  11. Looking good!
  12. ooo i dunno.... :P
  13. Hahaha. accurate?