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  1. Zero Gravity

    Welcome to DI, I hope you are enjoying your time with us!
  2. Introductions

    Welcome to DI, hope you stay for a fun time!.
  3. TheManyFacedJohn Introduction

    Welcome to DI. Hope you find a great time here!
  4. Nooodle Introduction

    Welcome to DI. Have fun in our newest division!
  5. Mariosatr Introduction

    Welcome to DI. It's great to have you here!
  6. MoeTheGreat

    Welcome to DI. On those rare times you play, at least now you will be playing with the best! :)
  7. I'm Kaoru

    Welcome to DI, and best of luck in your new division!
  8. DDD Intoduction

    Welcome to DI, the best division, and the best mentor. ;)
  9. Intro

    Thanks, I look forward to our future adventures.
  10. Intro

    Right now only Global Conflict 2, the newest one. I was on USA2 for about a year when it came out.
  11. Intro

    Hey everyone, I joined this forum a long time ago, but just joined the SHK group today. Looking forward to some good times.
  12. introduction

    Hey all, my name is reedsnake and I just started playing shk a couple months ago, and still trying to get some of the basic "best tactics" down. I figured w9 is a great place to start, and I am trying to learn the role of steward now. This coming weekend I will be at PAX east in Boston, so I don't know how much play time I'll have, but I will be on regularly once I get back. Looking forward to helping out and getting advice for the future.