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  1. tf does that mean other two groups are dope aswell
  2. actually here is what i was lstening this week, maybe there is something you havent heard there
  3. death grips, brockhampton, injury reserve
  4. Death Grips.
  5. Only 🅱️lassic worth talking about is Runaway from Kanye West.

    1. LukeSkyFAKER


      hahahaahahaahahahahahha genijalni su

  7. Whats strange about a straight dude having a man crush and possibly masturbating to another dude?
  8. +1 it then mongoloid
  9. My goal is to just live an awesome life. And not by the movie definition, just like a life I can look back on and be like ''Damn, I had a lot of fun''. I'm not sure if I'm succedeing at the moment, but I'm positive for the future.
  10. Its either Brockhampton BUMP or Brockhampton MILK. I timed it so it opens on BUMP btw. Whats your fave song tho?
  11. King
  12. I fucks with Isiaiah Rashad, even Mick Jenkins. I can totally see why someone would like them over Kendrick. But to say any one of them are objectively better? Idk dude.
  13. Trash. Listening trough it was a chore
  14. Hey, that was actually quite good. Way to go man! +1