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  1. Bloodborne should do the trick.
  2. Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, BFMV, Nirvana, Slipknot, System of a Down, the occasional Pantera. That encompasses pretty much everything I listen to that isn't a meme
  3. I did for quite a few years, even went to a race in New Hampshire. My interest dwindled over time, and died entirely when my favorite driver retired, within the last few years.
  4. GL to @Gammarayas new commander of DI-VII. I know you will surpass me in every regard, and that you will bring glory to the 7th.

  5. regular salt works perfectly fine, there is no need for anything else.
  6. It's already snowed several times here in PEI. Unfortunately, it's also been regularly under -20 celcius, so not much fun in going anywhere.
  7. Don't even have mine up yet
  8. Hello, I don't really know what to write right now, but since you asked me to PM you, that's what I'm doing. The Vice is next.
    After this I'm going to bed though, I'll read the Code of Ops and Ludus Magnum tomorrow.

    1. TheGamer777


      This isnt a PM :P this is a status update, the mail icon is how you PM someone (Top of your screen near the notifications)

  9. Hi

    Welcome. You've come to the right place.
  10. Looks like a shit rip off
  11. I personally believe that Commercial, Scientific and Production based city states are the best overall Zanzibar, Geneva and Buenos Aires being the best of their classes respectively. Please feel free to convince me that my opinion is wrong
  12. Gives me C O N N I P T I O N S

  13. Well, since there are quite a few less PROMINENT leaders for big civs, i don't see why you can't continue that trend. Like, Karl VII of Sweden, or One of the Ashikaga shoguns for Japan, or even someone like El Cid for Spain. All are either not well renowned, or not true statesmen, but still Icons of their countries
  14. Make no mistake, Franks are Germans. Where the confusion lies is how the Franks became the French. Charlemagne lived in France yes, but he wasn't Gallic, or Briton, or something like that. He definitely wasn't French. But, he did basically create France and the HRE, so that creates a different level of complexity in allegiance in terms of leading. I'd say he's German, but it's basically up to opinion.
  15. I think Karl der Große(Charlemagne) or Karl Martel for Germany, as they laid the foundations for the Frankish/Holy Roman empires, and as Barbarossa is a holy roman emperor, I don't see why they wouldn't be considered