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  1. Music while playing Civ?

    Metal. You don't need anything else.
  2. What's Your Favorite Band?

    Maggot for life
  3. Can we get an update to the forum names?

    There were several, mate. Civ 6th is just the most recent
  4. Video Game OSTs?

    Bloodborne should do the trick.
  5. Famous Musician joining DI!?! (Fav. Artist)

    Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, BFMV, Nirvana, Slipknot, System of a Down, the occasional Pantera. That encompasses pretty much everything I listen to that isn't a meme
  6. EU IV

    When I start games on the new patch it just fails and doesn't allow the savefile to exist. No clue why, but now I can only have one game that I saved from last patch, and can't create any more saves.
  7. EU IV

    I could as well, but it would take a very long time to instill a proper understanding of the nuances of the game
  8. EU IV

    I've bought all the important DLC, as well as many little ones, and I have 900 and some hours in that game. I'm still absolutely terrible.
  9. Any one else watch NASCAR here

    I did for quite a few years, even went to a race in New Hampshire. My interest dwindled over time, and died entirely when my favorite driver retired, within the last few years.
  10. How ripped would you get?

    If I started playing CS again, I would be in peak condition within a week, probably less if my arms could still move the mouse well enough.
  11. Ways Gamer Triggers You

    Yes, but cinders has no DLC, I lag when he hosts, and DLC shouldn't have an effect on game stability.
  12. Ways Gamer Triggers You

    When we tried to play europa he lagged so hard we could only play on 1x speed, and that was the worst experience I've had in a very long time
  13. Worst civ?

    I hate spain with a passion, but imo, France is definitely worse
  14. Official PvP

    Alright folks, let me put everything out front. I am relatively new to ARK, I bought it when it was on sale so I could play with a few RL friends, and we went on a mostly empty unofficial server. While just playing with a few friends is all well and good, it doesn't feel like I'm accomplishing anything, and always being the most skilled player isn't helping me learn any faster. So, I want to ram my head against the unyielding brick wall that is official PvP, as I find the modded servers just annoy the living hell out of me. I want real conflict, I want to fight for everything that I do. I want to get beat down so many times that I end up playing for spite. Do we have a server that can accommodate me? I have plenty of time ATM to spend playing on one server, I have scorched earth as well as the center downloaded, and most importantly, I come ready with plenty of hate to spare for our enemies. WHAT SAY YOU?
  15. GL to @Gammarayas new commander of DI-VII. I know you will surpass me in every regard, and that you will bring glory to the 7th.