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  1. You were elected as Warden for being active and all that, congrats.
  2. Mindhunter is such an interesting show

  3. Jacks DI Sig Joint

    Is this still a thing? Cause I'll be really tilted if the sig joint shuts down before I get mine since it's been almost a year I think. @GreatJackal Also who in the heck removed my name from the waitlist
  4. We did it Reddit

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. TheGamer777


      How many people have actually got a 90 day probation???

    3. Physics


      @WarfororksMy first probation was also the first probation to be the length of 45 days. I'm breaking all the records here.

    4. Clones231
  5. Favourite Anime OST's

    Just interested in seeing what kinds of OST's you guys love out of anime My Favourites The first one implements jazz into spanish music quite well. Second one has an amazing violin piece at around 2 minutes
  6. Anyone down for a Bleach rewatch?

  7. that post was like 6 months ago when I played the game. I think Stigment beat me 1 out of like 30 games
  8. how are you still on probation

    1. Physics


      Ends Oct 11th, I got boned pretty hard with this one.

  9. Hey I'm roy

    I play Black Squad quite a bit, my steam page is on my profile if you'd like to play.