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  1. Happy Birthday @Jammychgo and @Warfororks, 2 legendary officers born today.

    1. TomHadden


      Born today?! damn DI are recruiting younger and younger people now adays

  2. A modern day classic
  3. Is it just me or has the amount of shitposts increased lately?
  4. What a quality shitpost by Shand
  5. Man i grew up watching the show on TV. After a while i swapped to manga
  6. Shouldn't you be general?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. AlwaysSlayin


      wtf, why!?

    3. Zezette


      Probably because physics wanted to be a commander again

    4. AlwaysSlayin


      hehe true dat XD

  7. I happen to have the alpha boost lel
  8. How is nessy not a part of your exodia
  9. I post it there so that everyone in the division can see our general objectives, which is handed to us by our LCs, and that isn't all that I placed in my objectives so you might as well screenshot the whole thing. If you disagree with how I make my objectives, I'd be glad to see you make some for me :D In fact there are other divisions that also do the same this, if you are going to screenshot my objectives, you should screenshots theirs too.
  10. Grats on that shiny general rank my dude 

    1. Snek


      "General Hotwheels"


  11. When using controller, if you want to fast aerial, having to press both A and B at the same time is kinda meh. I also prefer it on RB so I have my index fingers on the two bumpers and middle fingers on the triggers.
  12. Interested in seeing what careers you guys have/want to go into. I myself am really interested in Corporate Law, that is what I plan on going into.
  13. LT - Reverse RT - Accelerate LB - Air Roll and Handbrake RB - Boost Y - Ballcam X - Scoreboard A - Jump B - Push to talk It's a pretty standard setup however I use push to talk with B.