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  1. Interesting. Welcome back and gl on the application.
  2. When I bought my Alpha boost it was worth 585 USD. It is now worth over 1000 USD feelsgoodman
  3. Very proud of my Division's competitive activity, keep it up bois (and Nessy).

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AlwaysSlayin


      s0LA I think you just assumed NESSYS gender by saying HER. 1000000% TRIGGERED!!!

    3. Nessy


      Hahaha :'D

    4. mehseenbetter


      didnt he also assume the gender of everyone in his division by saying bois?

  4. The Dark Knight
  5. Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) It is 22 episodes
  6. Mine isn't bad
  7. Anyone down to play Blackwave?

  8. Noob

    1. Zezette
    2. Nota


      Well..... experimenting on yourself I see.... seems cool

  9. DI V must beat DI VI as largest division to prove we are the better League

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    2. Cerber42
    3. Razgriz


      Are you trying to say you want to have a shadow duel, Seto Kaiba?

      Seriously though, I'm happy our division has caught up and since we're in the same Legion, both of our divisions are looking pretty strong which makes me happy. I'm happy 5th division is humble and allows me to participate in some events as well, and the same is true vice-versa. 

      You have the Hot Wheels, but we have full movement speed Rammus. Ok. 8D

    4. iEcho


      Challenge accepted 

  10. Is there anything Ender can't 1up anyone on?
  11. Oh yeah, I'm just so used to having it since day one lol
  12. I feel like it also depends on the playlist, I mainly play 1s and I have to say Octane is def great because of how balanced it is. For 2s and 3s, Batmobile is just beast, but it's a DLC car so I'd either go with Dominus or Octane.
  13. Kendrick Lamar