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  2. Easy escape and ranged, hardcore off. But yeah you need another team fight on the team to utilize the ult well. But its all good. combo with void or enigma dame rape
  3. alright time for some team combos -naga seer and disruptor (i just took a look at it) can add a sven and/or magnus also a sk.
  4. yeah.. like you better run before get frozen XD
  5. well jug came out so.. you should know that battle fury does affect hits on omnislash but not sure about criticals.
  6. alright this is old but dont wear off... with jug tp while spinning you wont get stunned same happens with lifestealer on rage you cant get stunned because of spell inmune :)
  7. its pretty cheap and weekly entry... we should give it a shot
  8. actually started i little bit latter than dota1 in warcraft platafform
  9. Lion/Vengeful/Apparition? Lion maybe becuase of the dagon doble finger kill... Apparition if its a really good one...
  10. double tap any item or skill, that can be selftarget it, automatically targets yourself.
  11. There are only 2 supports that i can put up with ks, and those are lich and rhasta (shadow shaman). Lich obvious ulti and rhasta because have so much disable that can get their whole team get fooled (if its good rhasta). and when i see that enemy is just about to get away anyone can get the kill.
  12. just try out a lane full melee vrs range... you get poked and pushed away from creeps and sometimes you wont have farm and even lack of experience resulting on an underleveled heroe, of course if you are against ppl who know what they are doing by pking you and know how to last hit and keep lane steady. Enigma, SandKing and Rylai... i mentioned them as a combo... enigma ulti and then other 2 ultis just get them pwned just an idea also i experienced sk and riki... riki smokes and any stun on early game can really get you kills so easly.
  13. Totally agree.. knowing your duty ingame improves your performance as a team :).... team play OP
  14. There is already a team http://www.dmg-inc.com/di/index.php?/topic/6889-players-teams-and-roles/. But i think that due the amount of members on america it is neccesary to start a new one.
  15. I hate DD when it is use against me... and i agree that depends on hero... drow with DD or illu, jugg and Spirit Breaker with haste, storm with regen OP... all are good,great but illu is the one you dont use a lot.