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  1. Explain a way to build a good, functioning gaming laptop?

    Probably just getting another hard drive. I have the same issue as both of my hard drives are pretty small, not enough space for all of my games. So either you'd replace one of the ones you have now, or if you can just add the new one to your setup. (And adding one isn't hard, just make sure you have the right connectors.)
  2. Explain a way to build a good, functioning gaming laptop?

    Yes, there are some crazy powerful laptops. They are just more expensive. I was pointing more towards the fact that the laptops made by Alienware and Razor (and other big names in gaming laptops), while usually effective at what they do, are often overpriced. I'd recommend something along these lines. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16834332754 While still powerful than most PCs, this laptop is not a top end laptop, but more than sufficient for most all games (unless you are trying to run ultra graphics with some games or something).
  3. Wassup guys

  4. Explain a way to build a good, functioning gaming laptop?

    I'll chip in a but about the gaming laptops. Most of the popular brands of gaming laptops, such as Alienware, are priced far more expensively than a normal laptop of similar specs. They try to draw people in with the fancy looks and promises of better hardware, when really it just is a ploy to try to get people to buy the more expensive computers. So with whatever you decide to get, keep in mind that often the proclaimed gaming laptops aren't usually the best answer.
  5. that mini nuke from fallout 4 passed me so close :o

    I like the little back and forth you did when it flew past you. And good dodge btw.
  6. Am I gonna get my movie token?

    1. Matrix


      yes, I fell asleep last night at the end of the movie.

  7. The Machine That Creates Anything

    Can I get one?
  8. Is destiny 2 worth the money

    I personally haven't played D1, but I've been really enjoying D2. I'd recommend playing with people as it makes it more enjoyable. DI-III has been the unofficial home for D2 if you get the game.
  9. 2 hamsters, 1 wheel

    That video is just so good.
  10. What is your Mic Set up?

    I said this before, but I've gotten myself a Blue Yeti since. It is so much better.
  11. What does your Ctrl+V contain?

  12. Obscure-ish Anime

    It is yet another one of those anime which I have in my watchlist and really want to watch, but have yet to actually watch.
  13. What Steam game do you have the LEAST playtime in?

    Far too relatable.
  14. Oldie but a goldie!

    Gotta have them shiny teeth!
  15. The most important question ever!

    I'm not really into most of the works either side does, but I'd probably side with Marvel.