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  1. Unless you can find an active but not overrun server as a solo you could do okay But now with scrap and bp youre literally playing a survival game for the wipe cycle - once teams have built bases youre never going to challenge them, you could always counter raid when clans go for each other - you might scavenge a bp you dont have yet, but even if you got armor and an ak bp all you can do is roam really Even just a week with DI on a server with 5 of us its so much more fun than soloplay was
  2. People are rather toxic in Rust and as said you will die like 1000 times - but with a team like the guys here, solid base build on Day 1 of the wipe - weapons, ammo and supplies - youll be off to a solid start with a group Solo-Play now with the blueprint system is "interesting" - you have to find an item, learn it and then you can build it - all for which you need scrap (now ironically) one of the most important early game items.... But once you get through all that you get to Raiding! Check out Vertiigo on YouTube - Australian Raid Cam