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  1. armoured doors?

    You must check the military chests for the bp! or be really lucky with hitting barells!
  2. Is rust dead

    Nope..true fans stayed! Plus now that the big boom about rust is over i think the devs started doing their job better and are more eager to actually do some progress in gameplay not just adding sounds and chairs in game :)
  3. The way it's meant to be played!!! VANILLA
  4. I must say yes becouse i freakin love this game.. It really pulls you in belive me! Its a mix of survival building pvp and crazy shit! :) Do it!!! :)
  5. My advice will be short..really check out target!! at least with bigger ones i mean.. i spend at least half an hour checking the base out looking for weaknesess (windows, boosting option,..). Check it also from the top as u may see some things that slipped ur eye before..Also if it an active base- i quite often camp outside their base and listen to doors opening and try to figure out what awaits me! Otherwise nNised explained it quite well! Good luck m8!