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  1. If you haven't noticed, valve updated some of the cs:go wepons and the results are quite wierd. Nerf. p250 - It does way less damage and takes 2 dinks to kill now. (I like this update because the p250 used to 1 shot in the head even With helmet) Nerf. Five seven - The only think that got nerfed about the five seven is that the running and spamming accuracy has been increased by alot, so you cant run and shoot anymore. I like the change because everyone was popflashing long and getting spam aces With five-sevens all the time. Buff. Glock 18- The spamming and running accuracy has increased and they have boosted the damage. I also like this update becasue the glock used to suck ass. Nerf. The UMP-45 - Ok this one is kind of old now but still. They decreased the UMP damage and decreased the damage even more on long and medium range, u can do fucking -98 in 9 With it now. U can only get kills on Close range. I dont like this update becasue it is a really bad wepon now. Please leave a comment on what 'you' think about the update or something else off-topic, thanks! :D