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  1. Solo is still possible, but it gets extremely boring for me after a few hours. Highest I have gone with the bp update is workbench 2 then never got on that server again since it died.
  2. I played for a bit on it, but the roads are a lot more populated more than ever now. People are just waiting next to barrel spawns for kills or chance at blueprints. It is nice to have a fair bowfight instead of someone pulling out a revolver or waterpipe as easily now though.
  3. I autoban blitz no matter the position i'm playing (mostly play ADC though) I just can't stand fighting him, one decent hook will tilt me lol.
  4. Jax: Imagine if I had a real weapon but seriously, pls never say this.
  5. Riot is issuing refunds based on runes and rune pages you bought. I think they said for every 3 rune pages bought with RP you get a legendary skin (could be slightly wrong though) but all runes you bought in the past are being refunded and added to the new "BE" system. I am without a doubt buying that URF Warwick skin though.
  6. Recommend some anime or shows to me

    I have to recommend Boku no Hero Academia https://myanimelist.net/anime/31964/Boku_no_Hero_Academia Has a more creative way to explain "super powers" and how they affect society. Some people with the powers try to become Heros to fight Villians that use their power for bad intentions. The main character is born without any powers but wants to become a Hero anyways and believes he can without powers until certain events... First part of the Synopsis: "The appearance of "quirks," newly discovered super powers, has been steadily increasing over the years, with 80 percent of humanity possessing various abilities from manipulation of elements to shapeshifting. This leaves the remainder of the world completely powerless, and Izuku Midoriya is one such individual." Season 2 has just finished with about 38 episodes overall.
  7. Favourite Anime OST's

    The only OST I will actually sit down and listen to for background music is from Hero Academia. Favorite from that show has to be "You say run" from season 1 and "jet set run" from season 2.
  8. I was trying to forget about Zyra for a reason, but you had to remind me. I agree though, if not fighting a Blitz then Zyra is basically the worst thing there is at botlane. Too many champions to ban, just not enough bans for them.
  9. As an ADC main, my biggest trigger is a Blitz support. Even if they are bad or learning the game, when a Blitz hits that hook and you have no escape (depending on champion) its all over, the nightmares start.
  10. Tobias Fate has to be my favorite. The pirate metal music calls to me.
  11. Jinx will always be my favorite and my main champion. I started playing her when she was first announced on the PBE, trying out build paths and seeing how she worked. I was terrible at this game whenever I first started, but Jinx got me to Gold 5 season 4, Gold 2 season 5, Plat 5 season 6, and I finally climbed back into Plat a week ago with her once again. I still have no clue how I have so many games on her but it never gets boring. The global ultimate snipe is the best way to get ahead in lane.
  12. What is everyone's opinion on leveling champions to Mastery 7? I know some people hate seeing Mastery 7s since a lot of people in the game use it to BM or use it as a defensive title when they do bad. I personally love taking the time and working on getting Mastery 7 with champions I enjoy. So far my count is at 22 with 14 of them being strictly ADC champions.
  13. Will this have any impact in him being unbanned though? I've heard some talk about how it may help him get unbanned by his reply on twitter and him saying how "shit happens" or he has no hatred towards the Riot employee. Personally I would like to see him unbanned only for the fact he is trying to change, but I wouldn't blame Riot if they kept him banned for his actions in the past since he was such a massive troll and ruined the game for countless amount of people.
  14. What are your favorite books?

    Anything by Darren Shan, found his books when I was in middle school and the creativity on them have always stuck with me.
  15. Are they changing the materials needed to craft the research table itself though? Or is it going to stay as 1k frags, 25high qual, and 5 sheetmetal? If it stays then it will be hard to get guns especially for solo players.