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  1. I have seen the Netflix version of it, and i didn't like it at all. Although i have never read/seen the manga/anime, still disappointed. So would you guys suggest i watch the anime? Because i have trouble starting to watch it now, coming from such a disappointment of a movie ...
  2. fellow trick2g sub? :D most important counters have already been stated. eiter force other objectives, which you can do, because lets face it, every nasus just ignores teamfights for his stacks :P(up to a point), or just pick darius and put nasus on a short leash x)
  3. It did, but shes still one of the strongest supports atm ;)
  4. The current meta is definetly an Ardent meta, meaning, any support that can shield/heal your adc, is freelo, when you rush ardents... pretty strong currently are janna/lulu, even soraka
  5. stopped playing at LE a while ago... dont know if you drop down in csgo due to inactivity as well, if so, im probably silver 1 already :D
  6. wait are you adjusting the graphic settings in-game? because if not, it is not allowed anymore, and if the anti cheat systems detects that you played around with the ini file, it might perma ban you, without any actual person involved to see that you "just" adjusted graphics
  7. Introducing Me,Myself and I

    Will be either informatics or IT Security ;)
  8. As someone who plays Mercy alot, i'd say the biggest pain in the ass is Winston. atleast in solo games, because until the team reacts, youre dead 5 times ;)
  9. as far as i know, that is now forbidden by the develpoers, and you can get banned for doing so
  10. As a junkrat main, i can pretty much agree with what others said, except @Rollin11962 :P he excels at holding choke points, so try to use that, also here is a video with a quick tip against each hero, and not filled with much wasted time :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezk4HUZpWr8
  11. Introducing Me,Myself and I

    Hey guys, I totally forgot to post a Thread here introducing myself, so i'll quickly do so now. My name is Jonathan im 21 years young, but i like to be called Jonny. I play PUBG mainly, but also play Overwatch, LoL and Escape from Tarkov regularly, used to play Counter Strike as well, but after approximately 3.5k hours spent in CS, i did'nt enjoy it as much anymore, so i switched to other games... In Real Life i also play Volleyball, and currently hold the position of a season chief(dont know how else to put it in english :P) where i'm responsible for organising and overseeing every single match played in this season, appointing the teams that get to enter a higher league/lower league etc. Also like coding some random shit, whenever im bored and have played enough online games for the night :D Will go to college probably in 6 months or 12, i am pretty late with that with my age, which is the result of me going to the military, which makes me enjoy the chain of command in this community even more :P Used to be Member and later Officer in another gaming community, which sadly got disbanded, but i think this one is an improvement to my old one in terms of organising, in terms of people, i like both so far :D If anyone is ever intrested in playing any of the mentioned games, please hit me up :) If there are any questions about me left open, don't hesitate to ask :) Regards, Jonny
  12. So just now i played a duo game with a friend, who had to leave... now theres 90 players left, and im left alone... Have i given up? no! i thought to myself, take this as practice. Well in the end i managed to get to second place, with 14 kills. couldnt bring in the chicken dinner, because the circle fucked me over hard in the end vs an awm and sks duo... nonetheless i must say im pretty proud of myself :D Kar98k with 8x scope and suppressor is just so strong, i love it :D
  13. Congratulations to that man! I don't mean any offense, but can someone explain to me what you get from having X accounts on lvl 30? I started in the beta with 1 account, and that is the one im still playing on... Is it to play against low lvl players who are new at the game? or what do you get out of it? Please enlighten me :P PS. still no offense :P