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  1. bojack horseman

    Watched a few episodes of it, couldn't really get into it, to be honest. Seemed like it had potential. Does it get better after episode 3/4 Season 1?
  2. Whatsup with your username?

    I used to have the profile name DannyDorito But everybody presumed I was actually called Danny (as if I was called Danny; tried to think of a profile name; then thought of a pun based off of a famous Danny and a famous brand of crisps/potato chips!) and it was annoying (and even a weird let down for other people) when I had to correct them that Danny wasn't actually my name. So I simply changed my profile name to use my name and initial now (not very interesting haha).
  3. If you were to do one thing over...

    I wish I hadn't got expelled from school and left with 0 qualifications (an extension of that would be to have gone to uni)
  4. Other Languages?

    I used to be able to speak intermediate-level Hungarian but I'm probably more like beginner's level again now. That's a pretty difficult language. If I weren't so lazy I would love to get fluent at it, as well as learning other languages like Russian and Italian.
  5. Whats a Good & Affordable Graphics Card

    Is Bill Gates eating a Porsche for dinner; or are you driving a packet of ramen noodles to work??
  6. Rick and morty s3 ep 10

    I totally agree! It felt like a run-of-the-mill mid-season episode to me, not a season finale. Season 2's finale was waaaay (up inside your butthole) better, imo.