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  1. sorry forgot to clear editor lmao yeah its my siggy lol
  2. You're a member mate great job xD

  3. Aslong as the government stay in power they will get there tentacles in everything including the internet service
  4. My high school friend used to dip his pepperoni pizza in peanut butter but other than that idk lol
  5. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    Ikr, i almost drowned when i was a kid, still scares me to go swimming to this day, and being buried alive, ur basically in a box with half a ton of mud on top of you, you cant do nothing
  6. every console there is, ps1, nintendo64, definetly a beastly pc, a bar in the corner filled with my fave beer, and a password so the wife cant enter
  7. Your deepest, darkest fears...

    First biggest fear is being buried alive, second is drowning
  8. Raid, Black ops 2
  9. is that a typo dsan or do you generally run it at 3 fps? xD
  10. Probably twist my mind that much id be talking to manakins like I am legend, "Did you see how she looked at me? she definetly wants the D!" then id probably lay on a huge bed of money and drink some poison