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  1. Black Sabbath - The End

    Yesterday I went to see this movie/concert in the cinema, and I absolutely loved it. Who else saw it and what'd you think?
  2. meem or me-me

    You know. It truely depends on the way the form of media is obtained. If it's crafted through intense sweat, blood and tears with great effort. Then you may call it a meem. Is it reposted for the first time on the same site, still a meem. But, everytime the platform switches, the platform gets more normie. Thus it degrades from meem to me-me or maymay. Then it becomes a funny, and then a silly. After that, the worst form is unlocked. The maym. Anyway, I just made that up so thanks for letting me waist your time!
  3. new

    Ah, a man of few words, I like that. Welcome mate! (I play rocket league sometimes, am I cool now?)
  4. Maximum age?

    So recently I went to the McDonald's because they are currently doing their happy meals with Pokémon toys. I'm almost twenty and the lady at the cash register told me that I was too old for such thing. What do you guys think is an appropriate age to stop getting happy meals and stuff like that?
  5. Yesterday I went to an art exhibit about cats. Was really awesome and there were some famous pieces there as well, like Picasso's cat and a drawing by Karel Appel!
  6. Otter inbound!

    I've seen some gameplay and I quite like the setting. Far Cry Primal felt a bit off for me, but this area and this theme, to me, is very interesting and should provide me with a lot of fun!
  7. Okay so this was really weird. I was looking at a tutorial for getting a shiny in Diamond. I know, stupid. So I followed the instructions and I actually got a shiny. It was a Gastrodon tho... Mixed feelings about that one
  8. U guys Jely? :)

    Dutch people really have great internet. Can confirm
  9. What platform do you prefer?

    Today I spent a bunch of money on vinyls of my favorite band, Metallica. Then I was wondering, what kind of music platform do you guys prefer the most? I mainly use Spotify because of convenience but I love vinyls. That's because they are almost always awesome to look at and you truely have something in your hands. So what do you guys like the most?
  10. Whats a Good & Affordable Graphics Card

    I currently have an AMD A8-6600K, 3,9 GHz
  11. Hello every one

    Now I can't stop thinking about Boo from Monsters Inc. So cute! Welcome Boo!
  12. Whats a Good & Affordable Graphics Card

    I personally have a GTX 1050 Ti, which was reasonably priced and lets me run the games that I wanna play. My main bottleneck is my processor, but I'm too scared to swap that one. But I can vouch for my gfx card, it's a good one!
  13. New Mastodon EP just came out

    Hey guys, I don't know if anyone is interested but one of my favorite bands, Mastodon just released a new EP, Cold Dark Place. It contains 4 songs and they're all amazing, really. If you're interested you can find it here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6uSD9SU0j8xgQAIxzPg0Fv I'm loving the solo from Cold Dark Place a lot, and the artwork is as usual, very awesome! What do you guys think?
  14. Facwe Introduction

    Welcome man, how did transitioning go between CS:GO and PUBG? Was that hard or easy?
  15. "Hello... Is it me you're looking for?"

    Good to hear you like the community! welcome