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  1. Plains of Eidolon

    PoE is... meh just another area which you spend a couple of hours into before you get bored im more hyped for Excalibur Umbra because.. you know... fashion frame= entire game?
  2. i fucking hate the scar, idk why it just doesn't work for me. personally i like m4a16 with burst mode and acog scope (4x) with the usual attachments my favourite AR has to be the M416 steady with the right mods, acog scope or red dot, + a silencer= god mode and the AKM.... is just AKM
  3. What is your number 1 most hated pokemon type (to use or to go up against) let us know in the comments! (mine is normal typed pokemon they are annoying as hell)
  4. thanks alot for this in-depth reply! while i am a fan of RPG games, im also a fan of pokemon, however the always win is a bit of a downside for me so hmm idk yet. note: i do not own a switch since its too expensive for me atm maybe in 2 years
  5. Hey all, so i was browsing my youtube being you know, bored as fuck. And then i came across this video: Now, i do not own a switch, but i wonder if anyone here has one (and also has this game) and can give me any reviews of it? it looks very appealing to us pokemon fans
  6. thanks for the reply, im not a big fan of low settings (unless it doesnt have a big difference compared to medium settings) but i like the results you're getting, i think i can cross the fps problem off my list now
  7. thanks for the reply! will take this information into consideration for buying the game
  8. Hello all, i come before you with a question thats been on my mind for a little while now. so i was browsing steam about a month ago and then i saw PUBG, i thought 'oh hey cool game its only 30 euros i might get that'. that was untill i read the steam reviews.... some were positive some were not, however, they all agreed upon one thing: the optimisation is bad for this game, i saw peope with gtx 1060's having fps drops and so on. fps drops really have a negetive effect on a game imo so thats why i havent bought it (yet). my question is now however: have these framedrop issues been fixed in the last few months? i dont really have a bad pc but i run into some problems now and then. i'd love if you'd fill me in with details :D My PC specs in case you're wondering: CPU: AMD FX 8350 GPU: MSI RX 480 4GB Motherboard: ASRock 970 extreme 3 2.0 RAM: 8GB
  9. The goal posts are reaaaallly broken right now (also underwater sounds whilst playing an underwater map, awfully clever)
  10. phew probably cobalt or white draco's i'd say purple lightnings would come off as a nice surprise aswell