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  1. Dragon Ball Super 109-110

    I recommend that you find some time if you are into it! future trunks arc was amazing too but after that it's just getting better and better :D
  2. Dragon Ball Super 109-110

    If anyone watched it share your thoughts! I think ep. 110 was probably one of the best episodes in all dragon ball series
  3. Mobile Games?

    playing monster legends atm kinda addicted
  4. What's your favorite Band/Group/Aritist ?

    EDM producer duo W&W :)
  5. Favourite Anime OST's

  6. The Walking Dead

    Just gonna throw this one out here :D
  7. DragonBall Z nostalgia

    definitely the best one :D
  8. ye you should watch @Deedo's video happened to him too hahah
  9. a lot of people are saying like its nothing special but i think it looks awesome and cant wait them to come :D
  10. Audio interface problem!

    Thanks man, will try everything :)
  11. Ya'll don't know what the real deal is. Gizmo is everything in this game :D
  12. I can't see shit in Champions Field Arena they messed that up really hard
  13. you can always ask some of DI members to play with :D
  14. Audio interface problem!

    I bought M-Track 2x2 audio interface and since i got it up and running i had something like cracking and sttutering problems inside and outside my DAW. Pair od krks are connected to it. I did everything it said and instaled right driver, even worked with hz's but nothing helped