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  1. Hello all!

    Hope you enjoy DI like I have been so far and welcome!
  2. Otter inbound!

    SHAME, but welcome S0rGen!
  3. My nuts once tasted like a fat flying furry goat, who has issues with Mexicans paying for dinner at kitty cat's dinner biscuit in Las Vegas, New Mexico and Kaunas, so let's go to Taco Bell and wreck something that is not buttered like crispy rocks, alfredo sauce tastes like a squirrel anus whispering bonjour eating greatjackal's left toe and right hernia that exploded when you discovered Donald Duck playing in the backyard with knives and unicorns are beautifully flying touching marshmallows eating balloons and fidget spinners whilst eating candy canes, which happened to shriek towards death near spicy flavours that had lovely descriptions, tasting of sweet vengance and sweat from farming cheaters who write more than one word and can't follow basic rules because they have deeply ingrained issues with authority and are forever destined to be scum instead of a productive member of society or community like Damage Incorporated, the most sweaty, stanky clan that has been a total perfection. Why are we going around saying that your Bobbit worms taste sexy when our commander Gammaray doesn't let us own a Jackal plushie and squeeze Rex's favorite boner pushy. But you need bananas and chocolate to create a country that's
  4. Salutations from the North

    Welcome RushHourNinja to DI! Hope you enjoy the clan as I sure am.
  5. It is 10000% worth buying PUGB, I have never been dissapointed with my decision to buy.
  6. new

    Welcome to DI!
  7. How many cups of coffee a day?

    Coffee is a very occasional thing for me, maybe 1-2 times a week!
  8. How is your day going?

    Going great! Old post, but thanks for asking this.
  9. Which Steam Game Do You Have Most Hours In?

    Rimworld with 136, but I'm fairly new to PC gaming.
  10. Do you like all kinds of music?

    Never heard that but I like the idea!
  11. Cazsius' Initiation

    Thank you all, to the rest who posted for welcoming me! I do hope to become a full member.
  12. Do you like all kinds of music?

    What distinguishes what makes it good for you?
  13. meem or me-me

    Sigh. It's clearly meem!
  14. Hi everybody

    Welcome to DI, hope you've been enjoying your stay.
  15. I say we go double or nothing and make a twice as long raid.