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  1. Colour test; How well do you see colour?

    Even though I'm not color blind I see nearly every color bad. Mostly Purple/Blue ish. That's mainly due to being male as it has been proven males have more difficulty separating colors

    Shipment,COD Modern Warfare. So much chaos and fun,good ol' days
  3. What do you do without internet?

    I usually go and draw something even though I had a huge break from it,I'm trying to get back into it
  4. Games for free to play

    Hearthstone is very calming,doesn't require too much. Don't go Ranked,play casual so you don't get tryharders in your games
  5. How many cups of coffee a day?

    Zero,but occasional coffee/red bull to keep myself awake if I need to go somewhere while I'm tired
  6. Worthless,it's basically a way of saying I had enough Blue Essence
  7. It's normal with LP system and a place to test new champions where people still try a bit at least
  8. Ye she is,it takes alot of effort to learn and to play without boots haha
  9. Sticking to easy/main champions. Not to be toxic,because it literally makes 0 difference if not make it worse
  10. So annoying to lane against,but so easy to team fight against. Once he misses his ults it has usually been a free game
  11. One tricking is more effective at lower elo. Which is the main focus here. Higher elo,once you have better mechanics you can become a meta slave!
  12. That's why I said 20+ games at least. If you can perform well for at least 20 games,means you are able to play it well enough to win/carry. No matter if the champion was OP,you have learned the mechanics of that champion by the time it would've gotten nerfed
  13. When you have a que timer on your main,because you dodged. Or wanting to practice an off role without ruining your main accounts ranking. Having fun stomping low elo plebs.because you are feeling down at that time
  14. Hello there, first of my name is Kursume. Hardstuck Gold 5 at the moment due to my own mistakes which I am aware of that I am working on now! Short story about my Ranked Journey this season: I did my placements and placed in Bronze 3 (ended Gold 5 season before that). Got to Gold 5 within 50 games. After that I have been hardstuck for 500 games in Gold 5. How? Toxicity,got cocky and did not play my main champions. You might be wondering why I am making this guide as a Gold 5 pleb? Although it's true that I am Gold 5,I have peaked in Platinum. I realize now how I actually got there in the first place and here I am telling you my experience/tips on doing the same. First of all use the website op.gg A very useful website telling detailed information about your performances on your champions. How to analyze your op.gg profile? -Look at every champion that you have played at least 20 games with this season -Take note of every champion that is above 50% win rate for you -Wonder why you have an above 50% win rate on those champions -Now that you have figured out why you have those win rates on these champions,analyze these strengths and look how you can adapt them to your play-style -Take for the 2 roles you play 2/3 champions per role and choose from the champions that you just took notes for ( the above 50% win rate champions for you) -Drop all champions that have a below 50% win rate ,do not play these anymore! Example of me analyzing my own op.gg : FAQ: What if I don't like the champions that I have a good win rate with? -Do you want to climb or do you want to have fun? Ranked if for trying to win,have that mindset and adapt to it. The more you play those champions the more fun you will have eventually,because you will be winning more often then you are losing! What if the champion I have a good win rate with does not fit in my main role? -This is possible,but there are still solutions for it. Example: one of my best is Brand with 71% win rate,but as a support. Does that mean I can't play him anywhere else? No,Brand can also Mid and hey I even played him in the jungle and it worked. All because I know how to play him well enough to fit him in other lanes. -What if it's my mentality holding me back? Do not worry I have the exact same problem. Although I haven't climbed too much lately,I still did improve my mentality. To not be toxic all you need to do is /mute all. Hold on there,I know you are gonna tell me,but what if they might say something useful? Trust me they will not and if they do it's probably something that can be communicated with pings. I remember the game where I was popping off and we were still losing/even. I thought to myself holy moly we can we,no one is being negative to each other. Then I realized I had everyone muted and because everyone was muted I was focusing on the game and not on my teammates. If you tilt easily,some calming music might help. It does for me. Music sets my mood often. If I play hard/rock music I play aggressive and try to 1v5. If I play calm music,I play very chill and calculated. Something that can work too is cutting down on sugar/soda. Drink normal water and don't eat chips/chocolate while playing. Sugar will pump you up and you will not be playing chill and calculated. Useful links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiOEcg-XoTg (How the prevent tilt by Arcsecond,former rank 1 NA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5JOtMpSH-E (7 Things Foxdrop learned from being coached by LS) (Jungle perspective mostly) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8BtklaSWl0&t=2s (How to Escape your Elo! (Bronze through Diamond)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbIYz9k1rBY (How to Carry from ALL ROLES) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7LW37duryY (Informative: Vs Darius: Midgame Rotations - When to Split: Tryndamere vs Darius Diamond SoloQ) Informative Youtubers/Streamers/Players to watch: -NEACE (Youtube/Twitch) -Arcsecond (Youtube/Twitch) -Dopa/Apdo (Youtube,VODS) -Jay Sea (Youtube) -Boxer Pete (Youtube) -Huzzy (Youtube/Twitch) -OFGsaiph (Coach / analyst ) Will edit this post with your suggestions/ideas Appreciate feedback/constructive criticism! Share among your friends to spread the knowledge! Hope you enjoyed this guide :) Yours truly, Kursume