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  1. You Laugh You Lose Challenge. #3

    I almost won the challange.. But god damn Michael from #6 took me down =(
  2. Describe Your Job BADLY

    One way to describe my job badly. School Isnt that enough to be honest? Sitting around all day in squared room with tons of people and same old booring teacher yapping hes mouth 6-8 hours daily. While others play with phones xD
  3. I know my name is a bit hazy, but this is ridiculous. :D

    Thats just purely magic of finnish people. Nothing else Mistwhisper ;)
  4. meem or me-me

    Ofcourse its pronouced as meme
  5. Thats kind of shitty thing to do as twitch streamer.. Youre just another player whos just skilled and has high rank. Not some sort of god who can talk and do what you want. Seagull is life, seagull if best OW streamer on twitch and thats it. If you are streamer or youtuber. You should never be toxic or selfish twat >_<
  6. Unicorns! =)

  7. Whatsup with your username?

    WOO! FFX Mentioned! <3 Not only my all time favourite game! <3
  8. If you were to do one thing over...

    I would have never let my self get chubby and continue sports instead, its pain now doing taekwondo was little chubby kung fu panda =) Or never fucked up things with any of my ex girlfriends cuz.. Now i just suffer from lonelyness and slight depression xD
  9. Favorite Twitch emote

  10. Whatsup with your username?

    I honestly dont think my username has cool story for it, I was before known as BlackAdder, Its one of Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie's old show they used to do together and i loved it! Rowan Atkinson was Black adder and show was called. Black Adder xD And then i changed to Deadlypain96.. Well because it seems to be name thats very Darkish, black name + i also like pain so thats where it came from xD and 96 is just my birthyear..
  11. Microtransactions in games?

    Well in single player games it could be good for some people who wanna progress fast and quickly, since it cant be pay to win in single player so. Wont be game runing mechanics so i'm fully okay with that =)
  12. Childhood TV show

    My childhood carton was. Biker mice from mars! =).. Still is. xD
  13. ** A to Z - Eat or Drink

    Wasabi because why not?
  14. Guess next person to post?

    Hmm i'm gonna say that @Vegas will be next to post here :/