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  1. Good shows on Netflix?

    Marvel shows are pretty good until you realize they become full soap opera drama. Marvel's defenders was so painful to watch I quit after first episode. Daredevil is best of them (or beginning of Luke Cage). Black sails was pretty interesting. Helix was great. Sherlock Holmes is really great. Rick and Morty is probably best show in netflix imo. Limitless has some charm, movie was much better though (watch it first, decide then). Prison break first 2 seasons ahh Animu: Magi: Adventure of simbad Seven deadly sins
  2. Toggle beam connection off - If you have it on you have to press mouse1 again to stop healing/giving dmg boost. I highly suggest having this off because it really helps you keep control over who you are healing and how long. Guardian angle prefers beam target - if you have it on and you press guardian angel key (shift by default) you fly towards teammate who you are healing/giving dmg boost. This means if you are looking at another teammate but you are healing somebody else you still fly towards healed teammate. This is pretty opinionated. I personally prefer to have it off so I can fly towards right teammate faster. It can also be used to fly to teammate you cannot see (but you are healing/giving boost) Toggle guardian angel - If you have this on you have to press once to fly towards teammate with guardian angel and another time to stop it. If you have it off you fly towards teammate as long as you hold the guardian angel key. I very highly suggest having this set to off. It makes maneuvering MUCH easier Crosshair: I use dot. small green dot.
  3. 3 Weeks to learn how to draw? Hmmm. Would be pretty interesting to try to figure out character with look, name, abilities & story.
  4. How many cups of coffee a day?

    I sometimes drink special coffee (cappuccino or mocha or so). It is very random, sometimes I drink that stuff like twice a day for 2 weeks, sometimes I have 2 month break. I never drink normal coffee ever. I don't get that feeling that some have where you MUST drink coffee or else. I just drink it sometimes because I want to drink SOMETHING.
  5. Yes indeed it might be good idea to find somebody with very close rank to duoq with. I have played at lower ranks and I know there are people that don't really play as a team but that is biggest reason why that rank is so low. I highly suggest that you use that microphone to command attacks if teammates don't attack as group, it can win you many games.
  6. Hobbies everyone into?

    Coding. I like to code all kinds of stuff from time to time. Windows apps, games so on.
  7. Upgrading Graphics card

    Yeah like @Vegas said: Consider your budget + what you wanna do with your pc. Instead of straight out reviews I would check videos showcasing how well specific graphics card can run specific game. What kind of display you want to use also has huge effect in what graphics card you need. If you want to use fullhd 60hz screen then you don't really need that beefy graphics card. 1050ti should be good enough for that.
  8. There are 2 thing to consider here: Which is better for your rank and which is more fun to play. To me It has always been way more fun to play in group. Loses don't feel even closely as bad. Soloqueueing can be quite tedious with bad luck. Now what is better for your rank? That's a bit complicated issue. From my personal experience I'd say solo/duo/maybe even trioqueueing is the best way to rank up and a lot of players seem to agree with this. If you want to rank up in a team you need really good teamwork and lots of practice. Having team with huge variety in ranks is a big challenge but it can be overcome with lots of practice together. However it is much easier to just win rounds by playing in solo/duoq. If you can find partner that is very close to your rank and you know he can do his role duoqueuing should be best choise: You get rank up faster and games are more fun. And just like in solo/duoq you can lose rank if you have bad teammates same can still happen in 6 man premade :). Usually in these cases people are less likely to point that out but it doesn't mean it can't happen just like in soloqueue. People tend to just ignore it, I mean who wants to be called bad in a team? Here is personal experience from last season: I was around 2750, I played my season 5 placements and just let my account there until there were only 5 days left. I started playing with a friend who had 3k rank (I have been 3k in previous seasons as well). We lost like 5 matches in a row, I lost about 100 SR. All of those matches were completely in enemy's favor (like they were not close loses). Then I started soloqueuing, got to 3k with like 70% winrate or something along those lines in a couple of days. Never got 5 lose streak during that time, max 2 loses in a row. In that situation even duoq didn't work out. I don't think problem was in either of us but rather us together created pretty difficult matchups. Answer to your question is solo queuing too risky? Absolutely not. It depends but you are MORE likely to be matched up against enemies of your rank if you soloqueue.
  9. Got it even though I have no idea what kind of game this is :D
  10. It seems pretty interesting. Gotta start playing it more to give more thoughts. And yes it seems to be better for attackers than most escort maps.
  11. What you listening to?

    Thats pretty good
  12. My wife wants to sell tie dye clothing.

    Yes indeed they seem to be working again. Here are my opinions about 2nd and 3rd now: I think 2nd and 3rd go to same category with 4th shirt. 2nd and 4th shirts are a bit overkill on colors. 1st shirt has nice mixture of 2 colors (green & blue) with different darkness (from white to black). It looks a lot "cleaner" than others. 2nd and 4th have too many primary colors in my opinion All ties have great use of colors, some have just too many of them Spiral is a bit wierd shape to look at in a tie 3rd tie has less colors than 2nd and 4th and simpler spiral. Its much better than 2nd and 4th. I would like to see 3rd tie with a different shape. I would love to see shirts with simpler form (like 1st) and only a few colors (like 1st and 3rd)
  13. My wife wants to sell tie dye clothing.

    I use chrome, it doesn't work for 2 computers now. Tried and doesn't work with firefox either. I only see first and last images. Maybe they used to work but they broke at some point?
  14. My wife wants to sell tie dye clothing.

    I think you broke some images (or I see only 2). I like the first one most however I think white looks a bit ugly on it. I would love if it didn't have any pure white anywhere but green/blue instead. I really like colors & how they are used and that darker area on the left side creates pretty interesting contrast. She could try to make more of those "darker areas". If first shirt didn't have white on it (it was fully colored) I would definitely buy it. Now personally I have to say I don't really like the last one. I think it looks kind of like weird rainbow. White is really pushing out on that image. Now I don't know anything about dyeing t-shorts and I think these look pretty nice considering they are self made. I have no idea how hard these are to make. I don't mean to be rude, I just wanted to give an honest opinion. I would love to see more images (and fix other 2).
  15. Favourite Food to Get When Out?

    Chinese food aah