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  1. Headsets

    I recently bought the newest corsair void pros and I opted for the wireless one because I switch between my desktop and my streaming box on the tv in another room and I didn't want to have to change between the headset and the tv. I love it super comfortable and really good sound too not to mention those sexy rgb's
  2. Gotta have that all built ahead of time. Trying to craft and grind to get all that with a half-built base is just begging to get wrecked.
  3. The variety is huge. I like to think of it as one of the most versatile rpg's wrapped into a survival game. You can be a homesteader, taming dinos to help you collect materials and build massive farms and achieve pve peace or you can build an impenetrable metal box with your friends and sick your friggin t-rex on your enemies. I personally love the breeding element to the game I think it adds a ton of depth. Not to mention the beautiful environments that you can build in.
  4. I started with rust and this was recommended to me by a friend. I find its a little more intricate than rust (quite a few more craftable items, dino taming/leveling/breeding, boss fights, artifact location). It definitely opens up the possibility for super creative PVP like think about throwing a bola around your enemy's legs while riding a lazer-shooting t-rex then picking up his body and throwing him in a cage. If youre more into brute clubbing-your-enemies-with-sticks. This may not be exactly what youre looking for but it definitely is crazy complex plus the environments are awesome. Rust has its charms too and the transition between the two takes a bit of retraining but It doesn't take long to get.
  5. gotta give this a try. Its time I add a wyvern to my collection
  6. Good video! and a lot of the related ones were pretty cool too. I'll have to visit the wyvern trap!
  7. I found a pretty good one too earlier on youtube.
  8. I know I personally have some stories of really terrible days at work (customers, coworkers, bosses, etc). Entertain us with your worst day at work stories!