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  1. 2K hell

    no thnx , even if it gets me to 3k. it might take a while which would be the same as doing it myself. sometimes you go up a couple hundred in a week and sometimes it takes more then 6months thats how random it is. but sharing my acc isn't something i do, nothing personal i wouldn't share it with anyone. Basicly there is just nothing else left then to carry a game , it works some games but it is definitely easier said then done. first pick mid or all carry picks is a common thing in 2k and what is left then is mingle in a fight over mid or pick a carry yourself aswell.
  2. [Mid] can i get 2 tangos and a ward [Me] are you talking to the shopkeeper ? ok then for me a hotdog with mustard and a agh-scepter plz
  3. 2K hell

    well i can play almost every evening, we do have team practices around 9:30 UK time but thats mostly just one game. boosting feels like being carried :p but it's good as long as it makes the team more stable and thats what is missing
  4. 2K hell

    to be fair i've been playing dota2 since beta and there is nothing in 2k that can teach me anything apart from the fact that unless your a premade team it's like fliping a coin. even when you play as a 3 stack you only need 1 fk up in your team, the reason for that is the impact teamfights have nowadays. if you fight 4vs5 every teamfight or one random player already dies before a fight even starts it is hard to carry a game cause the enemy team will have a huge networth and level advantage. like i said if i play teams with 3-4 k my gameplay is at the same level cause overall the team is more stable and thats all it takes. that doesn't mean i can just walk out of 2k cause i still have to cope with all sorts of crap i even think 2k is harder to play in then 3-4k just for the reason that you have all the side stuff you have to deal with: people dcing or lagging like hell , supports not buying support items, random picks, fighting over mid, trashtalk etc
  5. leshrac can be great , in teamfights and towers are like paper for him. I think why people don't wanna play him is it is hard to survive until you get some solid items [not everyone can play it as MidOne does]
  6. Commend me!

    I need 80 more :( gratz though :)
  7. so I think i'm gonna decide from now on to never play a single ranked matches unless I have atleast a 3stack team cause it is just undoable to get any mmr without it. there is no carry or mid hero that will get you mmr when your teammates are literaly the worst of the worst in 90% of pub games. with worse I don't mean people which actually try hard, as everyone should in ranked. No that's not what I mean , I have to cope with 2 people fighting over mid, wait with picking and just randomly choose whatever and lose a game on purpose. that's even without the actual gameplay. and that is literally the case If I lose a ranked match it hardly never has anything to do with having a bad game, No there simply is nothing you can do to make your team win as they are a bunch of untalented kids dunno what else to say. you can try to talk some sense into them or help them with tips it doesn't matter they do whatever they like and carrying solo is not gonna happen. When I play with DI I play against 4k players and we win ez so if anyone knows how to get out of 2k without having to grind months and win 2 - 3 games a day and not play anything else plz let me know. Not that I think there is a way cause valve made sure of that it's either grind or play only full stack teams as they will give you the most horrific teams to keep your mmr inline
  8. Apple is s***

    i guess for desktops apple is only better on the safety part as there are way more virus issues on windows but that's about it. it looks nice but I just want my computer to work proper and indeed not spend an insane amount on trash specs.
  9. mana boots are kinda oldschool in general in this meta, everyone goes for Soul Ring as it's cheaper , lower cooldown time and the high mana regen. like some already pointed out it is only for heroes with a very low mana pool and especially early game when your laning with 2 people the impact is very little. after laning fase most heroes have a high enough mana pool already or make up for it with other items. Mana Boots are not needed anymore
  10. Best TV shows

    i loved the musketeers on bbc, but then it stopped after 3 seasons . one of the best shows I've watched ever I also like CSI to bad that also stopped luckily I still have a lot to watch from the NY series
  11. haven't played yet since it came out so as the title says is it fun
  12. bounty for multiple reasons, 4 on the map and as I like to play roam the only way without getting kills or farm to still get lvls and money is bounty runes. without it I think roaming wouldn't be such a thing anymore cause you would be left underfarmed, same goes for supp when there is room between the pulling , stacking and placing wards it can be really good to get that rune and snatch one from the enemy jungle :)
  13. I'd say yes, it looks a bit like Pokémon:go without the part of having to actually walk. you can have a max line up of 6 Pokémon that fight at the same time as 1 team and all together you have BP [battle points] which is also similar to pokemonGo. You get to fight other people, catch pokemon in many different ways and lots of features. The cons for this game would be the amount of pokemon at the current state it hasn't been out long like 2weeks or so but there are about 80 that I know off that can be caught and it's a mix of pokemon from the first serie till now. And the playtime , once you did all daily quests and other features for the day you are mostly left with grinding boss fight which will grand mostly Exp for your character. this will end up In you being far more lvld then the pokemon you have and unlocking feature where the pokemon aren't really ready for yet + the grind is no fun. all but all around 3-4 hours a day is really fun
  14. naga support works great although in the meta it is already played more as sup then core so