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  1. Gonna be out for 3-4 days... Camping and shit :/ Pls no forget me cya bb <3 

    1. Specctre


      If you will be unable to be online on the forums, take an STA (Short Term Away). https://forum.dmg-inc.com/forum/17-vacation-absence-requests/

      We won't forget you, lol. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Ok, this may seem odd and out of the blue and utterly stupid..... buuuuuut...... I'd say Wisp is good 5th pos. And i know that he is normally played as a hard carry but i have to tell you of his possibility as a supp! He heals his team mates fast and can get them out asap! .... Thats pretty much it tho..... Just go mid as norm, its a win so why not???????
  3. "Hello... Is it me you're looking for?"

    Firstly, hi. Secondly, holy shit your posts. Thirdly, if you want some help with some doto's i am more than happy to lend a hand! I am pretty experienced and i know all the hero's. Just if your main folks arnt online.. My name is Jerome btw cool beans
  4. The amount of tags that can be attached to this thread.... incoming views peeps
  5. Hi everybody

    Ello! Woha, enough information there pall? xD
  6. Rip

    Is there a shit post forum?? godda say i am craving some shit content rn...... also rip Blake XD