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  1. Stronghold Kingdoms

    They still exist - just hidden because we don’t have a shk div
  2. Is rust dead

    it can never die
  3. "Rome has grown since its humble beginnings that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness." - Livy, Roman Historian 59 BC - 17

    1. Warfororks


      Rome wasn't built in 5 years, but DI was. ;)

    2. TheGamer777


      The difference between DI and the Romans is that DI will die last, and also on occasion live fast.

    3. GreatJackal
  4. Where were you 5 years ago? 1st and 2nd Division were fighting on the western front under the command of the legendary @LLR and myself.

    Leading that invasion was our elite unit called the Anti Farming Unit which had @strongandbald in it.

    DI controlled most of southern england, and in a few weeks from this photo being taken, DI controlled all of Wales - the southern half of ireland and all of england up to the scottish border - before being betrayed.

    Read more here:  


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    2. Telfer


      Taking out as many Asmodians as possible in Aion. 

    3. AlinaStarkova


      5 Years ago I was probably just being a depressed lump in my room :|

    4. Dracowolf


      5 yrs ago was just a few short mths before I discovered SHK and DI and made such a nuisance of myself that they gave me a choice - join or go squishy - lmao

  5. Bet that your rep stays 666 XD

    1. Frosty


      yeah. keep PIGing him if he go over

      Oke ill burn the house of that heretic who pig all my comments when i find you

  6. Well Done DI-XVI and shoutout to @Evani's leadership for overseeing this split

  7. Live Fast. Die Last. @rewerb

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    2. Frosty


      Come to slovakia you will change your motto to die fast

    3. Enigma



      our old motto

      Is there a new one then? I have "Live fast die last" in the trailer.

    4. Warfororks


      o l d m o t t o ?

      Image result for thinking emoji

  8. Chaos Faction VS Love Bytes

    Show them how its done!
  9. MOTM these days

  10. MOTM these days

    One flake of gold amongst an ever growing mountain of green @VadaShiloh
  11. I have finally given Awards a refresher :)

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    2. elemental


      Why are awards like "Start of Recruiting" and "Donater" displayed as events attended? :emowut:

    3. VadaShiloh


      Does this mean me and @Atomiccow get our ribbons back fort eh RL event?!

    4. GreatJackal
  12. The Noob Comic

    WHo has seen this? I read it years ago - forgot all about ituntil today. Literally trolls all the crap you get in a MMO game. http://thenoobcomic.com/comic/1/
  13. Damage Inc Project Feed Tournament Play

    good work!