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    Welcome everyone my name isn't IbnBattuta and It's nice to meet you. In case you don't know me because you never saw me active on TeamSpeak or here in DI forums, I'll tell you about myself since it's my Introduction after all. I'm known in DI as "The longest initiate EVER" because I spent 4 months in DI as an Initiate and I was able to become a Full Member after August Cohort when I was originally supposed to be in May Cohort since I joined DI April 17, 2016 and in case you are wondering why, It's was wither because of activity issues, misunderstandings with officers or lack of people to vote on my full member application. Anyway, some of the bad stuff I encountered here wouldn't have happened to me if someone told me how to avoid them in advance and that doesn't mean that my original mentor wasn't doing his job but he was busy IRL so he wasn't that active in TeamSpeak to talk about stuff and also because I was shy and didn't want to be a burden to him but some stuff happened to me because I didn't pay attention to some rules in Code of Ops. So that made me want to do something to help other Initiates not make the same mistakes I did and to help them succeed their Initiation and the thing I did was this guide in August as a way to gain reputation in this community to have more people know of my good deeds toward community and actually it helped a lot and I was accepted as Full Member in DI. But not because I've reached my goal and became a member, I should stop updating my guide.. this guide helped me know awesome people here in DI and was the reason why some of the old members you see nowadays are what they currently are because my guide motivated them and made them know how to enjoy this awesome community. So with no further delay, I hope my guide becomes useful to you and don't forget to have fun with us! First: TeamSpeak Second: Forums Third: Events Fourth: [Updating and Polising...] 1. What's Code of Ops and how to avoid being striked in DI? 2. Why do Initiate and Membership Applications exist? 3. Who are officers and why do they exist in DI? 4. How does the ranking system work in DI and how to achieve those ranks? 5. I can't be online for a specific period of time and I'm afraid of being striked so what shall I do? 6. How can I change my name in TeamSpeak and is there any restriction on naming? 7. How to include pictures and animated gifs in my posts and topics? 8. I'm afraid to lose my TeamSpeak statues if operation system fails so is there a way to Backup my data? 9. Is there any additional tips that can help me in my stay in DI clan? If you liked a topic/post of someone, Press on the grey heart shaped button in bottom-right of that topic/post so that you Upvote/Like that Topic/Post which increases the reputation of those respective members in DI. It's similar to Facebook Like/Reaction button, thumbs-up for Upvote and Heart for Like so If you liked my guide, I'd appreciate if you Upvote my topic! > Btw, That's how it looks like in case you didn't notice!
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    Summary Everyone, thank you for submitting your clips! I took as many of them as I could and threw them together to make this awesome montage! Please take a second to answer the poll questions, and leave me a comment! Also, I had a blast editing this video, it was really fun to watch all of the plays! Thanks, Aero — Edit: who gave me a frowny face?! :) Video Make sure you watch in Fullscreen HD! Divisions Div 3 Div 15
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    wanted to make a public announcement. I regretfully stepped down from my media-team position. It was an awesome 7 Months and working with all the content creators from all the different division really let me see what D.I. was made of. I won't be doing round-tables anymore, as well as engaging in any content creation for D.I. Which means sadly that i won't get to interact on stream with you lovely people. Though i'll still see you guys around team-speak. Peace out.
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    As an update, my recovery seems to be going well enough with only moderate pain. I'm starting to expose my eyes to light a few hours a day (which includes screens!) OW makes me feel really ill but Stardew Valley might just be okay... I hope to be around a little more in the next few days. Thanks for all the support and company x
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    Got to pet Mal's 'fro today. #Blessed
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    THE BATTLES OF GLORY! SERIES I: DICING WITH A DRAGON. Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5 Issue #6 Issue #7 SERIES 2: AN ENCOUNTER WITH THE GREEK MAFIA! Issue #8 Issue #9 Issue #10 Issue #11 *TO BE CONTINUED* Credit to the authors and editors: Authors: @AlwaysSlayin @ImUrX @smallgeorg3 @Roxas @rskde @Theopheno Editors: @mehseenbetter Special thanks: @Thesi @Yoshi @Zezette
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    picked up the new humble freedom bundle but i have some of the games already so here are the codes 4AYL5-DMNQ7-IQ7X8 - stardew valley 3EP2K-H5Y97-YH9K7 - waking mars 0FTCC-AE99R-8325Q - octodad 39DRI-LD7PG-YR48W - superbrothers, sword and sworcery 3GZ7L-NIJAH-Q87KT - super hexagon 3QY2I-5KXA7-IFDJP - rocketsrocketsrockets E68JD-09VM7-LAI9C - a virus named tom 2X7PN-E566J-LQPAW - ai war - fleet command 0ITV0-Q3IX5-C9IZM - streamline first come first served. two things though, please only take one per person and call it out in the comments what you took so others dont try and redeem the same code. enjoy!
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    Look in the mirror and what do you see once you are perfect you can judge me till then don't point out my mistakes if you can do it better please go ahead. You wave from your throne with your gold crown You think this will make you the king I have news for you, it takes hard work and dedication something it seems you still need to fathom So look in the mirror before you judge me please make sure you are perfect.
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    Bunny's Explosive Guide! In this guide you'll learn how many explosives it takes to destroy each object. ( Note that the explosive ammo tests were done with the M249 ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive Ammo Explosive Ammo Twig Twig Roof Soft Side 1 Explosive ammo Hard Side 2 Explosive ammo Twig wall Soft Side 1 Explosive ammo Hard Side 2 Explosive ammo Twig Foundation Soft Side 1 Explosive ammo Hard Side 2 Explosive ammo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive ammo Wood Wood Roof Soft Side 61 Explosive ammo Hard Side 56 Explosive ammo Wood Wall Soft Side 47 Explosive ammo Hard Side 54 Explosive ammo Wood Foundation Soft Side 48 Explosive ammo Hard Side 57 Explosive ammo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive ammo Stone Stone Roof Soft Side 244 Explosive ammo Hard Side 321 Explosive ammo Stone Wall Soft Side 210 Explosive ammo Hard Side 237 Explosive ammo Stone Foundation 207 Explosive ammo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive Ammo Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Roof Soft Side 301 Explosive Ammo Hard Side 363 Explosive Ammo Sheet Metal Wall Soft Side 393 Explosive Ammo Hard Side 401 Explosive Ammo Sheet Metal Foundation about 500 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive Ammo Armoured ( about 500 Explosive Ammo For all of them ) Explosives Per Upgraded Piece Wood Everything is 1 Rocket Stone Everything is 4 Rockets Sheet Metal Everything Is 4 Rockets Armored Everything is 6 Rockets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satchel Charges Wood Foundation 3-4 Satchel Charges Wall 3 Satchel Charges Roof 3 Satchel Charges Stone They're all about 10 Satchel Charges Sheet Metal They're all about 15 Satchel Charges Armored They're all about 20 Satchel Charges ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C4 Wood They're All 1 C4 Stone They're all 2 C4 Sheet Metal They're all 2 C4 Armored They're all 3 C4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Different Construction Items Ladder Hatch/Sheet Metal Door 4 Satchel Charges 1 C4 2 Rockets Armoured Door 10-12 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets Wooden Door 2 Satchel Charges 1 C4 1 Rocket Chainlink fence/Gate 2 Satchel Charges 1 c4 1 rocket Prison wall/Gate 4 Satchel Charges 1 C4 2 Rockets High External Stone Walls About 10 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets High External Wood Walls 5-6 Satchel Charges 1 C4 2 Rockets Shop Front 15 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets Dropbox 2 Satchel Charges 1 C4 1 Rocket Vending Machine 4 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hopefully the guide helps you! If you found this guide useful, or would like to help me out then leave a Rep on the post! :) Enjoy - Bunny
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    LOVING YOURSELF I KNOW IT'S A LITTLE LONG, BUT PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE THE TIME. since the holidays are approaching, and all the delicious feasts and cookies and pumpkin-spice flavored sugary drinks are on the menu, I figured I'd post a little something about body image. this is a little shpeel that sprouted one summer before I went to college, when I worked with the younger girls of my swim team (early high school) at the swimming pool of my local youth center; I was really close to them in age as a young lifeguard, and a lot of the swim team swimmers were girls - some of whom were on dietary supplements, etcetera. every year, I change and learn things I wish I'd known a year ago, so I hope this might help someone out there who's struggling the same way I did. i know this is a guy-dominated forum, (and what's this chick doing talking about her figure??) but i think body image issues transcends gender, and the ways i've struggled with self-esteem relating to my appearance can still have meaning here. --- as a background tidbit, I'm pretty short - 5"4 ever since I turned 14, and the most I've ever weighed at my height was 145 lbs. I used to wear size 12/13. since I was 8, I stress ate. My mom was pushing me hard in school, was hardly home, and my family was small and broken. I spent a lot of time on my own. When I was alone, my body didn't bother me, but if I looked in a mirror, I would cringe. I always felt ugly when I was around people, and that I had to claw my way into favor of my friends. I was the girl that let you copy her homework if you sat with her at lunch. My mom new I was overweight, and would badger me about it. I felt, as a child, that my only immediate worth was in my size, and if I were thinner, I would feel less disgusted with myself. in high school was when I began to lose weight - I got into varsity sports (swimming and tennis), and though I pulled my weight problem back together (dropping to 120lbs by my junior year), I never felt as thin as I wanted to be. I'd have dreams that I was 500lbs, looked like a giant popcorn ball with arms and legs, and i would just stare in the mirror with loathing. i'd squeeze into smalls, size 6/7 pants, and i understand this is not at all a Large place to be on the spectrum of size, but anywhere my cloths pinched me made me feel bloated. i became obsessed with my body, convinced that I was unattractive, and though I never ended up having an eating disorder, I spent roughly my whole adolescence hating how I looked. I was surrounded by stick-skinny friends who I compared myself to, either athletes or girls who were naturally incredibly slim, and I started to hate how I looked. I won’t go into details, but for six years, every facet of my life was affected by how I despised my reflection, convinced that I was “fat." This isn't anything as severe as an eating disorder; but I did spend a lot of time hating how I looked, and that's something a lot of girls - and guys - go through, when they shouldn’t. Hating yourself and hating your body, even when it doesn’t escalate into an eating disorder, is awful. eating disorders are a very serious issue, yes, but I'm hoping to address even those who haven't entered that realm, but are still unhappy with their bodies - which is a startlingly large percentage of the population. I realized it when, as a college student, I worked with teenage girls at the Boys and Girls Club who were still in high school, who were talking about dieting and losing weight and going to extreme lengths to attain a size when I looked at them and I thought that they looked gorgeous. I thought they were crazy, because they were complaining about being a size — and wearing a size large or medium when I genuinely didn’t see anything wrong with them at all. I thought it was just the shape of their body, and i never thought of them once as "fat". But I understood, because I remember. I remember being insecure about my weight to the point where I couldn’t even talk about it, because I was embarrassed to even bring it up - because that would have brought more attention to my body. I felt like everyone remembered how I was when I was at my worst, and that I could never shake off the image of my gross body even though I should have been satisfied with my appearance by then. I remember even looking at larger girls who had so much confidence and wondering how they could be happy with themselves when I was so upset with my now smaller body. I remember not understanding it at all, wondering if they were faking their confidence - I wasn’t thinking that they’re fat, but rather, I simply didn’t understand how they could be happy at that size, because I was smaller and I still wasn’t happy. Because once you have an idea or an opinion about yourself, the only person who can change it is you. No matter how many people tell you you’re fine - which I genuinely believed about the girls I swam with - you’re not going to believe them, because THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN TEACH YOU TO LOVE YOURSELF IS YOU. We're raised in an era where we grow up looking at stick-thin models who aren't half that skinny in reality, photoshopped so their bodies are perfect models of no real person. We worship barbie dolls and idolize celebrities, and popular culture gives us a standard of what's 'good looking' and what's 'not,' and it makes up these unrealistic expectations in our heads of what we should look like, of what being 'skinny' is and that even 'being skinny is good.’ We grow up in a world where so many people are unhappy with how they look, in a society that subconsciously and inherently teaches us that to be ‘pretty,’ we have to be ‘skinny,’ and to be ‘skinny,’ we have to be a size 0 or a size 2. Because at the end of the day, what is the right size and the right "look" is nothing but a social construct. You don’t need to be skinny to be pretty. Moreover, you don’t need to think yourself as skinny to love yourself - know your size, know that it might not be what’s standardly considered ‘skinny,’ but love yourself anyway. Love how you look, even knowing that you have flaws - love yourself, flaws and all. the truth is, you can lose 100 pounds and be a size 0, and still hate yourself and still think of yourself as fat. It's a real thing. I’m not being vain, but I’m acknowledging that at the size I am, I’m what is typically considered on the "healthy" end of the spectrum - and I’m telling you now, I was still, always upset with my body and felt overweight. You’re always going to think “If I’m just 20 pounds lighter, I’ll be happy with myself; just 50 pounds; just 2, 3, 4, 5 sizes.” Here’s the thing. No. You won’t. You’re going to lose all that weight, or gain all that muscle, and you can still be unhappy with yourself. BECAUSE LOVING YOURSELF DOESN’T COME WITH A NUMBER, DOESN’T COME WITH A SIZE, DOESN'T COME WITH ANY 'SPECIFIC APPEARANCE AT ALL. YOU DON’T LOVE YOURSELF BECAUSE OF YOUR NUMBER, YOU LOVE YOURSELF REGARDLESS OF YOUR NUMBER. I remember thinking “if I was just two sizes smaller, I’d be so happy.” It took me a long time to learn that no, it won’t make me happy; it took me a long time to realize that loving myself simply came by itself, without a number or size attached. The difference between loving your body completely and not is huge. I’m not saying I think of myself as the most gorgeous girl in the planet; I don’t. I'll still always have insecure moments, and I still have areas I’d like to lose weight in - I want my arms to be thinner, my waist to be slimmer. It’s okay and perfectly normal to have these things, to have things that you want to be different. But the difference is loving yourself anyway. I have spots I don’t like, but I don’t cower from mirrors the way I used to; I’m happy with how I look, even knowing I have troubled areas, even knowing I’m not as skinny as I’d like to be. Being happy with yourself is unrelated to thinking yourself as perfect - being happy with yourself means loving yourself even knowing you have the flaws that you do. Since I’ve learned to love myself, I haven't really had as many anxious thoughts about how I look, and I’m just a happier person in general. I didn't know it was possible to feel so indifferent about how I looked. Loving myself and my body is the best thing I learned to do, and the best thing I’ve done for myself in my early college years. If you’re anything like I am, this post probably won’t help since I was very stubborn and, like I said - the only person who can teach you to love yourself is you. But I hope this puts things into perspective, and if it helps anyone at all, I’m glad.
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    How to play firepower frontline support Guides for Freelancers FirePowers Blackburn Celeste Elle Gremolitions inc. Grey @HellSpawn @Donahubert @BeerCheese @Selphius Juno Kaigin Lockwood Nev:3 Nix @LemonTree @MrSfke @Jinsaku @BeerCheese OZ Pup Tol-ren Zuki frozzy @Jerathustra Frontliners Asana Brynn Garrison Isadora Phaedra @Nalanthi @BeerCheese @jarcev Rampart Rask Titus @MrSfke @CMobile96 @Nalanthi Support Aurora Dr. Finn Helio Khita Meridian @MrSfke @AzureWolf @MrSfke @Disintegration Orion Quark Su-Ren @Memedelyn @MrSfke *credits to all the writers off the guides
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    Record-tying, now it's time for record smashing.
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    and finally i've managed to order my own DI zip hoodie, can't wait until it gets here ^^
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    I have finally given Awards a refresher :)
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    I was accepted to the post-bacc teaching licensure program for Fall 2017. Thanks for helping me write my cover letter @Insanity :)
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    I understand its not always easy for you officers, please understand that all of us appreciate the hell out of everything you do for us and for DI. ❤
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    There letting me go home on Friday, parents want me to rest for a few days then hopefully be able to start school Monday. Love y'all
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    Hey guys, (I'm Kronos's partner), I have just told him he is not allowed to talk on Ts for the period of today. Last week he had a virus, and now is struggling to talk, I need everyone to accept it. I am aware he is the leader, but it will suck if he cannot talk. It's only for today so his throat can start healing. Please, it would be great :). But I know it will make it hard for him. but he has to have some quiet time (as he TALKS WAYYY to much on TS) thanks guys :) im hoping this will help Kronos :P (and just to give him a lil bit of shit through forums)
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    Leave me a thumbs up if you like the video, enjoy!
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    When the ball I shoot hits the: 1) Crossbar 2) Left post 3) Right post
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    Me boyo surprises me with these. Didn't help with the Heart Scales but this was so goddamn adorable I had to share it.
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    Hello everyone! I am happy to announce the first edition of the LC VGC18 PREMIER LEAGUE! There will be 4 groups of 4 players, 3 Weeks of round robin pools play between players (BO3),, and the top two players from each pool will move on to the top 8 single elimination bracket phase. Group Standings: Top cut Replays: ______________________________ Rules: LC VGC18 rules and useful info: Sign-ups: Post "IN" if you would like to participate. Sign-ups will close on 22 October at 9pm (GMT) Calendar: How to schedule: how to schedule: players will have to decide when to play their round below this post: the schedule will have to be public so anyone who is not there on the scheduled day will receive an autoloss for 2-0. Reporting scores: at the end of each round, the WINNER PLAYER will send me a message with the result and the replays. (if you do not send me the replays the match will not be valid). Team clarifications: A player must keep the same team for the duration of a 3 game set each week. Players are free to change teams between weeks, but not between games in a set. Any player found to have changed teams, whether accidentally or otherwise will be handed a set loss and banned from this premier league. Format: Unfortunately, the LC VGC18 tier has not yet been created on our server, so all battles will be played in Battle Spot Double Format. Awards!: ______________________________
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    Officer memories: that feeling when you find the perfect 2IC/TL/VICE/COMMANDER to work alongside @Zxcaven @Jonse @XialonVIII
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    I remember once when my dad gave me money to pay the electricity bill but instead i bought a raffle ticket for a brand new car. When i got home, i explained to my dad what i did and he beat the crap out of me. But the next day, when my dad woke up and opened the door, outside my house was a brand new car. We all cried especially me, because the car was from the electricity company, they were there to cut off the electricity, my dad beat the crap out of me again.
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    Awards are just temp disabled guys - whilst we work to implement the new skin (see my other status update)
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    Thank-you everyone who wished me happy birthday ♥ I felt like this was my facebook wall ♥ I'm so lucky to have you all as friends ♥ Love you guys ♥ I was going to tag you all but after the first 15 people I got tired hehe :3
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    We have so many people signup that we got atleast 70% of the signup topic filled up without assigning a double mentee, this is the first cohort since December, and possibly before that, that we had so many people sign up to mentor. Thank you all that have signed up to mentor our lovely Initiates! ♥
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    When the night is at its darkest The light is at its brightest As the soul cries out to the blackness The lost laugh with gladness The unexplained is what attracts me in fact it is what unchained me to explore the world around me It's not about what you know It's about the limits we set ourselves Break free I say, from words that bind you to a chair of sorrow you would Otherwise go mad in Don't give in to your own greed There is more to life than just money The eyes we use to see might one day decisive the life we lead Don't run to fast to the finish line Linger and enjoy the time we have The blackness of the night will never ruin the beauty of a sunrise.
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    got a new job working at a kids daycare/fitness center. they have a dog too. im never gonna be stressed out again.
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    Something that I found super true: If you go to the mall and you pass 50 people, each one saying "Hello" or "Excuse me" and nothing crosses your mind, but if you pass one person and they say "Man, that's an ugly shirt." You will go home and think that your day at the mall was terrible. Just know that one thing that you say to someone can affect them on that kind of scale. But you can also look at it in the opposite way. Make someone go home happy and just compliment them once, I guarantee you will make their day better.
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    The world is cold and full of sorrow, it turns on greed and self proclaimed heroes, No one cares for the rest it's all about ourselves instead, no second chances no lights that shines, no love no cares just cruelty and despair. Hope is frail and hearts are stone, so bleak seems the outcome of this savage world, war and famine ravage the lands, kids crying and people dying, they are left for dead nowhere to go, no one to shelter them from this darkness that seems to grow, the streets are full of crime and murder no bother love no control or order. What can we do to save ourselves before we destroy all we hold close. The answer is simple but the journey is hard, to let go of ourselves and learn to love, to be hope and light the way for others and love them like they are our brothers. We make mistakes we all stumble it's the way we get up that make us heroes, Kindness is free but if not given, we pay the price of others blindness. To a world that could be more than empty sadness. We all hold the power to make a difference to change a day for another person. To create something beautiful in a world so troubled.
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    I've now changed it to the full version
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    @RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR you a pirate?
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    Join @DrPhilandChill and I for our weekly movie night incoming You aren't ready for the Meme Stream.
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    Today I join the DI 5-year club! The ride never ends!
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    You heard right! The Gatekeeper department is looking for another dedicated member to join the team! This is YOUR chance to become a Gatekeeper, aka the best officer position in DI ever!
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    Hello! Here's a little something we recorded today with my teacher Carmen Piculeata. Enjoy!
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    hows my background looking? https://gyazo.com/503e5da97b36f30ac0803d9451194770
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    Hope you guys will like the changes, we are upgrading our skin too to this: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8521-dreadnought-theme/ And we will have this replace the CVC forums: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8548-pages-clan-wars/ I know it will all take some getting used to, but we want our forums to be 2017, they are too outdated :P
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    I have been noticed by SENPAI! ~
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    The freaky thing about nightmares is realizing they were created by your mind.
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    I’m never gonna give up Remember what abuse did It’s time you look at facing As if you were in anyway understood
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    Depressing Stuff First. Coordinate with your firepowers. You can have an absolute carry performance, dashing around, dealing damage and exposing opponents, but if your firepowers are sitting back in cover with their thumbs up their butts, it doesn't really matter what you do. You will not out-damage their sustain without real damage support, so whatever you do, it has to be coordinated with a firepower or in some cases a support (Quark, Su Ren). This can lead to matches where your actions are not followed up on, and you are sad. Then you lose. This can be particularly true when playing with middling firepowers, as they have learned not to rely on others for scouting, vision and distraction, and play very conservatively as a result Your Job - Not to Tank Lots of people think that a front-liner's job is to tank damage. While there are situation's where body-blocking is a good idea, mindlessly tanking damage is dumb dumb dumb. The total health of your team is the resource that determines how close you are to losing by giving up points. The less damage that gets dealt to your team, the more winning you are. So don't tank damage just because you can. Tank damage in order to advance one of the actual goals of playing a frontliner. 1. Vision. Vision is king. If your firepower's don't have to fire and move blind, their damage dealt will go up and their damage taken (should) go down as they position better. If you are playing against stealth characters or with great long-range firepowers like Nix or Gremolitions, reveal mods might be worthwhile, but I generally find they underwhelm in solo play (this may differ in team play). 2. Disrupt enemy positioning. If they can sit safely in cover, your firepower's can't deal damage effectively and you are going to get burned down. Get them scattered so they can't support each other and out of cover. Frontliners have an arsenal of tools to do this: Get in their faces with AoE damage. This forces them to spread out. Slow, Root, Knockback. Dashing in to the middle. Generally pushes both sides out as they move away from you. Know one likes standing next to melee weapons. 3. Mitigate damage dealt to your team. In addition the their beefy beefy hp totals, frontliner's generally have a way to heal or prevent damage (did you know with the right mods Titus heals 5-10 hp a turn in combat?) Any damage you mitigate away is wasted actions on the enemy teams side. If the enemy team wastes more actions than you do, you win! So take damage, but only when you can mitigate it away without losing tactical flexibility. Dashes can function as damage mitigation as well, by causing attacks to miss. Dashing from one group of opponents to another is a wonderful trick. 4. Body blocking. Body block for your support. Usually. (not so much for Orion and Su Ren.) Coordinate body blocks with Helio and Finn so they don't shield themselves. Supports are more open to coordination than firepowers, because like you, they can't do their job alone. Body block for low hp firepowers on turn 19 and 20. Otherwise don't. The person you are bodyblocking for may cata/dash/whatever leaving you to body block for an empty tile and look dumb. So that is my take on this class. Asana (Only the universal nerf hit by build!) , Phaedra and Titus guides to come soon. Finally got my head around Rask play, and working on Brynn now.
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