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    Welcome everyone my name isn't IbnBattuta and It's nice to meet you. In case you don't know me because you never saw me active on TeamSpeak or here in DI forums, I'll tell you about myself since it's my Introduction after all. I'm known in DI as "The longest initiate EVER" because I spent 4 months in DI as an Initiate and I was able to become a Full Member after August Cohort when I was originally supposed to be in May Cohort since I joined DI April 17, 2016 and in case you are wondering why, It's was wither because of activity issues, misunderstandings with officers or lack of people to vote on my full member application. Anyway, some of the bad stuff I encountered here wouldn't have happened to me if someone told me how to avoid them in advance and that doesn't mean that my original mentor wasn't doing his job but he was busy IRL so he wasn't that active in TeamSpeak to talk about stuff and also because I was shy and didn't want to be a burden to him but some stuff happened to me because I didn't pay attention to some rules in Code of Ops. So that made me want to do something to help other Initiates not make the same mistakes I did and to help them succeed their Initiation and the thing I did was this guide in August as a way to gain reputation in this community to have more people know of my good deeds toward community and actually it helped a lot and I was accepted as Full Member in DI. But not because I've reached my goal and became a member, I should stop updating my guide.. this guide helped me know awesome people here in DI and was the reason why some of the old members you see nowadays are what they currently are because my guide motivated them and made them know how to enjoy this awesome community. So with no further delay, I hope my guide becomes useful to you and don't forget to have fun with us! First: TeamSpeak Second: Forums Third: Events Fourth: [Updating and Polising...] 1. What's Code of Ops and how to avoid being striked in DI? 2. Why do Initiate and Membership Applications exist? 3. Who are officers and why do they exist in DI? 4. How does the ranking system work in DI and how to achieve those ranks? 5. I can't be online for a specific period of time and I'm afraid of being striked so what shall I do? 6. How can I change my name in TeamSpeak and is there any restriction on naming? 7. How to include pictures and animated gifs in my posts and topics? 8. I'm afraid to lose my TeamSpeak statues if operation system fails so is there a way to Backup my data? 9. Is there any additional tips that can help me in my stay in DI clan? If you liked a topic/post of someone, Press on the grey heart shaped button in bottom-right of that topic/post so that you Upvote/Like that Topic/Post which increases the reputation of those respective members in DI. It's similar to Facebook Like/Reaction button, thumbs-up for Upvote and Heart for Like so If you liked my guide, I'd appreciate if you Upvote my topic! > Btw, That's how it looks like in case you didn't notice!
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    If you’re thinking of starting out in SHK and you’re reading the mass of information we have in the forums, it can be a little overwhelming at first. I am hoping to consolidate all of this information for new and experienced players alike, so I can overwhelm you with one single thread instead ;) In writing this guide, I am assuming the reader knows absolutely nothing about SHK, that way I won’t be overlooking anything. If you’re an experienced player, maybe you’ll learn something new! If anything in this guide is incorrect or you think something needs to be added, please let me know so I can correct it. I want this to be all-inclusive. Explanation of Mechanics Glory The ultimate goal is to gain Glory points for your Faction and House. We do this by holding Capital Leader positions (Parish Stewards, County Sheriff's, Province Governors and Country Kings/Queens) and helping each other hold onto these. You can also claim glory points as a reward for completing certain quests (check with a Division Officer to see if this is worth doing.) Glory Rounds and Ages Each world progresses through Glory Rounds and Ages. Each world starts at age 1, the ‘slowest’ age. At the end of each day points are tallied based on the Capital positions held, and glory points are added to a House’s total accordingly. A Glory Round ends when a House reaches 1 million Glory (4 Million in Age 3). Once the Glory rounds ends, the House with the highest points Wins a Glory Star, and the 2 Houses (only 1 House if 6 or less Houses remain) with the lowest Glory are knocked out of the Glory Race and unable to gain Glory in the future. An Age ends when only 1 House remains Victorious. When moving to the next Age, the mechanics of the World will change slightly, and some things will be reset (your research and Villages will remain intact.) See here for details: Age 2, Age 3, Age 4, Age 5, Age 6, Final Age. Map I will use World 1 as an example for the screenshots. A Parish is a small area containing a collection of Villages. A Parish Steward is appointed by the Villagers (Rank 4 and above) in the Parish via Voting, and controls the Parish Capital. Tax (called Tithe) is paid per village to the parish capital. A County is a larger area containing a number of Parishes. The County Sheriff is appointed by the Parish Stewards (Rank 16 and above) within that County via Voting, and controls the County Capital. Tithe is paid per Parish Capital to the County Capital. A Province is a large area containing a number of Counties. The Provincial Governor is appointed by the County Sheriffs (Rank 18 and above) via Voting, and controls the Province Capital. Tithe is paid per County Capital to the Province Capital. A Country, as you probably guessed, is a huge area containing a number of Provinces. The Country King or Queen is appointed by the Provincial Governors (Rank 20 and above) within that Country via Voting, and controls the Country Capital (Note: Island Warfare consists of only 1 Country, the Philippines, so it is only worth researching 3 points of Commerce.) Tithe is paid per Province Capital to the Country Capital. Tip: Go to Settings> View Village IDs. Once this is enabled, you can tell other DI members your village ID to make it easy to find where the village is. Tip II: Search by Village ID by going here and then here. Popularity Popularity is a measure of how much your villagers are happy with life in your village. Having a high popularity level allows you to use higher tax bands, or gain more passive Honour. Popularity levels also influence how quickly new villagers will arrive at or leave your village. Things that influence your Popularity: Tax levels: The higher you hike up your tax, the less popular you will be. Lower taxes to negative to give bribes instead, increase your popularity. This is useful for getting your village full so that you can hike the taxes up on a full population to get more tax, or just use them for troops. Rations: The more generous and diverse your rations are, the more popular you will be. The more food types you have available, the better. Any food types that are “fully eaten” will not give a popularity bonus. Consider increasing food production of the types that are running out, or just buy some. Ale Rations: Simple. More beer, more happiness. Everyone knows this :P Housing Capacity: If you’re at full capacity, you will not receive a popularity bonus. Consider researching housing capacity, or building more hovels. Arrange your village center like this to receive max villager capacity. (Courtesy of @LadyCynthiaJ) Literature: At ranks 6, 10, 12, 14 and 16 you can research Literature, which allows you to place Popular buildings that can give you a total of 30 Popularity. Arrange your village like this to receive max Literature popularity (Courtesy of @LadyCynthiaJ) Events: Events can affect popularity negatively or positively. An event can be Weather, AI Camps in the Parish, disease in the Parish, or your castle being exposed. You or other players can also affect popularity with Monks via Inquisition (Negative) or Blessings (Positive). Weather events will often last a matter of hours, but sometimes days. Honour Honour is basically this game's XP. You need to gain honour to rank up, and you need to rank up to unlock certain features of the game, like extra village slots, certain research, and the ability the vote for capital leaders. Certain actions within the game will also cost honour, such as attacking a lower ranked player, or obtaining your 11th and above villages. You can gain honour in a few different ways. Most quests will reward with honour upon completion, as do some achievements. Passive You will gain passive honour over time depending on the Popularity level of your villages and the Popularity-Honour multiplier within these villages. To increase the multiplier, you can: Research Arts to directly increase the multiplier (affects all your villages) Research Decoration and place the Buildings you unlock in each village. Research Theology (Rank 8) and place Chapels, Churches and a Cathedral in each village. Research Justice (Rank 16, 17, 18 and 19) and place the buildings you unlock in each village. Note: These buildings negatively impact Popularity, but give big boosts to the multiplier. Make sure you have good popularity to offset the negative impact. Place, or have your Parish Steward place a Town Gardens building and/or Statues in your Parish Capital to gain a boost to your multiplier for all your villages within this Parish. Use Basic(Rank 4)/Advanced(Rank 12) Culture Cards. Killing AI Camps You can gain large amounts of honour from defeating AI, depending on the design of the lair/camp/castle. You do not need to destroy the camp to gain honour, you will gain honour by merely killing some of the troops inside. You will only receive honour for defeating camps within your honour circle, and you can use cards to expand said honour circle. Invest in military research to increase your ability to gain honour in this way. Banqueting This is a good method to gain honour if you are quite active within the world and you focus your research on this method. The strength of the banquet increases depending on the amount of goods and number of different goods you use. At rank 16, you can research the use (and production, if you wish) of Silk, unlocking the strongest banquet multiplier, x160, allowing you to gain a maximum of 432,000 honour per banquet without cards, or 864,000 per banquet using an Advanced Banqueting (Rank 8) card. If you decide you want to produce all of the honour goods, you will need to focus on and invest in this method in research and village type. Salt (Salt Flats), Wine (Valley Side), Spice (River 1) and Silk (River 2) can only be produced within their own respective village types, meaning you will need to dedicate at least one village for each of these goods. You can also place and upgrade, or have your parish steward place and upgrade the honour goods production buildings in the parish capital, giving all your villages inside the parish a bonus to production. If you decide you want to use banquets, but don’t want to produce them, you can either purchase the goods via Trading (beware, spice and silk can become very scarce, very quickly), or rely on an ally that does produce them to provide you with banquets. Factions and Houses Factions are groups created by the players, designing their own name and flag. A faction can hold up to 40 players. DI-II and III have at least 2 factions, one main faction and a sub-faction for those building themselves up. A faction’s points total is the sum total of the members points, so keep those points as high as you can! A Faction can always pursue victory in the glory race. Factions can set other players or factions as allies or enemies. Faction members appear with a pink flower over their villages. Allies appear with a white flower over their villages. Enemies appear with a sword over their villages. There are a total of 20 Houses. The names and symbol designs are fixed. House membership consists of factions, not individual members. The house’s points total consists of a daily tally of collective capital leadership positions held. If a house finishes last in a glory round, they will no longer be eligible to participate in the glory race. Play Style There are a few different roles that can be played in SHK. While everyone eventually ends up with all research completed, and equal footing, until then it’s because to focus on a role. Fighter A fighter will typically research basic self-sufficiency and then concentrate on military research. Once military research is done, you can branch off to a secondary focus like goods production or monking. Knight/Baron Razer A specific kind of fighter that stops ranking up at Knight or Baron to significantly reduce the honour cost of razing enemies. Typically will research basic self-sufficiency and focus on military research, with max merchant guilds, merchant speed and philosophy to allow for easy gold-making and buying research points for as cheap as possible. Monker A monker will typically research basic self-sufficiency and then concentrate on Theology research to act as a supporting role to allies. Can branch off into military or goods production as a secondary focus. Monkers can drastically influence votes, popularity in parishes, remove disease in parishes, prevent enemies from attacking certain villages and prevent enemies from using monk powers. A very powerful support role. Supplier A support role that focuses on producing and supplying goods to allies. Will typically neglect military and religious might in favour of producing an excess of certain goods. You will likely need to specialise in a select few goods to begin with, e.g. a weapon supplier, banqueter, food/ale farmer, etc. Once you have established yourself and begin producing a lot more than you need, you can begin sending supplies to allies that need it, donating the goods to parish guilds to build up the parish, or sell the goods to make gold. Starting Out Once you’ve set up the game, you’ll need to decide which world to spawn in. DI-II is currently playing in Island Warfare and DI-III is playing in Global Conflict 2. Once you’ve selected the world you wish to play in, you will be asked to place your Village. “Random” will place your Village in any free spot in the World. “Manual” allows you to choose which County you would like to spawn in, and then a free slot within that County will be randomly selected, I recommend this option. If you spawn in one of the DI worlds, speak to an Officer from that Division to find the best place to spawn. If you are not happy with your spawn location, you can abandon the village and you will be placed somewhere else, but you can only do this once a week. If you need to respawn again, you can drop the Peace Time by beginning to attack a player, then when prompted, choose to drop the Peace Time, then cancel the attack. Once you've done this, an Ally can Raze your village, allowing you to spawn elsewhere. Once you have been placed, you should play through the tutorial for a brief explanation of the game mechanics. You should also have a read through this Beginner’s Guide to get you set for early game. There are also some helpful threads and guides for early game at the end of this guide. Guides and Discussions We have amassed an impressive amount of threads discussing some important topics, and some great guides on how to do certain things in SHK, I will link these below, as well as some external links. General/Misc http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/10426-acquiring-new-villages/ http://strongholdkingdomsadvguide.com/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/17298-tipes-of-villages/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257141577 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257109089 Castles http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/19545-whats-your-wall-build/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/15534-shk-castle-layouts-post-your-best-ideas-and-pics-for-awesome-defense/?page=2 http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/436-castle-design/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/4166-examples-of-how-to-build-your-castle/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/4191-warfororks-awesome-castle-building-strategy/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/996-how-to-card-up-a-castle-quick/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/13304-how-to-defend-your-castle/ Research http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/2989-starting-a-new-world-research/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/18667-what-research-should-i-focus-on/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/1627-supplier-research/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/1602-monk-researches/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/3084-research-for-fighters/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/20877-knight-razer-research/ Honour/Leveling http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/13051-honour-guide/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/5625-the-quickest-way-to-level/ Economy http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/4472-playing-the-stock-market-shk/ http://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/13305-buy-and-sell-market-table/ Military http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257177957 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257106690 https://www.scribd.com/document/207269458/Stronghold-Kingdoms-attacking-tutorial
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    wanted to make a public announcement. I regretfully stepped down from my media-team position. It was an awesome 7 Months and working with all the content creators from all the different division really let me see what D.I. was made of. I won't be doing round-tables anymore, as well as engaging in any content creation for D.I. Which means sadly that i won't get to interact on stream with you lovely people. Though i'll still see you guys around team-speak. Peace out.
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    Got to pet Mal's 'fro today. #Blessed
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    THE BATTLES OF GLORY! SERIES I: DICING WITH A DRAGON. Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5 Issue #6 Issue #7 SERIES 2: AN ENCOUNTER WITH THE GREEK MAFIA! Issue #8 Issue #9 Issue #10 Issue #11 *TO BE CONTINUED* Credit to the authors and editors: Authors: @AlwaysSlayin @ImUrX @smallgeorg3 @Roxas @rskde @Theopheno Editors: @mehseenbetter Special thanks: @Thesi @Yoshi @Zezette
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    picked up the new humble freedom bundle but i have some of the games already so here are the codes 4AYL5-DMNQ7-IQ7X8 - stardew valley 3EP2K-H5Y97-YH9K7 - waking mars 0FTCC-AE99R-8325Q - octodad 39DRI-LD7PG-YR48W - superbrothers, sword and sworcery 3GZ7L-NIJAH-Q87KT - super hexagon 3QY2I-5KXA7-IFDJP - rocketsrocketsrockets E68JD-09VM7-LAI9C - a virus named tom 2X7PN-E566J-LQPAW - ai war - fleet command 0ITV0-Q3IX5-C9IZM - streamline first come first served. two things though, please only take one per person and call it out in the comments what you took so others dont try and redeem the same code. enjoy!
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    Look in the mirror and what do you see once you are perfect you can judge me till then don't point out my mistakes if you can do it better please go ahead. You wave from your throne with your gold crown You think this will make you the king I have news for you, it takes hard work and dedication something it seems you still need to fathom So look in the mirror before you judge me please make sure you are perfect.
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    Hi, Jojobees here. On the last world I was on, I fell in love with a fighter tactic that I haven't seen very many other people use. The idea behind it is, if you stay a lower rank, it will cost ridiculous amounts of honor for people to attack you, making you an excellent front-liner in times of war. Research: Philosophy is the most important for this strategy. You'll be buying a lot of research points. I'm squire 4th rank in Global conflict 2 with 203 research complete, meaning I've bought over 90 points. I'll keep buying points until I eventually save up for war. Other than philosophy, architecture and construction are very important. You'll need to be mobile, so building fast is important. Other than that build for a military spec, as that's the only use for this tactic. Advantages: Basically anyone can make you a vassal. This will be useful when you are attacking as you can have someone else defend your village for you. Your attacks cost next to 0 honor, including razing. You'll be able to fight on almost indefinitely, and as a bonus, pillaging needed resources will be almost free. It will cost others a lot of honor to down you. During times of war, honor, previously only used to rank up, suddenly becomes scarce and valuable. When I used this tactic on USA2, my low rank kept me safe for longer, allowing me to raze more villages and establish a more permanent defense. You'll pay almost 0 tax, this is somewhat important when you're on enemy soil, because you don't want them to be able to fight you with your own money. A prince would be taxed over 2k gold at 9x, enough to pay for more than 33 archers that could be used against you from the parish each day. Disadvantages: If you just started playing this game, this is not a strategy for you. This strategy requires very efficient use of research points, and most new players don't exactly know what research is important. I would suggest looking at guides for help with this. This strategy is only useful for fighters, monkers and suppliers can't make effective use of this strategy. When trying to make more money, more villages helps. Being limited to 3 or 4 villages hurts money making potential. Less army. You'll need to know how to attack efficiently if you use this strategy, and some castles will be impossible for you to take out in only 3 attacks. What this looks like in war time: During a war I like to scout every nearby enemy. A lot of people who play this game don't know how to defend properly. If you're lucky you'll be able to cap into a village in your new war zone that is well developed and badly defended. You will often see me looking for afks to pillage nearby, or pillaging an enemy castle for everything it has before razing it. Enemies will be confused because you'll be a low rank with a lot of research. Eventually they will see you as a real threat and try to do something about it. Even if your enemies destroy you, it will cost them a lot of honor and prevent them from using that honor on attacking your allies. I have made many people go into negative honor using this strategy, making them basically useless for their allies. Edit: I have been asked to include my research for this strategy so here it is: INDUSTRY Stone Quarrying: 8 Forestry: 8 Tools: 8 Iron Mining: 1 Banquetting: 4 Deer Stalking through Tailoring: 1 Weapon making: 5 Fletching: 8 Armor Working: 1 Poleturning: 1 MILITARY Castellation: 5-6 Sally Forth: Optional 10 Construction: 10 Diplomacy: Optional 10 Defences: 10 Vaults: Optional 10 Fortification: 8 Command: 10 Catapults: 10 Swordsmen: Optional 10 Pikemen: Optional 10 (Max at least one melee troop) Archers: 10 Conscription: Optional 10 (Makes more effective cheap armies for pillaging) Scouts: 8 Horsemanship: 10 Foraging: Optional 10 Pillaging: Up to you Forced March: 8 Leadership: Will wind up 3 or 4 depending on when you stop. Captains: 5 Logistics: 8 Tactics: 3 (Catapult volley is pretty useless as you can just use catapults instead.) FARMING Apples: 1 Dairy: 1 Fishing: Optional Plow: 4 Hops: 1-8 Wheat: 1 Vegetables: 1 Animal Husbandry: 2 Pig breeding: 1 Education Mathematics: 10 Merchants: 5 Commerce: 1-2 Transportation: 10 Engineering: Storage space is entirely up to you, and different players have different needs. If it helps you make money to buy more research points, I say put the points in. Arts: 4-10 Philosophy: 10 Theology: 10 Monks: 1 Eucharist: 1 Literature: 5 Decoration: Optional 1-5 TOTAL: Minimum about 246, optimal approx 290. This is absolutely achievable at max rank of knight, just have to keep buying points whenever you can afford it. Most important thing with research is that you can make money to buy more research points. Banqueting and honor production isn't as important with this build path and is completely optional because you'll be stopping at a rank, and from there you'll just build up honor. Given time in or out of war, you will build up more than enough honor to fight on without research. I put little value in farming, other than getting 5-6 food types. This is because I'd rather build an extra couple food buildings than spend 20-40 extra points where I don't absolutely need them. If you plan on making gold from a certain resource, don't hesitate to put points into it. My guide isn't inclusive of all money making methods, and different worlds can sometimes rule out certain methods, so plan on spending extra points somewhere that will allow you to make money. EDIT: Just an update on my progress, I'm currently Knight 4th with about 240 research points. I'm feeling like about 25 more will put me where I want to be for wars. My RP are costing 22k each, so those carter and trade caravan cards are invaluable. If you don't want to spend as much gold to get to optimal research, leveling to Baron is always an option, but I personally prefer the added safety of being Knight.
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    Bunny's Explosive Guide! In this guide you'll learn how many explosives it takes to destroy each object. ( Note that the explosive ammo tests were done with the M249 ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive Ammo Explosive Ammo Twig Twig Roof Soft Side 1 Explosive ammo Hard Side 2 Explosive ammo Twig wall Soft Side 1 Explosive ammo Hard Side 2 Explosive ammo Twig Foundation Soft Side 1 Explosive ammo Hard Side 2 Explosive ammo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive ammo Wood Wood Roof Soft Side 61 Explosive ammo Hard Side 56 Explosive ammo Wood Wall Soft Side 47 Explosive ammo Hard Side 54 Explosive ammo Wood Foundation Soft Side 48 Explosive ammo Hard Side 57 Explosive ammo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive ammo Stone Stone Roof Soft Side 244 Explosive ammo Hard Side 321 Explosive ammo Stone Wall Soft Side 210 Explosive ammo Hard Side 237 Explosive ammo Stone Foundation 207 Explosive ammo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive Ammo Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Roof Soft Side 301 Explosive Ammo Hard Side 363 Explosive Ammo Sheet Metal Wall Soft Side 393 Explosive Ammo Hard Side 401 Explosive Ammo Sheet Metal Foundation about 500 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Explosive Ammo Armoured ( about 500 Explosive Ammo For all of them ) Explosives Per Upgraded Piece Wood Everything is 1 Rocket Stone Everything is 4 Rockets Sheet Metal Everything Is 4 Rockets Armored Everything is 6 Rockets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satchel Charges Wood Foundation 3-4 Satchel Charges Wall 3 Satchel Charges Roof 3 Satchel Charges Stone They're all about 10 Satchel Charges Sheet Metal They're all about 15 Satchel Charges Armored They're all about 20 Satchel Charges ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C4 Wood They're All 1 C4 Stone They're all 2 C4 Sheet Metal They're all 2 C4 Armored They're all 3 C4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Different Construction Items Ladder Hatch/Sheet Metal Door 4 Satchel Charges 1 C4 2 Rockets Armoured Door 10-12 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets Wooden Door 2 Satchel Charges 1 C4 1 Rocket Chainlink fence/Gate 2 Satchel Charges 1 c4 1 rocket Prison wall/Gate 4 Satchel Charges 1 C4 2 Rockets High External Stone Walls About 10 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets High External Wood Walls 5-6 Satchel Charges 1 C4 2 Rockets Shop Front 15 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets Dropbox 2 Satchel Charges 1 C4 1 Rocket Vending Machine 4 Satchel Charges 2 C4 4 Rockets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hopefully the guide helps you! If you found this guide useful, or would like to help me out then leave a Rep on the post! :) Enjoy - Bunny
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    I have finally given Awards a refresher :)
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    I was accepted to the post-bacc teaching licensure program for Fall 2017. Thanks for helping me write my cover letter @Insanity :)
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    I understand its not always easy for you officers, please understand that all of us appreciate the hell out of everything you do for us and for DI. ❤
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    There letting me go home on Friday, parents want me to rest for a few days then hopefully be able to start school Monday. Love y'all
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    constructive post ? i dont know . but here is what i can do for this faction. i think this war in EU3 will be a long one, this will be a battle of honour and faith points . iam planning to stay as a knight for a while , but not just a knight , but a KNIGHT RAZER . Knight Razer full military research maxed longbow, pikes and cats hitpoints can self ID also maxxed construction for faster castle build up in the fronts i get honour killing Ai castles station troops in vassals spread vassals not to over lap the honour range since your a fighter MUST attack TREASURE castles TREASURE CASTLES are castles that spawn in any other parish, you can attack it once a day (24hrs) spin wheels are the rewards you get, depending on the level of the castle . its cool once you plan how to attack and get the treasure . wheel spins dont always end up good . i made a small video will paste it here. P.S. forgive me for my english
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    Hey guys, (I'm Kronos's partner), I have just told him he is not allowed to talk on Ts for the period of today. Last week he had a virus, and now is struggling to talk, I need everyone to accept it. I am aware he is the leader, but it will suck if he cannot talk. It's only for today so his throat can start healing. Please, it would be great :). But I know it will make it hard for him. but he has to have some quiet time (as he TALKS WAYYY to much on TS) thanks guys :) im hoping this will help Kronos :P (and just to give him a lil bit of shit through forums)
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    What started as a personal research evening, became a guide about honour. Here you will find everything related to it. What is honour? Honour is in Stronghold Kingdoms one of the most important aspects. It can be gained in several ways, which will be highlighted and explained. Honour gives you the ability to attack other players, buy new villages later on in the game, rank up and in certain cases unlock new skills by ranking up. The full list of unlockable skills, buildings and researches can be found in the table of ranks. This can be found at: http://help.strongholdkingdoms.com/index.php/Ranks Side note: Attacking players of a higher rank than you will cost you nearly no honour. Attacking players with around the same rank as you will cost barley any honour, mostly just a couple of thousand. Attacking players that are a much lower rank than you will cost you hundreds of thousands of honour. Overview The amount of honour you have is displayed in the top left corner of the screen. The amount of honour gained per day for a village is displayed on the right-hand section within the crown panel of the village screen. By clicking on the crown, you open the honour information panel. This gives you a breakdown of which factors makeup the overall honour total. This can be separated into popularity and honour multiplier. Popularity The popularity of a village depends on various factors, the total popularity can be either positive or negative. The more popularity you have the more honour you get and the more and/or more frequent you get new peasants. The depending factors are: – Tax rate: This can either give you more or less popularity by giving your peasants gold (bribe) or take it from them (tax). The more peasants you have working, the more gold will be payed out or gained. – Food Rations: Food rations increases or decreases the overall popularity of a village. The amount is affected by the number of different types of food eaten. The more types fully eaten, the more popularity your villages gain. The amount of food which is needed to give these rations, depends on the amount of peasants in your village. The more peasants, the more food required. Food is stored in the granary. – Ale rations: Ale works much alike food. The more you give your peasants, the more popularity you get in return. Just as the food: the more peasants, the more ale required. Ale is being made at the Brewery and stored in the inn. ​ – Housing capacity: The amount of popularity you get from your housing capacity is affected by the amount of free space you have. The more space available, the higher your popularity bonus will be. Though how higher your popularity is, the more and/or more frequently you get new peasants. Also, be aware that if you run out of space for your peasants, you can have a negative popularity figure.​​ – Building modifiers: This is affected by the amount of Entertainment and Justice buildings. There are 5 types of Entertainment- and 4 types of Justice-buildings. The closer your Entertainment buildings are to your village hall, the greater the popularity bonus they give. Be aware, the Justice buildings do give a bonus to your honour multiplier, but give a negative bonus to your popularity. – Events: This can be either the weather, a disease, a blessing, an Inquisition or the presence of an AI camp. There are multiple types of weather circumstances, 5 positive, 1 neutral, and 5 negative ones. The weather doesn't change every day. The amount of time left for a certain weather event is displayed in the events panel. There are also multiple types of AI camps that give a negative influence on your events overall popularity figure. The AI camps could be a Wolf Lair (-2 popularity), Bandit Camp (-5 popularity), Rat's Castle (-10 popularity), Snake's Castle (-18 popularity), Pig's Castle (-25 popularity), Wolf's Castle (-32 popularity) or an Enemy Siege camps (-0 popularity). To remove the negative popularity influence for all the related parish villages, you simply have to remove the castles. The only exception is the Enemy Siege Camps, which cannot be attacked, but doesn't give a negative bonus either. Further, there are Paladin Castles. They will randomly appear in a Parish. Unlike normal AI castles, the Paladin Castles do not sent out attacks and will disappear after a certain period of time. Although certain quests require destroying paladin castles, you will not get any honour for doing so. They do give a small boost in popularity to the belonging villages in the parish. The popularity received depends on the size of the castle. Same as the Paladin Castles, destroying or attacking a Treasure Castle doesn't give any honour either. In return they do not sent out attacks and if you manage to capture a Treasure chest, it will give you a chance of getting a certain tier of wheel spin. There is the plague, which gives a disease to all parish villages. It will spawn occasionally in the parish capital and will worsen over time if not removed. The disease gives an increasing number of negative popularity of an increasing number of disease points. Rats will spawn from a by plague overwhelmed parish to spread it to other parishes. You can remove the disease by researching Baptism. This gives you the ability to use restoration, and allows monks to remove the disease from a capital. Each monk sent onto a restoration costs 20 faith points. Lastly, the events overall popularity figure can be increased or decreased by either Blessing or Inquisition. Inquisition gives 1 negative popularity bonus for every monk sent to the parish. As the opposite: Blessing increases the popularity by 1 for every monk sent to the parish. Each monk sent, either for inquisition or Blessing costs 10 faith points. Honour multiplier The honour multiplier of a villages can be influenced by: – Religious building – Decoration buildings – Justice buildings – Arts Research: Gives a bonus of 10,12,16,20,24,30,36,42,50,60 At ranks 1,1,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 when researched. – Parish buildings The amount of honour you get per day per village is the multiplication of the amount your honour multiplier gives times your overall popularity. Other ways to gain honour are through: – Banquets: Banquets are held to generate honour. In order to be able to hold a banquet you need to place down banqueting buildings, which costs resources and gold. The more buildings you have, the more honour you can get from a banquet. Also, the more different types of honour made, bought or foraged increases the honour multiplier of the banquet. To be able to place down more types of banqueting buildings or to hold larger banquets you need to research the required skills. – Attacking AI: By destroying an AI camp you don't only remove the negative popularity figure for the related parish, but you also gain a decent amount of honour in return. The larger a camp is, the more honour you get from it. The size of a camp is affected by the average rank of the players in the belonging parish. – Being first to scout a resourse stash: If you are the first to scout a recourse stash within your honour range, you will be granted a honour bonus for uncovering that stash. Unfortunately I don't have a table for the amount of honour you get from it, but it is worth it to try and be the first to scout it. – Defending your castle from attacks: A successful AI attack can generally result in a loss of honour and/or goods and buildings if the attack is a pillage or ransack. However, if you manage to defend an attack and destroy the opposing army, you are granted a great amount of honour for it. By researching Diplomacy you can get this honour without having to fight for it. A maximized diplomacy stops an average of 50% of your incoming AI attacks. – Being a vassal: Having a Liege Lord will not only help with reinforcements, but it also provides you with a daily honour bonus for every village that you have vassaled. The higher rank your Liege Lord is, the more honour you gain everyday. For example: having someone who is a prince as your LL, you gain around 15.000 honour for every village vassaled. It's a decent daily boost. – Curing Disease: By removing disease from a parish you not only remove the negative popularity influence, but also gain a certain amount of honour. For every monk sent (costs 20 faith points), you remove 3 points of disease and gain 80 honour for doing so. You can research restoration further to be able to cleanse more with each single monk. – Quests: There are more then hundred quests, of which several give honour for completing them. It is nearly always worthwhile to try and complete them. - Achievements: Getting a milestone for a certain achievement will give you honour. The amount is based on the milestone (iron, silver, gold, etc.) and the rank you are. Best is to just do them all natural, as you gain much more when you are prince, than if you are a knight for completing the same milestone. See it yourself in the table below. – Cards: Certain cards can be used to provide you with a certain amount of honour based on your rank. The amount of honour you get varies with the rank you have. The higher rank you are, the more honour will be received. These cards can be got from buying card packs or from your daily cards. Have I missed anything, or got some numbers wrong? Please forgive me and/or help me optimize this post.
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    Awards are just temp disabled guys - whilst we work to implement the new skin (see my other status update)
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    Thank-you everyone who wished me happy birthday ♥ I felt like this was my facebook wall ♥ I'm so lucky to have you all as friends ♥ Love you guys ♥ I was going to tag you all but after the first 15 people I got tired hehe :3
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    We have so many people signup that we got atleast 70% of the signup topic filled up without assigning a double mentee, this is the first cohort since December, and possibly before that, that we had so many people sign up to mentor. Thank you all that have signed up to mentor our lovely Initiates! ♥
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    When the night is at its darkest The light is at its brightest As the soul cries out to the blackness The lost laugh with gladness The unexplained is what attracts me in fact it is what unchained me to explore the world around me It's not about what you know It's about the limits we set ourselves Break free I say, from words that bind you to a chair of sorrow you would Otherwise go mad in Don't give in to your own greed There is more to life than just money The eyes we use to see might one day decisive the life we lead Don't run to fast to the finish line Linger and enjoy the time we have The blackness of the night will never ruin the beauty of a sunrise.
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    got a new job working at a kids daycare/fitness center. they have a dog too. im never gonna be stressed out again.
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    Something that I found super true: If you go to the mall and you pass 50 people, each one saying "Hello" or "Excuse me" and nothing crosses your mind, but if you pass one person and they say "Man, that's an ugly shirt." You will go home and think that your day at the mall was terrible. Just know that one thing that you say to someone can affect them on that kind of scale. But you can also look at it in the opposite way. Make someone go home happy and just compliment them once, I guarantee you will make their day better.
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    The world is cold and full of sorrow, it turns on greed and self proclaimed heroes, No one cares for the rest it's all about ourselves instead, no second chances no lights that shines, no love no cares just cruelty and despair. Hope is frail and hearts are stone, so bleak seems the outcome of this savage world, war and famine ravage the lands, kids crying and people dying, they are left for dead nowhere to go, no one to shelter them from this darkness that seems to grow, the streets are full of crime and murder no bother love no control or order. What can we do to save ourselves before we destroy all we hold close. The answer is simple but the journey is hard, to let go of ourselves and learn to love, to be hope and light the way for others and love them like they are our brothers. We make mistakes we all stumble it's the way we get up that make us heroes, Kindness is free but if not given, we pay the price of others blindness. To a world that could be more than empty sadness. We all hold the power to make a difference to change a day for another person. To create something beautiful in a world so troubled.
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    I've now changed it to the full version
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    The Humble Bundle is currently doing a free giveaway, just link your steam account and you get a code for this: No purchase needed :D
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    Hello! Here's a little something we recorded today with my teacher Carmen Piculeata. Enjoy!
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    hows my background looking? https://gyazo.com/503e5da97b36f30ac0803d9451194770
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    Hope you guys will like the changes, we are upgrading our skin too to this: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8521-dreadnought-theme/ And we will have this replace the CVC forums: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8548-pages-clan-wars/ I know it will all take some getting used to, but we want our forums to be 2017, they are too outdated :P
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    Sitting out a hangover in a Hungarian bath house is legitimately the BEST hangover cure I've ever tried. Add in the sauna + ice cold bath right after and you'll feel completely refreshed in a matter of a couple of hours. Something tells my body will be a wreck at the end of this week though :P
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    BUNNY'S SCRAP COST GUIDE! Scraps are used on research tables to increase odds of crafting components, and can be acquired through recycling other components. Underneath what you're currently reading is a handy guide that I've put together that will help you with Scrap Cost. Scrap crafting and recycling amounts : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Metal Blade To craft 10 scrapRecycle yield1 scrap Propane Tank To craft10 scrapRecycle yield1 scrap Sheet Metal To craft30 scrapRecycle yield2 scrap Road Sign To craft20 scrapRecycle yield2 scrap Metal Pipe To craft20 scrapRecycle yield2 scrap Gears To craft30 scrapRecycle yield3 scrap Metal Spring To craft50 scrapRecycle yield5 scrap Tech Trash To craft100 scrapRecycle yield10 scrap Semi Auto Body To craft50 scrapRecycle yield5 scrap SMG Body To craft80 scrapRecycle yield6 scrap Rifle Body To craft250 scrapRecycle yield10 scrap ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Uncraftable components : Tarp Sewing Kit Rope ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Research table : To do all this new component crafting, you’ll of course need a research table. Thankfully, it has been added back into the crafting menu. Cost 1000 frags 25 hqm 5 sheet metal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hopefully the guide helps you! If you found this guide useful, or would like to help me out then leave a Rep on the post! :) Enjoy - Bunny
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    Just gave the Team pages another visual update, go have a look people :D!! Sample: http://dmg-inc.com/overwatch-team1/
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    A few days ago I was told that there was someone who legitimately thought that every single time someone made a post, Jackal got a dollar. Well, by the guy's logic, here Jackal. Buy a Klondike bar. Or a pack of gum.
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    Hello KroII here once again, lets talk about culture. Culture victories in civilization 6 are nebulous and hard to pin down but the purpose of this guide is to reinforce the basics of what a culture victory is exactly and what we can do to achieve it. What is the Cultural Victory condition? What is Domestic tourism? What are Foreign Tourists? Having defined Domestic and Foreign Tourists for a cultural victory we can now move onto the actual strategy section of the guide. Short term goals for a cultural victory: 1. Raise your culture amount 2. EXPLORE like crazy 3. Get tourism as soon as possible 4. Prioritize city states 5. Espionage 6. Do not rush governments 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Long Term goals for a cultural victory 1. Prioritize certain civics 2. Prioritize certain techs 3. There are great people you CANNOT win if someone else gets them 4. Hit every civic inspiration like your a heavy metal drummer 5. Wonders 6. Policy Cards 7. Theme your great works 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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    I have been noticed by SENPAI! ~
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    When people are getting striked and you can't remember if you RSVP'd....
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    The freaky thing about nightmares is realizing they were created by your mind.
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    There's nothing wrong with being afraid. It's not the absence of fear; it's overcoming it. Sometimes you've got to blast through and have faith
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    Ok so I am in the process of setting up a channel with music of the electric genre here's a link to the channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCzClEDruPJRftP7XEnyAmnw The idea is that if you find a song you like in one of the playlists, you will also like the others in that play list. You will find playlists on the following: Dubstep: one for heavy one for light and one for mid. Nightcore: one for dubstep, one for light and one for heavy. EDM: one for heavy and one for light. Trap: one for trap as a whole. Electro house: one lyrical electro house play list. If you have anything you want to see on there PLEASE let me know! I am looking to grow it, I am only just begining the channel. It will grow, but it would be best with your help. I was prompted by @Telferand @ShadowLight284.
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    I'm happy that in the 3 short months that I've been here, I was able to make it onto the Top 5 Rep All Time list. Thanks guys. <3 Hopefully I'll be back soon.
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    I just recently made an introduction post, but wanted to showcase my full portfolio (or more of it) in a more appropriate section, so H E R E W E G O! (These are pretty large images, so be warned when clicking on them while on mobile / slower internet or other devices) GN-001 Exia Repair (Gundam) | Drawing I did this about a week after I got my drawing tablet. I've moved away from this style now though, and really only use shape layers and smart objects, rather than raster layers. Metroid | Movie Poster My first foray into shape layers. This piece uses both shape layers (vector graphics) and raster graphics like the background. Life After Death Star | Music Album Cover First project where I only used vector graphics. Many lessons learned on this, and this project helped pave the path for many more projects. Round V | Music Album Cover A continuation on working with the same style. Technically the gradiated-texture is 'raster' by definition, although it is applied via Smart Filter, so kajsndkasjdnaksjdn. MGS: The Phantom Pain | Movie Poster Probably my most-cherished project. I learned so many things working on this, and ultimately helped solidify a style I could call my own. The Division | Movie Poster A departure from my usual style. I created a design for The Division, but was approached by a cosplayer on Reddit, and we collaborated on this. Minority Report | Movie Poster Same design, but a bit more minimalistic. D.Va (Overwatch) | Poster Besides the raster graphic of D.Va that I took a 6k screenshot of and downscaled, everything is raster. Had a lot of fun with the retro-futuristic design. Much TRON, so wow. Bakemono no Ko (Boy and the Beast) | Movie Poster Saw a preview for this animated movie, and instantly fell in love. Definitely a good watch. StarFox | Movie Poster For all you keen eyes out there, yes I did in-fact just copy Fox's assets over to Wolf, and make them more shaggy. I'm not ashamed, I'm just lazy c: X-Files | Movie Poster A surprisingly weird mix. I was hoping it would turn out a bit more photorealistic, but I can only do so much in like 30 hours T_T A bit of an image-drop, but I hope you all enjoy. I try to improve as much as I can, but it's a slow learning process that you gotta' ride through and tough it out. If you have any critiques, I'd love to hear them! :D -Bowe (InternetCrush / Crush)
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    Depressing Stuff First. Coordinate with your firepowers. You can have an absolute carry performance, dashing around, dealing damage and exposing opponents, but if your firepowers are sitting back in cover with their thumbs up their butts, it doesn't really matter what you do. You will not out-damage their sustain without real damage support, so whatever you do, it has to be coordinated with a firepower or in some cases a support (Quark, Su Ren). This can lead to matches where your actions are not followed up on, and you are sad. Then you lose. This can be particularly true when playing with middling firepowers, as they have learned not to rely on others for scouting, vision and distraction, and play very conservatively as a result Your Job - Not to Tank Lots of people think that a front-liner's job is to tank damage. While there are situation's where body-blocking is a good idea, mindlessly tanking damage is dumb dumb dumb. The total health of your team is the resource that determines how close you are to losing by giving up points. The less damage that gets dealt to your team, the more winning you are. So don't tank damage just because you can. Tank damage in order to advance one of the actual goals of playing a frontliner. 1. Vision. Vision is king. If your firepower's don't have to fire and move blind, their damage dealt will go up and their damage taken (should) go down as they position better. If you are playing against stealth characters or with great long-range firepowers like Nix or Gremolitions, reveal mods might be worthwhile, but I generally find they underwhelm in solo play (this may differ in team play). 2. Disrupt enemy positioning. If they can sit safely in cover, your firepower's can't deal damage effectively and you are going to get burned down. Get them scattered so they can't support each other and out of cover. Frontliners have an arsenal of tools to do this: Get in their faces with AoE damage. This forces them to spread out. Slow, Root, Knockback. Dashing in to the middle. Generally pushes both sides out as they move away from you. Know one likes standing next to melee weapons. 3. Mitigate damage dealt to your team. In addition the their beefy beefy hp totals, frontliner's generally have a way to heal or prevent damage (did you know with the right mods Titus heals 5-10 hp a turn in combat?) Any damage you mitigate away is wasted actions on the enemy teams side. If the enemy team wastes more actions than you do, you win! So take damage, but only when you can mitigate it away without losing tactical flexibility. Dashes can function as damage mitigation as well, by causing attacks to miss. Dashing from one group of opponents to another is a wonderful trick. 4. Body blocking. Body block for your support. Usually. (not so much for Orion and Su Ren.) Coordinate body blocks with Helio and Finn so they don't shield themselves. Supports are more open to coordination than firepowers, because like you, they can't do their job alone. Body block for low hp firepowers on turn 19 and 20. Otherwise don't. The person you are bodyblocking for may cata/dash/whatever leaving you to body block for an empty tile and look dumb. So that is my take on this class. Asana (Only the universal nerf hit by build!) , Phaedra and Titus guides to come soon. Finally got my head around Rask play, and working on Brynn now.
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    Everyone is talking about the snowy Christmas, but here in Florida we get rainy, hot winter.
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    I personally love riki, but treant is really good
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    Let me start off with that most people misunderstand who drow is. Drow is NOT an early game mid hero. let me repeat. Drow is NOT an early game mid hero. Drow is actually a late game safelane hero. Once you reach 35-40 minutes in you should be able to wipe pretty much their whole team with only 1 or 2 tanks in front of you. Solo roshan? Easy. Solo 3 heroes? Easy. Tower in 7 seconds? Easy. This patch is meant for drow, with all of the extra gold for hero kills coming in to factor. In this guide I will put extra circumstances at the end. So without further ado, here we go. EARLY GAME Starting items: * Wraith Band * Tango Depending on how the lanes look you should either take gust or precision aura. Gust should be used very sparingly and only for escaping. It's hard to farm if you are dead. Powers should be taken in this order (with exchangeable 1st and 2nd) -Precision->gust->frost arrow->precision->precision-Marksmanship->precision->frost->frost->frost Early game items: * Power Treads * Shadow Blade (DO NOT BUY IF ENEMY TEAM HAS SLARDAR OR BOUNTY HUNTER) Farm only at the start unless you have guaranteed kills. If you're having trouble in lane then buy a morbid mask so you can farm jungle. When you do have shadow blade you should be nearing level 11, the shadow blade is ONLY used for initiating. That's why you dont care at all if they buy dust. ONLY GANK SOLO HEROES Do this until around 20-25 minutes in the game. Here's where the build gets good. Mid-late Game Items * Desolator (if you have morbid then sell it) * Moon Shard * Monkey King Bar * Black King Bar * Silver Edge * Boots of Speed * Daedalus Congratulations, you made it to this point in the game. You are now God. You gank, teams die. You rosh, you win game. You split push, 2 towers and 2 racks die in the time of 1 team fight. At this point you should sit behind your team tanks and let them initiate. Once the enemy team is deep in the fight then you go in and 2 shot the hero that will give you the most trouble. Remember that with desolator you should only shoot one frost arrow often enough so that they stay slowed, otherwise you stack Unique Attack Modifiers. Please, dear god please do not get these items on Drow: * Yasha/Manta: Seriously? What. the. fuck. You are built on agility. You need NONE. "but it gives me extra move speed." YOU HAVE FROST ARROWS. Sit down kid. * Butterfly: (see above Yasha post) * Mask of Madness: There are better alternatives for attack speed that don't involve unique attack modifiers or making you even more squishy than you already are. I get the item, and why people buy it, but please don't. * Lifesteal items: You don't need them. Why? Because you kill them way too fast. You don't really need it. Extra Circumstances: Unless you are very skilled with Drow do not pick her into these heroes: * Phantom Assassin * Ursa * Centaur * Axe * Pudge * Anti-Mage * Legion Commander * Spirit Breaker * Phantom Lancer NEVER pick drow vs: -Broodmother. Yup, you read right. Brood craps on drow and laughs about it. Disables Marksmanship? yup. Super lifesteal? Yup. Slows you down to walk with the snails? Yup. Just don't. If you find yourself as Drow vs Phantom Assassin the after Shadow blade you should immediately buy Monkey King Bar. Thanks for reading and I'll see you as Drow!
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