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    For those that could not make it to the impromptu meeting yesterday, I am no longer capable of maintaining my role as Commander and have made due on my promise to ensure we had an established template and an officer corps that can take DI-XI to higher places, before fully stepping down. In doing so, I have also transferred to DI-CI, but I will definitely come visit for some games and good times. I just wanted to do this post, as promised from the meeting, to let everyone not present for this know this was in the works for awhile, and I needed to do it to work on something I've been neglecting: myself -- mostly my physical health and current feud with my real-life employment. As far as the transfer is concerned, this was a mutual agreement between myself, Hugster, and Snek that Community will be perfect for me as I work through everything that I feel I need to. I'm very proud of all of you, and in no way shape and form consider my tenure to be a failure given the circumstances. Keep up the amazing work and innovative ideas, and I will see you all down the road.... or cracking open a cold one with the boys (and girls) during events. ~ Razgriz
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    Awards are just temp disabled guys - whilst we work to implement the new skin (see my other status update)
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    Is it just me or does it seems like in the past year the clan has been taking a harsh turn from community to multimillion dollar company? A community usually makes you feel like that they want you around and care about issues that you have. A community is what we were looking for when we wanted to find friendly people to play with and share our gaming experience. While from my experience recently the clan leaders have added so many rules or modified old ones to where it seems like they don't care if you stay or if you leave. It just seems like no one actually cares about the peoples opinions that do not have a silver star next to their name. #freemyniggabunny
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    Hope you guys will like the changes, we are upgrading our skin too to this: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8521-dreadnought-theme/ And we will have this replace the CVC forums: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8548-pages-clan-wars/ I know it will all take some getting used to, but we want our forums to be 2017, they are too outdated :P
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    Sitting out a hangover in a Hungarian bath house is legitimately the BEST hangover cure I've ever tried. Add in the sauna + ice cold bath right after and you'll feel completely refreshed in a matter of a couple of hours. Something tells my body will be a wreck at the end of this week though :P
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    For everyone that wants to know which of their mentees are still with us in DI and who has the most, I made a page that shows you just that!! http://dmg-inc.com/mentors/
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    4 months! Thank you all that have supported my membership in DI. It's not often that I'm accepted for who I am and supported in what I do. This is the experience of a lifetime. *raises glass* To many more months.
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    Crew Roster Team Leader: @Vaulk 2nd In Charge: @Yunacorn @DTPLOL @PhillyB403 @dominikgold @BastardLunatic @Trackson @RJKJS @Vallidus @Skavara Casual Team B Rules 1. No talking in Global - This is just to reinforce the standing Tribe rule for Official PvP. Speaking in Local chat when necessary is acceptable, keep it brief..."Hi, how are you, that's nice, gotta run". Do not answer ANY questions about our tribe, what we do, where we're from, how many we have, what our intentions are. Don't even acknowledge the question. Any need to speak in Global chat will be conducted by a Team Leader or 2IC. 2. Do not scope out, spyglass or otherwise search for other bases on the map. Any need to discover potential enemy locations or activity will be directed by one of the Team Leaders or 2IC. 3. No raiding without the direct approval of one of the Team Leaders. To clarify, raiding includes the forceful destruction (Direct or indirect) of any sealed structure. If it has a door and it's shut...it's not to be broken into regardless of what it's made from. We'll adjust this rule as necessary but for the time being...don't do it unless you have approval from Leadership. 4. Do not kill anyone's tames. Unless it's attacking our base then there should be no need to kill a tame owned by another player. Lost, abandoned or otherwise lonely Tames are not to be attacked or killed. Any accidental kill on another players' tame should be reported immediately to the available online Leader. 5. We do not do alliances. Do not discuss the idea, potential, possibility or otherwise dream of an alliance with another Tribe in Ark. In the future this will undoubtedly change but for the time being we are not open to alliances. 6. Do no accept gifts of any sort from other tribes. You'd think that I wouldn't need to clarify this but this includes ANYTHING that can be given from one player to another. The answer is "Thanks but no thanks". 7. There are no personally owned Tames in our Tribe. There is no personal gear, weapons or equipment. Everything is owned by the tribe as a whole. ~Updated as necessary~ Vaulk's Rules Don't be a shithead, common human decency goes a long way and you are all to treat each other accordingly. We're all adults here, let's not talk like we're 12yrs old in the boys locker room. Salt shouldn't come in victory flavor...be respectful when you crush your enemy...but be ruthless about it. No shit-talking. If you talk alot but you don't really say anything...you should probably start keeping your mouth shut, there's much to learn by being silent. Know your role. If you're not f*%#$%! the cat then be the best damn tail-holder there is. If the middle of someone's statement is interrupting the beginning of yours...then you're an inconsiderate asshole and I'll let you know it. In Ark there are no referees, no judges and no voting panel...therefor there is no such thing as a fair fight...and I don't intend to fight fairly. Priority Listing: Finish HQ defense. Complete the Kibble Farm Begin Raid Logistics Establish a Taming/Breeding Server Begin Raiding Please refer any questions to @GFY or you can contact @MFIC
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    Hey everyone, A fantastic raid happened last night with @SilixFlameand @R3dl1nebeing the hosting officers :D A massive turnout of people came to this raid and it was a highly successful one! This wipe has been fantastic for the team and a big activity increase has occurred on the team Props to all members who participated in the raid! Heres some screens from the event :
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    So I've been streaming for just over a month and going for 10+ hours streams for the past two weeks. And all that hard work has finally paid off as I'm filling out information towards the Twitch Affiliation Program. I'll be getting my subscriber button and bit donations today. I just thought I would make a forum post to let everyone know that your favorite Overwatch streamer has evolved from a pleb. Thanks guys for all of your support, anything and everything helps, from a lurk, follow, donate, or subscribe. Best regards, PhannyPack
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    I'm a gamer, I don't have a life, I chose to have many.
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    Salutations. I hope that you're all doing well on this fine Thursday. I have a huge update. After much work I have finally got the Battle Draft League Advanced Stats spreadsheet up to date (Still need @BambooJunkyand @BlazeInfernapeto have their week 3 match). You can find it at this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Zl1gTXjqxfKPDbGDbWcqjMEgTarPb7K4St4naYjmmvs/edit#gid=0 Some background for those of you who might want a little more information: 1) Supports are how you can tell if somebody is a "Team Player". This includes Weather Setting, Hazard Setting, Hazard Removal, Lowering opponent's stats intentionally (parting shot, intimidate, etc), Terrain Setting, Intentional Statusing (Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Toxic), Taunt, Wish, Leech Seed, etc. It's easy to look at a kill list, and see a pokemon have 0 kills and think "wow that thing is booty." This gives a little context for which pokemon are valuable behind the scenes. @Ketchupplantand I are working on giving individual values to each support. For example, Hazard setting should be valued higher than an Intimidate attack drop. All someone has to do is switch out after the intimidate to get rid of it while with hazards you have to work to get your removal in. Hopefully y'all will see this metric increase in accuracy in the coming weeks. 2) Damage Output is pretty straightforward. It maps out which pokemon do the most damage. Again, with just kills it's possible to have a bunch of pokemon have a bunch of kills but DMG output differentiates between who is getting the OHKOs versus who is batting cleanup taking out pokemon with 10-15% HP remaining. 3) At this point, the Points system is an attempt to give each pokemon a score to value them. This is calculated by giving each pokemon 1 point per kill, 0.2 points per support, and subtracting 0.5 for each death. This allows the support-heavy pokémon to show their value with a concrete number. 4) HP healed -- This one is tricky. For this I only count moves like Recover, Rest, Morning Sun, et cetera. I know I know. "Revez, moves like leech seed and giga drain recover health! And what about leftovers and berries?" My response to that is that this spreadsheet takes forever to do every week and I enjoy doing it but calculating the HP recovered from items or leftovers or leech seed or other moves just takes entirely too long. Please comment any questions you might have! Also, nobody should be able to edit this sheet but if you find that you're able to please refrain from editing it. I've put a lot of work into this and would prefer any changes go through me first. Thanks and hope you enjoy!
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    I'm a DOTA 2 fan for about 10 days out of the year... and its during the INTERNATIONAL. Every year since 2014 I've bought the Compendium to continually support the LARGEST ESPORTS TOURNAMENT EVER
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    Outstanding job everyone! Congratulations to all of the graduates this month as well as the promotions that have been received. A special high five to @Protaygofor your achievements with DI. Keep it up!! @VaulkI don't think that this tribe would be where it is without you. I think we make a good team. For once the Army is leading the charge as the Marine Corps takes care of the admin/political side of things. With all of the changes since I have been here, I believe that we are starting to dig ourselves out from where we were and moving forward. It was hard with some of the toxicity that we had before to do what we have been doing lately, well mostly the rest of the team. I look forward to many more great things to come from our Official Teams. @Aralornxyou are okay, I guess. lol just kidding. You have been great!
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    The tournament is on the front page of SOTF on steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/app/407530
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    I'll hand out honor stars for certain ingame accomplishments, this list will update from time to time, so check back regularly. Breeding/Raising For raising and fully imprinting (100% on PvE, 75% on PvP) the following dinos: Rex Giga Yutyrannus Wyvern Bronto Quetzal Twins and triplets of any dino Get at least 5 paternal and maternal mutations on a single dino Taming Perfect tame (80% taming effectiveness) the following dinos with level 100+: Rex Giga Yutyrannus Mosa Plesio Quetzal Collect 50+ dinos of the same species might earn you a nickname ingame. Exploration Find all explorer notes Collected all artifacts and tributes on a map Find all specimen dossiers Complete Ascension on all difficulties Boss fights Defeated Broodmother Lysrix on Alpha and collected the trophy Defeated the Dragon on Alpha and collected the trophy Defeated the Manticore on Alpha and collected the trophy Defeated the Megapithecus on Alpha and collected the trophy Collect all boss flag drops @Aralornx @Matrix @ToxicEnigma @Vaulk @LightningHawk @Protaygo @Alumii @Yunacorn @Valkyrie @k3y0z @Robo6493 @DrunkGuy @Evil @woodchuck @Vomakith @Magic @HashTag @BastardLunatic @dominikgold @Carson @Age @Trackson @togetorr @ProAlex @Phoenix @DTPLOL @burningsoul @RJKJS @gorbachef @StudentRapi @tahantx @Queen @Crix @Voltron @Pepper @MTFour @Rthx @ScarabKing
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    Now there's another reason to call him TheLeftEagle :(
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    The Guide to turning a Venture Into a Division ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting off Early Recruitment General Recruitment Retention Event Planning Ensuring Rule Compliance
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    Hey Everyone, We had a fantastic start to the wipe , as Team B and Casual A. Every member of both teams are recommended to come join us :D Server we are playing on is Rustops 1.
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    Wombat and I have a very interesting video coming up, here's a preview <3 @DJWombat
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    SLM (Pronounced Slim Acronym for Secret Lab Mutation ) SLM is a sustain and crowd control based front liner whose job is to harass and punish freelancers without dashes or mobility. Slime Slam- Slams his tentacle attacking in any shape of a tetris block being as big as 5 blocks in the attack phase dealing 16 damage. Whenever he hits an enemy with this ability the enemy is covered in slime. When covered they leave a slime trail that heals SLM for 2 per square and slows enemies that pass through it. Slime lasts for 1 turn. He gains 6 energy per enemy hit with no cooldown. GET SLIMED! - SLM covers all the squares around him in ooze which heal him 10 and slow and deal 10 damage enemies. The ooze persists for 2 turns continuing to damage and heal him. This is considered Blast. He gains 4 energy per enemy hit and has a 4 turn cooldown. Slingshot- SLM launches his tentacle rooting the first enemy he hits dealing 20 damage and pulls himself beside the enemy. This occurs during the dash phase. He gains 12 energy and has a 6 turn cooldown. Spa Treatment- Everytime he get hit by direct damage he spawns a healing blob that he or an ally can pick up. Healing allies for 8 and haling himself for 4. This is a prep phase free action and he gains 2 energy per blob picked up. 5 turn cooldown Ult-Leech Latch- SLM attaches himself onto an enemy 2 blocks away immobilizing them for 1 round. He is unable to use any abilities for the 1 round but steals 20% of the enemies maximum health. If the enemy is unstoppable he will still stay on top of them following and healing where they go. He'll start with 160 HP I'm not the best at balancing or numbers so if anyone has any recommendations or opinions please tell me! I think it would also be cool if people told me any ideas they have for freelancers! @Memedelynfor doing the art. @MagnetManEXfor helping with abilities and names.
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    We are aware of the TS issues and they will be fixed asap.
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    Hey guys, need to touch base on a few things for going forward. I think its time for some changes to take place. After talking with a few members there are some general grievances with the team and in the hopes of being transparent and trying to keep everyone in the loop ill address them here. STARTING ROSTER: First and foremost I have had numerous questions about the roster. Ill start here as it will make everything else make sense. We are not a diamond/plat team, we need to practice as a team. We don't have the individual skill to make up for lack of team coordination and chemistry. Starting positions will be given to those that consistently make the monday/wednesday practices. These are our more team focused practices and if you can't make these then you won't have the team playing experience we will need for our scrims and CvCs. So long story short, starting roster preference will be given to those that show they want to be here and want to improve. My long term goal is to get a group of 5-10 players who consistently want to show up and improve. Skill will come with it, but I (and some of your fellow teammates) are tired with working with people who end up leaving. We will be holding off on scrims for the next few weeks to figure out who wants to stick around and show up. SUB -> STARTER: Once we are up and running with a solid group who show up we will of course have to have a system set up for subs to 'challange'. If it comes up that there are 2 players who are showing up for practice regularly and one would like to challange another this is the system I would like to use: The challenging player would bring it to my attention that they would like to be a starter. From there I would look at practice attendance and DI participation (meaning they are not at jeopardy for being removed) If both are satisfactory we will go through the challenge portion. For this, in lieu of 1v1s because they seem a little gimmicky to me, we would do team games with both players. The rest of the starting roster would then vote on who they believe should be the starter. In the event of a tie ill make the final choice. PRACTICES FOR NEXT COUPLE WEEKS: Going forward into the next week or 2 I want to figure out who can be here for monday/wednesday practices. If you believe you can't make those practices then I would ask that you step down to a sub role. The reason I say monday wednesday is because on Saturdays I would still like to continue open practices until we get a roster of 10. Saturdays will be a more relaxed setting where we try to get some new recruits and we will be less focuses (emphasis on less, meaning there will still be a focus) and if people are only showing up to that practice they are not getting the more team driven practices in. NEW TEAM GOALS: Like I said above, ranks are meaningless to this team. What I am looking for is people who want to be here and improve. The ranks will come. My overall goal for this team is to get a roster of 10 that show up and can be counted on. If the whole team improves and everyone goes up a couple ranks thats great. If not, oh well theres next season. But if we can a solid group I really think we will improve quickly guys and gals. We just need a group that wants it, and in short thats my goal for the team. To have a team that Wants to go to practice, that wants to be here. Any questions/comments/concerns can be directly brought to me. As many of you know, maybe some of you don't, but Zeek is the 2IC and if you need something ASAP and you can't get a hold of me he is your next best bet.
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    The BDO Venture is killin' it. I smell DI-XIV soon.
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    I'd say you're a Ghost type because you are invisible to girls :3
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    Make sure you all are up voting daily. Most of us can only do this once a day and it resets after 24 hours. Help each other out and up vote your peers posts.
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    Below is how our Division is looking for our current cohort. We have a few that have met their requirements and should have no issues in passing the cohort and becoming a full member of DI. However, we have a few that need to grab a few more posts and events. If you need help with these let me know, I can setup some events so that you can get those knocked out and I can help with your posts count, without getting in trouble for spamming. Remember, if you do not meet the requirements and fail your cohort you will be removed from DI and in turn removed from the Ark tribe. You will not be allowed to reapply for DI for 14 days from the day that you fail the cohort. Everyone, in this cohort, has until August 28th to apply for full membership. This gives you approximately 10 days to complete these tasks. We can give you the tools to complete this, but you have to put in the effort. @Aralornx @Matrix @BastardLunatic @DTPLOL @gorbachef @MTFour @PhillyB403 @tahantx @Vallidus @Vaulk @Yunacorn
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    I find myself staring at this way too long: http://dmg-inc.com/cohorts/ The history - every month...like another age passing over the community.
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    Guys I'm at worlds. So excited I'm in the 4th row for the opening ceremony
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    Literally never had that problem. I think I've encountered an intentional feeder once, ever, after he got super butthurt about something in draft. Otherwise, not had a problem. The only issue I've had is matchmaking is garbage. At plat you'll get matched with bronze and silvers and shit, but I imagine this is more a problem of the size of the base. Particularly coming from League, AR is fucking heaven. It was almost impossible in League to get a game without someone leaving, raging, feeding, trolling, whatever. Horrible fucking community that ruined the game for me.
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    Team C @Tionis @Esiland Team Rules 1.) Show up - You can not be an active member if you're not actively taking part. We all have lives I know. However by joining DI and the Team. You made an agreement to play. If you're going to be gone for too long or feel you'll be gone more than a day or 2 days in a row. Please let TeamLeader Know. However I will require that you all play. If you're gone too often without telling others. I'll give you a warning. If I have to warn you twice you may be removed from the team. If you're gone too many times and there's valid reasons I understand. However we need team members to play this game. If you can't play in Team C actively, I'll suggest you to a casual team. 2.) Farm - Everyone has to farm. I will require at least 1 hour to 2 hours of farming per day. Without farm we can not be effective in a wipe. We need resources and so we should all farm for them. If you won't farm, if I hear you refused to farm. You will have to give valid reason. I know not everyone is on to farm all the time but we need it to keep the wipe up. If you're warned then start farming. If you need to be told again about farming and you're losing gear and not farming you're being striked no exceptions. 3.) Communication - Please make the teamleader and 2nd in command aware of all absences and issues that concern you. If someone is annoying you let it be known. Don't hide your thoughts and ideas. Please share them, but do it in a constructive way. I do not wish to hear screaming, taunting, back biting, name calling ect... I also never wish to hear anyone tell eachother to "Kill themselves" or any racial slurs. We're a team we're a family, we're all adults. Act as such. Anyone caught doing this will receive a verbal warning. If I or any of the leadership has to warn you more than twice. You earn a strike. 3 Strikes and you're gone 4.) No Team Killing - Under any circumstances there is to be ABSOLUTELY NO TEAM KILLING. Regenerating HP takes time and resources. We don't need someone with full food or water getting killed as a joke. Don't do it. Anyone caught doing this will be given a verbal warning. After 1 warning it's a strike. 5.) Wipe Days - Everyone is to participate in wipeday. If you can't, you must have a valid reason as to why you can't. If you miss more than 2 wipe days in a row. I will recommend you to a casual team. We need real players. We don't need people casually playing on Team D. That's what casual teams are for. Wipe Day is the most important day of the game. Please be there for it. 6.) Assigning roles - Everyone will be assigned a designated role each wipe. These roles will enclude Crafters/Base Baby Setters PvP/Raid Leaders, Hunter/Gatherers, Farm Leads. Roles will rotate as needed and as requested. However a request must be made in writting by either steam message or in teamspeak. No one likes to be stuck in a role, however I've seen many clans do exceptionally well when they have roles assigned. Roles will be picked before wipeday. Assigned day of wipe and kept for 1 full wipe before rotating. 7.) Buddy System - When going out in the wilds please have a buddy with you. No one should go out alone. Go with someone, if anyone says I wish to go outside volunteer to go. The more people together, the safer the travel. Remember to always watch your backs. Always have a look out. Always be on guard.
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    Hi I'm Soulex? and the question mark is supposed to be there. I just couldn't have it in this forum as my display name. I'm a disabled veteran with 9 years of Army service with 1 combat deployment and 2 overseas deployments. I like playing Rust a lot, but I also love playing CSGO. I would love to play both but I'll never be a serious player because I don't have the time nor the energy to do that anymore. I go to college, I have 3 kids, and I just don't want to play a video game to get frustrated. If I'm not having fun, or working hard towards having fun, it's not worth it. I love to joke around in game, so be cautious. I won't do anything from the get go, that's not the best first impression. My gaming history is extensive, was on a progression guild on WoW Vanilla with xpacs going all the way up to Cataclysm. Been playing CS since 1.6 and while I might not be the best with flicking or whatever these crazy kids are doing, I'm super good about sound management, so lurking or stealth holding sites is fun for me. My only question is this militaristic structure, and how crazy you guys are about it. The reason I ask is because I left the military for medical reasons and one of them was PTSD. I'm not going to sit around and get yelled at or whatever for doing something and I hope that's not the case here. In fact I'm sure it's not, but I need to ask because the niggling of doubt always lingers. Oh, I am also a medical marijuana user. Sorry if that's a deal breaker. In regards to the title: Yes, that is absolutely true. I once worked as a yard hand at ACE Hardware, and they had a special called Chick Days. Well to promote this, they had a giant chicken suit and the local fire department and basically a mini fair in their parking lot. With every bag of chick feed you bought you got something like 6 chicks. It was a big deal. Anyways, I got to wear the chicken suit, and I was dancing and doing the macarena or whatever and since I was on the side of the road, people were looking at me. Naturally people would look at a giant dancing chicken. One person did not look forwards as someone was coming into the parking lot and ran into the back of them going 35 mph. I ran. Some of the firefighters were already on scene and they worked at ACE too to help make ends meet (rural town). I hid in the bathroom because I felt that I caused the incident and because the police in my town didn't take kindly to people that had ears pierced if you were a guy or listened to crazy metal music, I felt that I would get a ticket. In fact my boss was outside of the bathroom telling me to just come out and get arrested so that they could take a picture and hang it up in the store. I refused. I wish I hadn't. I'd have a cool profile picture.
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    Nice division you have there ;-) I love that DI gives opportunities to kids like us to show what we are made of. Teenager high five, eh?
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    Right before travelling to the airport by train, my girlfriend fucked up. She has this suitcase with a code lock (3 digits, not a big deal really) and SOMEHOW she managed to accidentally change the code to open it. She has 0 idea what the code could be and she spent 15 minutes trying to crack it by trial and error. The thing is, a year ago I kinda got a bit into lock picking to a point where I read about the mechanical defects in locks and how the basics of lock picking usually work. I didn't think too much of my knowledge as I had never gotten around to buying practice padlocks to actually use my knowledge and practice the art of lock picking. My girlfriend had gone through the first 80 or so possibilities out of the 1000 total. At that point I decided to put a bit more thought into how a code lock with rotating buttons would work on a rather cheap suitcase. I asked my girlfriend "let me try something please". So I proceeded to put pressure on the lock while rotating the buttons and as I was hoping, one of them took significantly more effort. I put my ear on the lock and started going through 0-9. 0. 1. 2. 3- CLICK!. I swear to god I heard something that sounded and felt different than the other attempts I did. My girlfriend didn't understand at the time wtf I was doing. I kept pressure and tried the other two. The last one was now hard to rotate. I proceed to balance pressure with rotating when 0. 1. 2. 3. 4-... the other digit was set at 0 still. The lock opened. Less than 3 minutes and I opened my first lock. My girlfriend in complete awe went "o my god you did it O_O?". I couldn't really believe it myself but man, I don't think I've felt this much testosteron and satisfaction flow through me before lol. Since then she's been looking at me like I'm some sort of superhero lmao. Moral of the story: read books. Pick up dumb hobbies, who knows, one day you may impress your special lady.
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    Welcome everyone my name isn't IbnBattuta and It's nice to meet you. In case you don't know me because you never saw me active on TeamSpeak or here in DI forums, I'll tell you about myself since it's my Introduction after all. I'm known in DI as "The longest initiate EVER" because I spent 4 months in DI as an Initiate and I was able to become a Full Member after August Cohort when I was originally in May Cohort since I joined DI April 17, 2016 and in case you are wondering why, It's was wither because of activity issues, misunderstandings with officers or lack of people to vote on my full member application. Anyway, some of the bad stuff I encountered here wouldn't have happened to me if someone told me them in advance and that doesn't mean that my original mentor wasn't doing his job but he was busy IRL so he wasn't that active in TeamSpeak to talk about stuff and also because I didn't want to be a burden to him but some stuff happened to me because I wasn't familiar with some customs that other countries had in their cultures. So that made me want to do something to help other Initiates to not make the same mistakes I did and to help them succeed their Initiation and the thing I did was this guide in August as a way to gain reputation in this community to have more people know of my good deeds toward Initiates and actually it helped a lot and I was accepted as Full Member in DI. But not because I've reached my goal, I should stop updating my guide.. this guide helped me know awesome people here in DI and was the reason why some of the old members you see nowadays are what they currently are because my guide motivated them and made them know how to enjoy this awesome community. So with no further delay, I hope my guide becomes useful to you and don't forget to have fun with us! First: TeamSpeak Second: Forums Third: Events Fourth: [Updating and Polising...] 4. What's Code of Ops and how to avoid being striked in DI? 5. Why do Initiate and Membership Applications exist? 6. Who are officers and why do they exist in DI? 7. How does the ranking system work in DI and how to achieve those ranks? 8. I can't be online for a specific period of time and I'm afraid of being striked so what shall I do? 9. How can I change my name in TeamSpeak and is there any restriction on naming? 10. How to include pictures and animated gifs in my posts and topics? 11. I'm afraid to lose my TeamSpeak statues if operation system fails so is there a way to Backup my data? 12. Is there any additional tips that can help me in my stay in DI clan? 13s. If you liked a topic/post of someone, Press the green button in bottom-right of that topic/post so that you increase reputation of the member who made it in DI. It's like Facebook Like button, Green button here for Like but Red for Dislike so If you liked my guide, Click on the green button which you find in bottom-right of my topic! -> This is how the Green Button looks like in case you don't know it's shape!
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    Nice. I approve and endorse this thread. grizzlyyy brand hotplates coming soon.
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    Responding to Events The clan's policy to events is that EVERY member of the division must reply to an event thread tagged with their Division if their name is on the invitation list. In our case, every member of DI-X is responsible for checking the Calendar and RSVPing to any threads that are tagged with your Team as well as every DI-X Meeting and every [CLAN] event. Every member should have read the Code of Ops for Damage Inc when they joined, but if you haven't, or if you need to look, here's the link to review it: http://dmg-inc.com/code-of-ops/ This is a clan wide rule for Damage Inc. If you don't post on an event for your division where you are tagged as an invitee, you will receive one strike on your forums account. Strikes are the warning system of the clan, and it's how officers are expected to keep members active and following the rules. Getting a strike isn't a big deal; it's when they pile up that there's a problem. At three strikes, an initiate will have to start their initiation over again, and at five strikes a full member will go on probation. If you want more information regarding this, either refer to the Code of Ops or come see @Telfer or @13thShade on TeamSpeak and we'll explain it further. DI-X Event Activity Awards The DI-X Event Activity Awards System is as follows: 1. One Honor Star will be awarded to anyone that has attended 5 DI-X Events or Social Events during the month. (This is a ONE time award) 2. One Bronze Commendation will be awarded to anyone that has attended 12 or more DI-X Events or Social Events during the month. (Can earn every month!) 3. One Silver Commendation will be awarded to anyone that has attended 20 or more DI-X Events or Social Events during the month. (Can earn every month!) **Note: Said Social Events must be hosted by a DI-X Officer. DI-X Recruitment Awards DI-X Recruitment Award system is as follows: 1. One Bronze Commendation will be awarded to anyone that recruits or assists in the recruitment of 5 players to DI for DI-X over the course of 1 month. 2. One Silver Commendation will be awarded to anyone that recruits or assists in the recruitment of 10 players to DI for DI-X over the course of 1 month. 3. One Star of Valor: 3rd Class and special recognition will be awarded to anyone that recruits or assists in the recruitment of 15 players to DI for DI-X over the course of 1 month. 4. One Star of Valor: 2nd Class and a random shiny and special recognition will be awarded to anyone that recruits or assists in the recruitment of 25 players to DI for DI-X over the course of 1 month. 5. One Star of Valor: 1st Class and a shiny of your choice and special recognition will be awarded to anyone that recruits or assists in the recruitment of 50 players to DI for DI-X over the course of 1 month. DI-X Recruitment Protocol When an initiate applies, follow their application to make sure everything runs smoothly. When they are accepted by the gatekeepers, start a group PM with you, the initiate, and their Team Leader to make sure they are integrated properly into the team. Get multiple points of contact. Good points of contact outside of DI forums and TeamSpeak are Discord and Reddit. Monitor their activity for the first few days until they have a TL and/or Mentor. Recruiting is a hands-on process. Rarely will someone have the initiative to take care of their own requirements without prompting, as well as fill out the application by themselves. Be prepared for a long haul. DI-X PRP Awards Note: This award is not a monthly award; it stacks. Thus, the awards will be one-time only. 1. One Honor Star will be awarded to anyone that has had 1 Article/Guide approved by the PRP Committee and added to the PRP. 2. One Bronze Commendation will be awarded to anyone that has had 5 Articles/Guides approved by the PRP Committee and added to the PRP. 3. One Silver Commendation will be awarded to anyone that has had 10 Articles/Guides approved by the PRP Committee and added to the PRP. 4. One Gold Commendation will be awarded to anyone that has had 20 Articles/Guides approved by the PRP Committee and added to the PRP. 5. Any other awards past this point will be discretionary, and be based on quality of contribution. If you want to pursue awards past this point, contacting the PRP Committee would be expected. The current PRP Committee is: @Eastonn8 @Telfer @Thesi @13thShade DI-X Showdown Server Awards 1. One Honor Star will be awarded to anyone that has made a significant contribution to improving the server in any way, shape, or form. (Significance determined by @Telferor @13thShade ) 2. One Commendation will be awarded to anyone that has made an ongoing effort to improving the server in any way, shape, or form. (The type of Commendation to be decided by the DI-X Leadership Group) **Note: It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY report to @13thShadewhen you reach the amount for a certain award. Ensure when you can contact him that you include proof (ex: for recruitment, link all the initiate applications that apply) so we can evaluate it and award accordingly. You are also responsible for notifying him when you reach the point of qualifying for a new member rank.
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    Hey all, here is the 7/27 Official Tribe Update Great work everyone! We really grinded out some great stuff today! Below is a list of everything that we were able to accomplish! Continued Base Production - Finished the shell of our main base SE Loot Crate Drops MC Yut Saddle MC Quetz Saddle Ascendant Squid Saddle Ascendant Yut Saddle Few other useful BPs Created a taming raft Tamed a Shark Tamed an Angler Fish Tamed a Baryonyx Tamed a 140 Quetz Continued Turret Production - 20+ Turrets were prepped for the base Hopefully we can keep up the good work and continue our steady progression!
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    Salutations Everyone. I'm back once again to provide a recap for week 3 of the DI Battle Draft League. Week 3 was every bit as exciting as week 2. We saw heartbreak. We saw determination. We saw comebacks. We saw domination. All in all it was a spectacular week for the league and if you would like any more details please refer to the google document posted in any of the other threads. It's easy to find (I'm not on my usual computer where I have it bookmarked so I'm currently unable to attach the URL.) Week 3 Match Summary Carolina Kyurems ( @DynamicCrusher) defeated the Atlanta Absols ( @Floppymagikarp) 2 - 0 Detroit Dittos ( @TheGamer777) defeated the Colorado Avaluggs ( @claduva) 3 - 0 Durham Durants ( @Eastonn8) defeated the Tupelo Toxicroaks ( @PragmaticWin) 3 - 0 West Virginia Weepinbells ( @Revez) defeated the Rockin' Raichus ( @TheLoneEagle) 5 - 0 Harrisonburg Hitmonlees ( @jerrytheboss) defeated the New York Pokemon Rangers ( @Koenkloo) 4 - 0 Portland Pikachus ( @RobertVGC) defeated the Los Angeles Pikachus ( @BlazeInfernape) 4 - 0 Redbull Bulus ( @Ketchupplant) defeated the San Francisco Arcaniners ( @MasterAndy69) 6 - 0 Wayland Wailords ( @yourbrojake) defeated the Wild Charge Vikavolts ( @BambooJunky) 2 - 0 The Week 3 Match of the Week was a very difficult decision for Claduva and I. At first we didn't think that any match stuck out over the rest. Then we remembered the fear that one member struck into the hearts of every other participant. The member whose match was so dominant my jaw dropped when watching the replay. That man is @Ketchupplant. He had a phenomenal 6 - 0 victory this week. @MasterAndy69did not play poorly. He prepped well. Had his team built. Ketchupplant just showed just how dangerous his team is and how well he drafted. I know that I'm frightened. I wouldn't be surprised if clad magically changes his week 9 matchup to avoid playing him. Congrats ketchup and andy on match of the week. Match link: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/damageinc-gen7customgame-5484 Pokemon Kill Leaders Excadrill -- West Virginia Weepinbells -- 9 Total Kills -- 1 Total Death Hoopa-Unbound -- Wayland Wailords -- 9 Total Kills -- 1 Total Death Dragonite -- Colorado Avaluggs -- 7 Total Kills -- 2 Total Deaths Krookodile -- Tupelo Toxicroaks -- 6 Total Kills -- 2 Total Deaths Porygon2 -- Carolina Kyurems -- 6 Total Kills -- 3 Total Deaths Jirachi -- Rockin' Raichus -- 5 Total Kills -- 2 Total Deaths Nidoking -- Wild Charge Vikavolts -- 5 Total Kills -- 3 Total Deaths Pinsir -- Durham Durants -- 4 Total Kills -- 0 Total Deaths Arcanine -- RedBull Bulus -- 4 Total Kills -- 0 Total Deaths Tangrowth -- Portland Pikachus -- 4 Total Kills -- 1 Total Death Azelf -- Portland Pikachus -- 4 Total Kills -- 1 Total Death Mew -- West Virginia Weepinbells -- 4 Total Kills -- 1 Total Death In this department, we had a very interesting week. My Excadrill still holds the lead but only because it currently holds the final tiebreaker over Jake's Hoopa. Hoopa has had 8 kills over the last 2 weeks and is definitely the pokemon to watch. Teams with the strongest presence in the top echelon of pokemon are: West Virginia Weepinbells (2 pokemon), Portland Pikachus (2 Pokemon). Obviously tons of huge threats here. Eastonn's pinsir moved in after a scarfed moxie sweep last week got him to where he needed to be. Props to DynamicCrusher for making porygon2, a pokemon usually known for being nothing more than an annoying wall, an offensive threat. Obviously ketchup is crushing it with his "I play VGC primarily" singles team. Free Agency Acquisitions Gamer dropped Qwilfish and Shiinotic. He picked up Gardevoir and Muk in their place. Eastonn dropped Aromatisse and picked up The Monstrosity (aka Gigalith) Claduva dropped Cloyster and Gourgeist. He picked up Tornadus Incarnate and Omastar (lol) I dropped Probopass and picked up Meganium DynamicCrusher dropped Smeargle and Noivern. He picked up Machamp and Aggron. MasterAndy dropped Tyranitar and picked up Thundurus Incarnate That's all I have. Everyone else either passed on Free Agency or didn't update their Team Sheet. If you haven't updated your Team Page, please update your team page! Power Rankings Revez 1) RedBull Bulus (Ketchupplant) 2) Portland Pikachus (Robert) 3) West VA Weepinbells (Revez) 4) Harrisonburg Hitmonlees (Jerry) 5) Colorado Avaluggs (Claduva (Handles)) 6) Wayland Wailords (Jake) 7) Rockin' Raichus (LoneEagle) 8) Tupelo Toxicroaks (PragmaticWin) 9) Durham Durants (Eastonn) 10) Atlanta Absols (FloppyMagikarp) 11) Carolina Kyurems (DynamicCrusher) 12) Detroit Dittos (Gamer) 13) Los Angeles Pikachus (BlazeInfernape) 14) Wild Charge Vikavolts (Bamboo) 15) New York Pokemon Rangers (Koenkloo) 16) San Francisco (Andy) Next week we will have the second divisional matches of the season. These are what I like to consider Rivalry weeks because you're really competing for a spot in the playoffs against your division. Division record is the first tie-breaker when deciding who goes to the playoffs so these weeks are crucial. Make sure to tune in this week, check the document, etc because you're bound to see some exciting battles. I'll leave you all with the current standings: Red Division: Blue Division: Green Division: Purple Division: 1) Detroit Dittos 2-1 1) West VA Weepinbells 3-0 1) Redbull Bulus 3-0 1) Portland Pikachus 3-0 2) Rockin' Raichus 2-1 2) Carolina Kyurems 2-1 2) Harrisonburg Hitmonlees 3-0 2) Wayland Wailords 2-1 3) Atlana Absols 1-2 3) Tupelo Toxicroaks 1-2 3) Wild Charge Vikavolts 0-3 3) New York Pokerangers 0-3 4) Durham Durants 1-2 4) Colorado Avaluggs 1-2 4) Los Angeles Pikachus 0-3 4) San Fran Arcaniners 0-3 Blue teams are teams that would be in the playoffs if they hypothetically started today. Obviously we're early in the season. But this is where we stand. Until next week! Revez
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    Vegas: Imagine how cool it would be if you could double jump in real life. DJWombat: Imagine how cool it would be if I could jump.
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    There is a fundamental error in your statement which makes it completely pointless. Lion's stun handsdown because: No.1 : Lion's stun is a dual target. Which means it is both point target (Which you refer to as ground target) and Unit target aka point-and-click. Whereas Nyx's stun is Point target only. Certainly While Point-target is simply better because one can do blind stuns or multi-unit stuns more effectively it is less reliable. Having both GIves lion the edge. No.2 Hidden-Range. This is the reason why Lion's stun in my opinion is superior. Lion's stun has a cast range of 500 units. Which means it can be unit-targeted upto 500 units. BUT WITH POINT-TARGET AKA GROUND TARGET LIONS STUN CAN REACH ENEMIES UP 950(Can go upto 1025 with Talents) UNITS AWAY. (ALMOST DOUBLE RANGE). Impale's max reach is 825 units. No.3 - Better cast time on Lion - 0.3 sec vs 0.4 sec. and that animation for Nyx is just gay. No.4 - Cooldown on Impale is more - 14 sec vs 12. Impale has a longer stun duration - 0.2 sec and a better mana cost 5 mana. Lion's stun has 30 more damage in it's talent tree. Overall i feel the extra-range,cooldown,cast-anim,anddualtargeting make lion's stun superior. (and maybe better talents as well).
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