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    Hello everyone, my name is IbnBattuta and I'm known for my longest time being Initiate in DI entire history and I'll tell you my story: I joined DI 8 months ago because a member asked me to join DI Forums to maintain my place in DI faction at a game called "Stronghold Kingdoms" so I did what he asked and finished those 50 posts as quick as possible so that I can focus on my game since I personally don't like forums. I didn't care much of the site at a time but since I was afraid to lose my place in DI Clan which was known for being a strong faction in my server, I tried to do my best to meet requirements of DI forums and sign-in at least once every 3 days. I continued like this for a whole month but due to exams, I had to go on away statue during the time of posting Memberships application so I was moved to another Cohort which delayed me from becoming a member. So during my 2nd month, I tried to know more about DI and how the clan system works and discover more about rules and possible achievements which in the end made DI forums a little appealing for me but unfortunately my membership application was rejected due to some issues which caused me to become registered guest and not being allowed to make a new initiate application for a month. I wasn't able to contribute much to DI during my 3rd month which somehow made me realize how important DI forums was for me after it became a part of my daily routine so when I was able to make an Initiate Application again in my 4th month, I was told to increase my reputation in DI so that I get more "Yes" votes on my next membership application. So I transferred to Community Division and tried to make a name for myself there and focused on making posts that contribute to DI and during that time the idea of making this guide came to me which had a great positive impact on me as an Initiate and helped me being more known and I didn't stop there but actually tried to attend various events and actually try them rather than declining the invitation and it appeared to be a great funny experience which got me to know more people. Initiate Guide for Dummies gave me a huge boost in my reputation among Initiates and some members acknowledged me from Finals of Poker Tournament since I got 2nd place after DI Clan Leader who was the winner of the tournament so all these events helped me being known and I was accepted at at last after 4 months of being an Initiate and finally I became a member. What happened made me wish if someone told me everything from the start to avoid all the troubles that I've made by mistake in my Initiation time and caused my rejection. So this made me more persistent in enhancing my guide for Initiates and make it in the way it currently is so I hope it answer all possible questions that might cross your mind and I appreciate if you read across all of them although you know some of them already! 1. What are Posts and what is difference between them and Topics? 2. How to access Damage Incorporated TeamSpeak Channel? 3. How to connect to DI TeamSpeak channel automatically? 4. How to ensure to never forget accessing to DI site? 5. What are events and how to RSVP to them? 6. What's Code of Ops and how to avoid being striked in DI? 7. Why do Initiate and Membership Applications exist? 8. Who are officers and why do they exist in DI? 9. How does the ranking system work in DI and how to achieve those ranks? 10. I can't be online for a specific period of time and I'm afraid of being striked so what shall I do? 11. How can I change my name in TeamSpeak and is there any restriction on naming? 12. How to include pictures and animated gifs in my posts and topics? 13. I'm afraid to lose my TeamSpeak statues if operation system fails so is there a way to Backup my data? 14. Is there any additional tips that can help me in my stay in DI clan? 15. If you liked a topic/post of someone, Press the green button in bottom-right of that topic/post so that you increase reputation of the member who made it in DI. It's like Facebook Like button, Green button here for Like but Red for Dislike so If you liked my guide, Click on the green button which you find in bottom-right of my topic! -> This is how the Green Button looks like in case you don't know it's shape!
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    Ok so I am in the process of setting up a channel with music of the electric genre here's a link to the channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCzClEDruPJRftP7XEnyAmnw The idea is that if you find a song you like in one of the playlists, you will also like the others in that play list. You will find playlists on the following: Dubstep: one for heavy one for light and one for mid. Nightcore: one for dubstep, one for light and one for heavy. EDM: one for heavy and one for light. Trap: one for trap as a whole. Electro house: one lyrical electro house play list. If you have anything you want to see on there PLEASE let me know! I am looking to grow it, I am only just begining the channel. It will grow, but it would be best with your help. I was prompted by @Telferand @ShadowLight284.
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    I'm happy that in the 3 short months that I've been here, I was able to make it onto the Top 5 Rep All Time list. Thanks guys. <3 Hopefully I'll be back soon.
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    Very proud of my Division's competitive activity, keep it up bois (and Nessy).
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    " There's no lack of painful things in this world, but hunger and loneliness must surely be two of the worst. Thanks to you, I didn't know a moment of either of them. " RIP granny
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    If you are listening to music and stumble across a great song post it here I will be posting daily ( hence the title). I hope to get a wide range of music on this thread as most everyone likes music in some form or another. I will start us off with my song of the day: I also wouldn't mind some comments on what you think about some of the songs I post. WARNING SOME LYRICS MAY BE EXPLICIT!!!
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    TFW you are drinking coffee and read @jojopheonix's status wanting to help, but you used the last K-cup. D:
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    Feels good to be back, got everything situated and now the only bad thing is that I don't have 20+ post count anymore.
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    I found a great cooking simulator for myself with so many recipies to try! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DQbF_4LLSv6laQc3Q5ZLq89OJ4EM7BkeYI2WGy8NB5g/edit#gid=0 Check them out in Wurm Online
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    I thought it might be nice to have a place we can reference when we need something for a battle team. Let me know if this is missing something I didn't think of. Open one spoiler to get what you need quicker or open them all and ctrl+f (cmd+f) to find. I added a key that can be used to find specific information, as well as clarify a couple things. Item Locations Key: AE4 = After Elite 4, basically after the story is over. [WE] = Wild Encounter [PickUp] = The item can be acquired by using the PickUp ability. The best way to farm these items is to have a team of decently strong Meowths with PickUp and fight only low level mons. Check for held items on the Meowths after each battle and if they are holding something put it in your bag so you can keep farming more items. {some item} = This is to add possible alternate/incorrect spellings so searching will still work. Held Items Evolution Items Mega Stones Fossils Poké Balls I only list where you can buy them, unless they cannot be bought. Johto Balls and Master Balls are one per playthrough: Miscellaneous
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    The following Image is done by me, this is my first time and during my Computer Science Lesson. Hope you enjoy it <3 Thanks @Notafor the help
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    Whats up Damage Inc., My steam name is Quavo and I'm from the midwest of the U.S. I know many of the members here are EU but I have no problem with playing EU servers for the games I play. I'm 20 years old, and I am currently attending University with a major in computer science. I mostly play Rust but I also play LoL sometimes. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! Peace
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    Mrs. Forum: Awe baby! don't you dare run from me again! Forum Jr.: Ga goo goo Mrs. Forum: *Reaches to hug* Forum Jr.: Bitch don't test me!
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    You waited very long, worked very hard, finaly got the special MotM, well deserved ;)
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    No matter how hard something might seem in life, or how dark that road may feel with the right people at the right time it can make even the deepst part of the sea seem beautiful the darks of nights seem like bright lights and the sadest days feel like happy hour. *So here is a shout out if I had a wine glass* cheeers to all my great friends xxxx
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    Congratulations to @Nobundofor successfully making Blackwake into a venture!
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    I know! The guy who did it must be a god! Lmao
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    So I logged into TS just now..... and I had Marshall Tags ..... @Atomiccow put it back to Lieutenant sadly ;^( MAKE ALINA MARSHALL AGAIN! MAMA! ..... wait? mama? :3
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    MR. MDR: "Honey I'm Home" MRS. MDR: "Where the hell have you been, it's been three days?" MR. MDR: "Well Paris got officer and we just had to get wasted, babe." MRS. MDR: ...
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    Apart from taste (and I do actually like this kind of music :P), I think the music fits the style of editing which is what matters I guess.
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    "Perfection doesn't exists but practice makes perfect"
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    For all those playing official :) if you want to tame herbivores and don't care about the levels they get (which is most of the time :)) you can: 1. Only put stimberries in their inventory - they will eat them and not loose torpor but gain hunger 2. Once you get enough hunger put normal berries in their inventory. This method will get you 0 bonus levels but make the tame time half. Hope this helps out.
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    The moment you ask @Moeto link you some music and you get this:
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    If you MUST give up a vice for lent, wouldn't giving something up for lent be a vice? So, I'd give up my need of having to give up a vice for lent for lent :3
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    Exploiting the GTS for fun and profit... OVERVIEW Although I am newer to Pokemon games that have GTS I have picked up some useful tricks and tips, as well as used variations of my old habits from previous games to get the most out of GTS. I am going to break this guide down into a few different parts that focus on an ultimate goal. I will be adding a list of current "currency" Pokemon to the end of the guide and what they have been known to be worth. Comment any additions to the section you want so we can keep it up to date with the market. DETAIL The following guide is designed with four different objectives in mind. It may be necessary to combine the techniques in certain cases. Attempting to get Legendary Pokemon Attempting to get standard Pokemon Attempting to get shiny Pokemon Attempting to get items (Bottle Caps, Master/Apricorn Balls, Held Items, etc.) First, general habits, regardless of end goals: Anything you get from GTS, whether found listed or deposited for; MUST be treated as though it were illegitimate. This really only affects competitive players, especially any that are playing in RL tournaments. DI - X members: If you are on the breeding team, don't use one as a parent to fill a legal breeding request. It is fine if the requester doesn't care... Make sure to clearly mark and/or separate which Pokemon you are ok with trading. There is nothing worse than trying to jump into a giveaway or are not paying close enough attention and accidentally trade away a battle ready Garchomp or a shiny Sandygast. Things like odd nicknames, offensive nicknames, and Ultra/Great Balls will slow turnover when depositing Pokemon for trade. I suggest never using nicknames at all (unless you are targeting a different region and using the regional name), and keep your Ultra/Great Ball Pokemon for when you are looking for Pokemon that are already deposited into GTS by other players. Special & Johto/Apricorn Balls (Including Premier and Beast Balls) > Regular Pokeballs > Great/Ultra Balls -- Some Pokeballs work better than others depending on the Pokemon. A nest ball might be valued on a Scyther, but probably not on a Milotic. Aesthetic seems to be valued more than capture difficulty and on some mons the ball doesn't matter as much, for example I caught all of my UBs in non-Beast Balls but I doubt anyone would even look at it, and if they did they might prefer if it were in a Beast Ball. Apricorn Balls and Dream Balls tend to be the highest prized, on average. Avoid over-asking when possible and never ask for something that can't be found on GTS. If you can't find a single one for trade it probably cannot be traded on GTS. Event Pokemon and some legendaries are included, such as Mew and Magearna. (Anything available only in a Cherish Ball.) Overasking can work, but often you will have to wait longer to get it. If I really want to do this, I make it the last time I go in the GTS for the night. If no one wanted it by morning I try again the next night, or ask for something else. Sometimes trading up is the way to go. Lets say you really need a Celesteela, but you only have some Eevee breedjects to work with. Rather than ask for a Celesteela, which you might never get, try asking for an evolved Pokemon first (or a more common UB like Kartana or Phermosa.) Then deposit that Pokemon for the Celesteela. Sometimes you may need to go several layers of this depending on what you have and what you are asking for. One big hint is that lvl 100 Ditto are both valuable and common at the same time. I have deposited completely random trash Pokemon for lvl 100 Ditto and been able to redeposit said Ditto for nearly anything else I wanted. If you are trying to go legendary you might need to re-trade your Ditto for a Shiny one. (Assuming you didn't get a shiny the first time.) When depositing Pokemon for a trade up, make sure to pick something that doesn't have a lot of others waiting to be traded. If you are trying to trade a female salandit for an Ultra Beast, you will likely never see a trade happen. Additionally you may want to look at what people are asking for on the Pokemon you intend to deposit. If everyone is asking for Celesteela, you additionally asking for Celesteela may result in a long wait, or no trade at all. Which brings me to my final general tip... Pokemon you see in the GTS may have been sitting for hours or days. These are what are NOT trading at the moment. (The further to the right you see a pokemon in the results, the older it is.) Let's say you see 15 of the available 30 Lunala offered up for trade are asking for Arceus, this means you should NOT be thinking a Lunala is worth an Arceus. These Lunala are still sitting there because no one is willing to give up an Arceus for one. (Or Arceus isn't trade-able on GTS, which I believe is the case.) On the flip side, if you occasionally see a Lunala offered up for a Tapu Koko, but it seems to be gone immediately if you try to trade for it, or it doesn't stay available very long; then that means a Lunala should be able to get a Tapu Koko for trade pretty quickly. Again you are always free to over-ask, but I wouldn't bother in situations where most of the Pokemon left are all asking for the same thing. Sometimes you can spot what can't be traded this way too. Glitches happen with GTS, and I have received Pokemon that shouldn't be trade-able before, but these holes get patched fast so if you know it shouldn't be allowed I will leave it up to you whether to take advantage of that or not. (I am not aware of anyone nor have I been banned for trading or receiving a Pokemon that shouldn't be trade-able via GTS, but that doesn't mean it can't/won't happen in the future.) OBJECTIVES Legendary Pokemon: There are a couple good ways to go about obtaining legendaries. First would be to deposit hard-to-get Pokemon, version exclusives, and/or Pokemon that require evolution of some kind. (Ones that require happiness to evolve and/or items (Evolution Stones, Incenses, etc.) to breed or evolve tend to work best.) Many DI-X members have had great luck with Happiny (Annoying to find, annoying to evolve, annoying to catch its parent, and requires Luck Insense on its evolved parent to breed.). Vanillite/Vanillish has also worked pretty well. (Not near as well, but it works if Happiny is trading slow at the moment.) If utilizing evolved Pokemon, it's recommended to leverage the Poke Pelago to be able to get the exp or happiness that is needed. Look for Pokemon that don't have many awaiting trade already. If all the available Pokemon appear on one page that is a decent indicator. Look for Pokemon that have poor ball options or nicknames. If two Dratini are asking for the same Pokemon and one is in an Ultra Ball, the other one will probably get traded first. If there are two Dratini and one is named Stupidface, the one named Dratini will get traded first. The other option is to trade extras of legendaries. In Sun/Moon, three extra Kartana/Phermosa are available. Make those count and get something better. I personally only trade Kartana for Phermosa or vice-versa, for friends. Everyone else in the GTS won't get that trade because it is far too easy to flip a Happiny for one of those two. It is possible to often get a Tapu or at minimum a Celesteela for Kartana/Phermosa. Celesteela is a decent currency Pokemon, meaning it is possible to get almost anything for one. (See the currency pokemon section of this guide.) An honorable mention for a third option is to stumble upon or actually actively seek out give aways. Caution; these are nearly all hacked/genned. Some people do breedject giveaways, but of course that requires the Pokemon to be breed-able. Some giveaways are easy in that you just post that you deposited such-and-such pokemon and your IGN is blah-blah-blah and then someone trades you the giveaway. These types of giveaways obviously require you to know about them from somewhere beforehand. (Reddit is a good place.) Every now and then you might stumble upon a giveaway. These usually can be identified by repeated depositing of some Legendary/Highly sought after Pokemon, while only requesting some trash Pokemon in trade. A notable example would be 6IV Ditto giveaways which are almost always going on: Lvl 100 Ditto requesting any other Ditto or something common. Watch the trainer name and if it is always the same guy; it is a giveaway. Sometimes these giveaways are always looking for the same trash Pokemon (which is the kind I generally prefer) and other times they make it more of a game and request random things to kind of give everyone a better chance. If the trash request is always the same, I exit the GTS and put that trash Pokemon in the top left corner of a few boxes. This way, when a new one posted you can just spam the "A" button to get the right one. If you need to switch your box to a new one, without leaving GTS; you can select any Pokemon offered for trade, change boxes, and back out again. The next time you select a Pokemon it will already be waiting on the proper box. If it is changing the trash, I suggest you use the "Box" button to switch to the proper box faster. (Any boxes with a qualifying Pokemon for trade will be in color and the other ones greyed out.) Standard Pokemon: Really the best secret here is to follow the general guidelines at the top of this guide and avoid being impatient and trading down for one. It's best to use a lesser or equal currency Pokemon as a deposit, rather than trying to look for one. Check the deposits to see if there is a good trade available first. It will save time if one is available, also scout what others are asking for the currency Pokemon you were thinking of using to ask for what you want. Keep in mind that if you see a lot of people requesting a specific Pokemon, it probably means that it would be hard to get it. Things that are sitting for a long time are what are NOT currently trading. Shiny Pokemon: This is extremely difficult. Definitely read the honorable mention in the legendaries section, as giveaways will be the best luck. Other than giveaways the best advice is to keep a decent selection of Pokemon. Ideally some lvl 91+ Pokemon that wouldn't get used, some legendaries, some evolved Pokemon (especially middle evolutions), and some Pokemon used often in competition from previous generations. A good mix is best because you never know what someone is willing to give up a shiny for. The chances for illegitimate Pokemon are much higher for shinies as compared to others, but not sure if this really matters. I doubt you will find a shiny you would want to use in competition that isn't a hack or clone. Items: Some decent items can be acquired through GTS. Personally, I managed to get my hands on 5 extra Exp. Eggs, gold and regular bottle caps, extra destiny knots, etc. Destiny knots are extremely common on Ditto but not really seen anywhere else. Dittos sometimes have other items, but for caps and eggs it's best to look at UBs and Tapus. They sometimes can be found on Cosmog and its evolutions as well. A trick that will help speed up searching: Most of the desirable items have two words (three in the case of Gold Bottle Caps), and most of the trash items don't. Hold the control stick to the right while looking at deposits. The Pokemon will begin to scroll really fast but if you look in the space where the second word would appear (The 'Cap' in Bottle Cap, or the 'Ball' in Master Ball) you can see the blur flash for a second and quickly go back to the one that was holding an item. If it's just a Great Ball or something, rinse and repeat with the scrolling. -- I am going to try to make a video showing this because it is hard to describe. I will update the guide with a link when I do. APPENDIX Currency Pokemon (by Tier): Note: I wrote most of the guide before Poke Bank came out, so if you have found some good ones from previous gens, please coment so I can add it to the list. I have noticed that non-island scan starters such as the Kanto ones seem to be trading strong still. Cosmog - Everone wants an extra of these. I like the evolutions as currency too, but Cosmog seems the most reliable. Celesteela - This one is probably the most versitile. I can pretty much get anything for a Celesteela Happiny - Currency pokemon MVP, seriously he is like GTS OP. You can reliably get Celesteela for them, but many of us have been able to get Tapus as well. Trapinch/Vanillite - I only use these when Happiny is being overtraded at the moment, or I run out of Happiny before I have a chance to breed more.
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    Stoutland was a test that failed to work, sadly.
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    You don't realise what happiness is within yourself until you do something for another person.
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    Looks like you're an initiate now. Yay!!! Welcome to DI
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    The moment when your bored and you friend forces you to watch a documentary... u.u
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    Welcome to DI BDSally I hope you'll have a great time here :)
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    Is there anyway for me to see how is my voting going?? Mb some1 can link it to me? Full member app
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    A long day. Plenty of things to remember, good and bad. Mostly good, except for someone spoiling my otherwise perfect day by shitting on campus bathroom floor and me having to wait in a hall for 2h as part of ''Group Punishment'' for someone having a laugh. Then again, I may not have had a resolution on my life and the Blakwake venture would not be a thing. I would not have stayed up till 5AM, would not had watched a great japanese animated movie with DI-C, would not have met so many new, friendly people that are just Great! Reunited with my buddies from Muay Thai training, read about some cool stuff such as Quantum Superposition and observer's effect on quantum mechanics. Talk about #YouLearnSomethinNewEveryday To be fair, it's a damn great day. I wish every day was like this. Throw in some Dominos pizza to this, some booze and add a swimming pool, and I got myself a trip to paradise.
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    Hmm. Charlotte and Erased are at the top of my "short" anime list, highly suggest starting with Erased. Death Parade was also quite good, but don't really know if it's in your alley.
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    ARRRRR Maybe *stomps with wooden leg*
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    Everyone blame @Zezettefor the frees. Rest in Peace Granny.
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    Repost of my status update from 2/26/14: "I see DI as a triangle, as an arrowhead. Forums, Teamspeak, and ingame make up all three points. Together, they create an arrowhead that can easily penetrate a shield - other clans. Take one of the three out, and you are left with a blunt sword that can easily be defeated by another arrowhead."
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    Depends which language i'm typing in. Use a standard US keyboard, but I have to have this one in my head when I'm speaking Swedish:
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    Victory for Team Legend, 2-0. Way to go, boys!
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    Put in for STA if you can't meet requirements because of this. Moves that far take a lot of time. (ALSO, don't forget to RSVP to morning tea this saturday!)
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    Aggro is cancer you degenerate fuck (Note: I am not calling aggro players degenerates, I am calling AngryDog a degenerate)
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