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  2. I actually saw someone doing Ad trinitiy force blitzcrank top .... You don't get more troll than that!
  3. ohhhh boy do I remember those days.... @Physics
  4. A really "philosophycal" question.

    You know the taxis in 19th century London well those are carettes (I might have a spelling mistake)
  5. Today
  6. Whats the best way to tune an electric guitar

    Thanks for the help ! I really wanna learn metallica's one.
  7. Yet another thing on the pile of fuck-ups over the week. No worries, in 24 hours something else bad will happen and my mind will be on that instead.

  8. Game Of Thrones

    I love GoT and all the killing and the plotting :) plus most of the women in Got are hot! ;p
  9. Worst thing to happen to you at work.

    I ran into a glass door during a fire alarm to leave the building and broke my nose.
  10. "Hello... Is it me you're looking for?"

    Hello and welcome to DI, great intro :)
  11. what anime are you watching right now?

    I like Ecchi :3 but all my fav ecchis are rated like 6 or 7 in your list @Cristie lol :( I really like dan machi and to love ru and you gave them both 7s :O I noticed you didn't have non non biyori on your list so if you like slice of life stuff that could be a good one... I noticed your highest rated were had the genres romance, comedy, action, fantasy, thriller soo maybe you'll like Nabari no ou which wasn't on your list and has the following genres action, adventure, fantasy, comedy :D Nabari no ou is an anime that I never see people talking about but I thought it was good
  12. Coming from the guy who once won a game 1v1 vs Kronovi
  13. Whats the best way to tune an electric guitar

    if you don't have an electric tuner you can get phone apps that do it... otherwise what I do is I play Enter Sandman by Metallica, the first note of the intro is a stand 6th string E... then like Sweyn said you can tune the 5th string using the 6th string, So you have top of guitar 6th string: E 5th string: A 4th string: G 3rd string: D 2nd string: B 1st string: e bottom of guitar if you do the 5th fret on the E you get A, 5th on A = G, 5th G = D, 4th fret D = B, 5th fret B = e. also if you have yourself plugged in to and amp put a little overdrive/drive on and play the 5th fret on the string above the one you are tuning and the string that you are tuning open at the same time and let it ring out... whilst its ringing out tune the string and you'll hear the sound vibrate... when they're in tune they will be very little or no vibrating in the sound and you get a clean note. :)
  14. Do you like all kinds of music?

    Yep any kind as long as its good
  15. what anime are you watching right now?

    its good. but in terms of sports anime, Kuroko takes it for me
  16. WasteR! Give up on football man, come play car football with DI-V 24/7 :O


    it actually wasn't bad, in fact pretty good but it wasn't @AnimaLibera or @Mikitsune good soo you get like 3.5 :D
  18. I kinda changed my mind. I'm very much into OU this time around [I just observe, not really play]. I love VGC, but it just feels so stale, and given the Pokedex limits, you can't, for example, pull any old Pokemon from NU and try to make it work.
  19. I can't figure out how to post the image lol I spent like 20 minutes figuring out my favorites, too
  20. coming from the guy with actual smurf accounts
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