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  2. That does sound like a cool team. How do you handle strong water opponents?
  3. I like it, needs more Rule 34 though but that is just me =p
  4. I only play ranked solo que so i'm not that heart broken over it.
  5. If you have to share a router with someone you can enter your ip address ( is the most common i think. You should be able to give yourself priority over other users on the network. (Just know your Mac address.)
  6. 1) Are you applying for the Regular or Elite Entry Program?: Elite Entry 2) What game are you applying for?: Dota 2 3) In-Game Information: (Name/Rank/Level/Experience, World/Server) Braedyn Rose/4.2k mmr/Played on multiple competitive teams including ones with 6.8k avg 4 a.) Do you have a Steam Account? If so, post a link to your profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bigdogrose/ b.) If you use Steam, have you added “-DI-” to your Steam name?(required): Yes 5) Idling in our Teamspeak is required whilst you are online. Will you be able to abide by this?: Yes 6 a.) Are you currently in any clans or teams? b.) Name any previous clans/guilds/teams you were in: Leave blank if not applicable to you. c.) How long were you there and why did you leave? Leave blank if not applicable to you. 7) Who invited you to join Damage Inc; where did you learn about us? Black, he invited me to the clan 8) Do you acknowledge that you will be an Initiate for 4-7 weeks, that you must be 15 years or older and that you must achieve all requirements for full membership depending on the program you are entering?: Yes 9) Why do you wish to join Damage Incorporated? Explain specifically what made you decide to apply: (at least 2-3 lines of text required) I am looking for a serious competitive team. I have captained teams in the past and its a lot of work. Having a team like this takes a lot of work off of me. 10 a.) Is this your first time applying for DI? ~~DO NOT LEAVE BLANK~~ Yes b.) If No, when and why did you leave before? Leave blank if not applicable to you. c.) If you were removed from DI (or left) for any reason, why should we accept you back? (at least 2-3 lines of text required) Leave blank if not applicable to you.
  7. What MMO should i play?

  8. I'm with you. I wasn't a fan of first person so much til i started playing it more often. Now I truly enjoy playing both equally.
  9. Hmm, because played dota 1 and Hon before dota 2. So the mechanics from LoL were never my cup of tea.
  10. Today
  11. Accepted - Pending assignment to the 9th Division (DI-IX) Congratulations on becoming an Initiate in Damage Incorporated. Shortly, you will receive an acknowledgement from the officers of your division, if they haven't done so already. This is the first step in what will hopefully become a long and exceptional experience for you. As you know, DI is a combat based clan with a strong focus on community, so to make your experience as an Initiate easier, below some links on where to start have been compiled for your use: Getting on Teamspeak As it is mandatory for everyone to be on Teamspeak when they are online, here is a guide to getting into our Teamspeak and meeting the rest of DI: http://dmg-inc.com/code-of-ops-old/#teamspeak Code of Operations It is a good idea to know what everyone does in DI, as well as how DI operates, so spend some time to read our Code of Operations at: http://dmg-inc.com/code-of-ops/ Contact your Officers It is recommended that you PM your new Vice using the forum PM (up the top right of screen) introducing yourself and ensuring he/she knows that you have been assigned to their division. Your officers are: Commander of 9th Division: @AnimaLibera Vice of 9th Division: @Cazsius Information about your Cohort You have been assigned to a Cohort along with other Initiates going through the process. At the end of the process, you and your peers from that Cohort will graduate and become full members of Damage Inc. The Cohort system has been designed to help you through the process, answer any questions you might have and most importantly help orientate you through the complexities of Damage Inc. It is a good idea to introduce yourself in your Cohort to your peers and your Initiate Manager. You can find information about this in the Ludus Magnum: Ludus Magnum: http://forum.dmg-inc.com/forum/131-ludus-magnum/ Good Luck!
  12. We ran that in a meme laddering session today. @BallisticPlanet is in love.
  13. Trick Room Stakataka. This is something I can get behind.
  14. WHY? Give me ONE reason that is NOT meepo.... I'll wait. *sips tea*
  15. New system set to release when Half Life 3 does.
  16. I like any hero that can cast abilities on allies to ruin games. Love the smell of -25 in the morning. ;)
  17. I might just run Conkeldurr or Lucario to deal with Stakataka. I hate rock-types.
  18. Meepo is LITERALLY the ONLY reason anyone plays this game of LoL. Don't pretend like it's not.
  19. I'm not really a plush collector; however, I do have a few. My first was a Torchic that I won as a door prize at a Premier Challenge. Then I won a Substitute costume Pikachu as a 2nd place prize at a Midseason. Finally, I bought a Charizard plush at the Ft Wayne regionals to commemorate my Regional debut.
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