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  2. Can i just run an SQL script attached to your IP? as well a query for pictures attachments and find it in a few seconds? Oh wait, Sql injection is frowned upon, Never-mind!
  3. we'll find it haha :p
  4. Gotta dig deep
  5. Anima is full member ^^ she can show me if she may ofcourse :p
  6. My pic( several of my pics) are in the RL pics thread. I guess you guys have to wait until reaching full member
  7. Awesome work both of you :D
  8. this looks amazing guys!! gooood work!!
  9. @Aralornx @Matrix @Protaygo @LightningHawk @AnimaLibera @Paris @woodchuck @ConnaS @Tygara @DrunkGuy @Dsan2660 @Voltron
  10. happy to be of service,
  11. Woooh! Another face we see!
  12. Not the greatest pic but this is my rig inside an Enthoo Luxe
  13. 1) Are you applying for the Regular or Elite Entry Program?: i would like to join the elite but for now i will go for regular 2) What game are you applying for?: Dota2 3) In-Game Information: (Name/Rank/Level/Experience, World/Server) TBD Scrub 4 a.) Do you have a Steam Account? If so, post a link to your profile: b.) If you use Steam, have you added “-DI-” to your Steam name?(required): yes 5) Idling in our Teamspeak is required whilst you are online. Will you be able to abide by this?: yes 6 a.) Are you currently in any clans or teams? b.) Name any previous clans/guilds/teams you were in: Leave blank if not applicable to you. c.) How long were you there and why did you leave? Leave blank if not applicable to you. 7) Who invited you to join Damage Inc; where did you learn about us? my cousin ajoker97 (aj) 8) Do you acknowledge that you will be an Initiate for 4-7 weeks, and that you must achieve all requirements for full membership depending on the program you are entering?: yes 9) Why do you wish to join Damage Incorporated? Explain specifically what made you decide to apply: (at least 2-3 lines of text required) i would like to apply for the Dota 2 group especially. 10 a.) Is this your first time applying for DI? ~~DO NOT LEAVE BLANK~~ yes it is
  14. When I see "dankass" only one person comes in mind
  15. Obviously, don't you see the dank ass Cat with lovely fur
  16. i would like to try for elite entry but for now i would like to go for regular
  17. <3
  19. brownie
  20. Nice :D and that is a better picture indeed ^^
  21. Yeah wars are pointless....
  22. ok this one is better for the face*
  23. Today
  24. nice xd
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