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  2. Welcome! Hope to see you around. :-)
  3. Not a problem 9) Why do you wish to join Damage Incorporated? Explain specifically what made you decide to apply: (at least 2-3 lines of text required) I play with a competitive team that has joined DMI and we are very excited to continue to scrim and play CVC's with and for you guys. We have long term goals of playing in as many in person tournaments as possible. Because of that a having a group of skilled teams to play against as we'll as having a base of operations within which to function is exactly what we are looking for. Plus it's always nice to have a community of like minded people to hang out with.
  4. currently MG1 highest rank so far
  5. Well i finally climbed out of bronze in LoL so that's a huge accomplishment for me (with all the trolls you get in bronze)...
  6. Indianapolis, Indiana!! Woohoo! lol
  7. Computers, Soccer, and spending time with the girlfriend are my hobbies.
  8. Overwatch: I accomplished my original goal of diamond, with masters as a stretch goal. I'll be happy if I just play lots of awesome and well coordinated games forever.
  9. low diamond
  10. Today
  11. 1) Are you applying for the Regular or Elite Entry Program?: Regular 2) What game are you applying for?: Ark 3) In-Game Information: (Name/Rank/Level/Experience, World/Server) Toga 4 a.) Do you have a Steam Account? If so, post a link to your profile: b.) If you use Steam, have you added “-DI-” to your Steam name?(required): yes 5) Idling in our Teamspeak is required whilst you are online. Will you be able to abide by this?: yes 6 a.) Are you currently in any clans or teams? Not atm b.) Name any previous clans/guilds/teams you were in: Leave blank if not applicable to you. c.) How long were you there and why did you leave? Leave blank if not applicable to you. 7) Who invited you to join Damage Inc; where did you learn about us? Steam forums ad 8) Do you acknowledge that you will be an Initiate for 4-7 weeks, and that you must achieve all requirements for full membership depending on the program you are entering?: Sure 9) Why do you wish to join Damage Incorporated? Explain specifically what made you decide to apply: (at least 2-3 lines of text required) Dank server ticks 10 a.) Is this your first time applying for DI? ~~DO NOT LEAVE BLANK~~ Yes b.) If No, when and why did you leave before? Leave blank if not applicable to you. c.) If you were removed from DI (or left) for any reason, why should we accept you back? (at least 2-3 lines of text required) Leave blank if not applicable to you.
  12. Lol. You guys gotta try faceit. It's hell reborn :P
  13. probably wont make it cos of my civ 6 events
  14. Nice, we have Funny Friday today
  15. Arrow and the Flash
  16. France probs too, but the last game i had this with was Arabia
  17. I cry whenever I see this post make a comeback XD
  18. thatd be great. best of luck and thanks for helping out the division :)
  19. And you were supposed to send it as a private message as well. But ok, this works out. Other people can see it as well, just fyi.
  20. @Venomous3 You have to tagg him the right way waster xD
  21. Whats going on in here?
  22. worth y
  23. Guess who is not sleeping tonight. *falls asleep dreaming transgender waifus* although its pretty cool :D
  24. awesome Man! thanks ! yeah i have a friend who's thinking of buying it from steam sale i might post in the local gaming websites see if anyone's keen on joining too...
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