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  2. PUBG Group

    I'm not taking anyone rn haha But there is always space if you want to join :)
  3. First of all you don't need "On the move" cause you save your dash to the mid game and that's 10 turns without getting anything from that ability. Also you have a escape cata in case of emergency. Therefore picking "On the move" instead of "Extra tricky" on your main attack is a total waste of mod points. Why would anyone pick "Consolation Price" instead of any of the other mods available that are all great in their own terms. Consolation Price is hands down the worst mod Lockwood has. You take "Trapwall" if you think you're that unlucky to never hit your target to begin with. "Tough customer" is great. It gives you that extra edge in your health that you can stay even in a bit risky spot or if you counted the damage you can sustain in that spot already. Propably the most underrated mod that is in fact the best one for the dash. Errant assault is not ideal but after all the mod points used it's all I can get I suppose. Also it's not that bad. Sometimes your ult gets read, happens. But if you're asking if I'd go with any of those 2 builds you suggested then NO. Both are equally bad for different reasons.
  4. which one would you pick

    Ill take the bleach even if it isnt the anime
  5. PUBG Group

    I wasn't planning on it! PUBG is just a game I've been interested in and I'd be glad to see it given a division.
  6. What's the silliest way you've lost a video game?

    Uhhhh, that one is pretty easy. I was in a 3v3, playing Anna, and I went to throw the grenade at my feet so I could heal myself, and threw it way away, pretty much was a done deal after that.
  7. DI-III Awards Information Post

    A new POTW post is created every week I believe so I would have to keep updating the link, however it is in the Club Announcements so if someone found this post I don't think they'd have any trouble finding POTW.
  8. PUBG Group

    @NotAntarctican now, no taking one of my best members ;-) @nitrodog96 :-P No leaving me xD
  9. DI-III Awards Information Post

    Alright :) Thanks You should add a link to the POTW post, just people have easier access to it from here
  10. Building a pc

    I got it. I still think you need to find some back issues of MaximumPC. Do you by chance have an Iphone> If so, you can go to apps and get the Maximum PC storefront, and get back issues for a relatively inexpensive amount. I will say this though. I began playing Ark on Day 0 a couple years ago, I loved that game and that was when it was not even optimized. Ark is graphic intensive, so your focus should be on maximizing that game, and the rest of the games you mentioned will fall in line with no problem. I am more than willing to help you, just ask. I build custom rigs, for myself and friends. I can try and help you stretch your dollar.
  11. DI-III Awards Information Post

    In a month would be in terms of "The month of August" or "The month of September" For example, @Vegas recruited 11 players to DI-III in the month of September and received a Silver Commendation. The number of people you recruited will reset every time we enter a new month.
  12. DI-III Awards Information Post

    This is the post I wanted to see! Thank you a lot! Going to throw my placement games so I can climb all the way up there again About the recruiting thing, is the "in a month" like "in the last month" or "in the last 31/30 days" ?
  13. Building a pc

    As Always Drunk Guy, you tend to provide the tools necessary to help others. Thanks for doing that. I remember on one other thread you went out of your way to post the system calculator for determining the necessary power supply needed to run a system. Thanks for being so mindful in helping others.
  14. Overwatch fanart ^-^

    Oh lol xD
  15. Building a pc

  16. Building a pc

    So, most of what has already been offered is pretty much reality. I think one of the things I may have missed was what games are you wanting to play. I have a suggestion that might help with your making a decent decision. See if you can find some back issues of MaximumPC Magazine, and look for issues with budget gaming builds. I have seen several systems in the past that might meet your needs and they at least offered a dollar amount spent to achieve the end result. However, because the prices for video cards have risen because people are mining bit coin, and memory is a premium right now because they are not mass producing. The price you pay is going to be more expensive I would imagine.
  17. New to DOTA

    I would be down to teach you the basics of Dota. They may come easier than most due to your LoL experience. Just PM me or find me on TS whenever you want to play.
  18. Music + CIV?

    I just use Pandora and listen to whetever plays. That tends to determine my decision making in the game.
  19. PSA: All civ games on sale for summer sale

    Those are some cheap ass friends
  20. This is really great advice! I keep coming back to it. I just wanted to let you know, thank you. Seriously I reread it when a game tilts me. I am gunna post it on another jungle post about climbing. I have found that people will trash talk you even if you do something right or well and it doesn't directly benefit them. I really do enjoy jungling though I feel like I can impact the game. I felt like unless I was absolutely smashing my lane I couldnt have a large enough impact. When you jungle you know you are influencing the game
  21. BREAKING: For those of you with a PS4 and PS+ subscription, Just Cause 3 is now free :D


    as well as Assassins Creed: Liberty Cry or something, never heard of it tbh

  22. Hey! Nice to meet you.

  23. Are you guys keeping it PC?

    i've been told quantity is the requirement :3
  24. The Great Recruiting Challenge!

    Upvotes would be appreciated so more can see this:
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