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  1. Monstercat Podcast=))) Love them
  2. Probably lost it on a betting site or something
  3. I always use op.gg aswell as http://www.championcounter.com/
  4. Butterfly Knife)))
  5. Dust 2 is classic map. They have to be carefull with the rewamp.
  6. Welcome to the Game of Throws... I have been in promos to gold V 4 times now... every fucking time I drop to S2 or S3... climb back up then again same shit...
  7. My mood depends on my team. I do practice / worm up before the match. But I always try to do my best in order to win the game.
  8. Gj=))) he deserves it... You should have played for his skins or something=)))
  9. I highly suggest to not play Mirage that often. Mirage is very team based map sadly there is no team in SoloQ=))) Highly suggest try Workshops to practice aim and reaction, some workshop maps will teach you how to use smokes and etc.
  10. Current DI Team - none Primary role - Jungle Secondary role(s), if applicable - support What type of team are you looking for? Competitive