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  1. Exactly my thoughts. Hated how dexter dragged it out uselessly towards the end and gave us a shitty ending.
  2. I live in denial. This was not annoying.
  3. jeezus save me
  4. I like the way you think =D
  5. The fuck do you play dota from antarctica bruh
  6. In solo queue, think of your teammates as 4 bots, with random skill levels(around your mmr of course) and with the ability to make good plays or make bad plays. They are variables, variables will change for every game, but the only constant is you. Bots are bots. They don't win, they don't lose. You win, you lose.
  7. If you take all your games as a learning experience, then you will accept things as they are and rarely get tilted. However, it's impossible to never get tilted. It will happen, and you just have to take a break when it happens. Maybe and look at your game again, and what you could have done better. The thing to do is to always blame yourself for every little mistake, not because that mistake made you lose, but because not making that mistake could have helped you win, even with shitty teammates.
  8. This looks really good :O
  9. Yes imho
  10. If you're practising heroes, i would strongly suggest picking 1 hero 4-5 times in a row and then move on to another one. This way you can get the feel of that hero in different matchups. Note that it is very easy to want to spam the shit out of a hero if you're winning, but in the long run that's not very helpful because you will neglect the macro aspect of the game which is the most important thing at your level. You will understand later on that the way you play a hero will change depending on the level of your teammates and enemies, and spamming a hero at that level will put you in a self-destructive pattern of thinking that the way you're playing it and currently winning is the best way, and that's not true. The way you play every hero will change as your level increases, but the mechanics and productive thought processes will remain relevant. Which is why i suggest 4-5 games, and move on to the next, unless you lost all 5 in which case you probably should practise a bit more. Also, it wouldn't hurt to check a few guides and watch a few pro games before trying your hand at any hero, even the ones you think you know how to play, and then try to understand their thought-process, i.e why they do what they do at the moments they do it. Having a decent knowledge of playing every hero allows you to know how to play with it and against it, hence giving you a better understanding of how to win games and approach fights in almost every situation. Even if you already know the skills and usual item builds of heroes you don't play, nothing beats hands on experience to learn their strengths and limitations. Play to improve, not to raise MMR, you'll dip low while learning, but come back higher after you've learnt.
  11. Got the superbrothers game, thanks :)