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  1. There is no such thing as a wrong build. There are "preferred" builds and sub-optimal builds. There are builds that make you lose even though they're meta, and builds that make you win even though they seems crazy. Nonetheless, the truth is: If you win, it was the right build. But if you lose, it doesn't mean it was the wrong build, because someone out there used that same build, and won.
  2. Duel doesn't save disarm.
  3. I haz no idea what's going on here
  4. Best way to lose MMR. Get a party. Camp mid and keep killing the guy, if he changes lane, chase him and keep killing him. That person leaves. You also leave and get easy -25. #RoadTo1MMR
  5. Switch and now this :/
  6. I was for a while >_>
  7. I wasn't questioning your solo laning ability, but pointing out the solo laning ability of the hero itself without spiderlings in a general offlane vs safelane situation
  8. @FerynaCZBrood without her spiders in lane is underwhelming, has very little harass/kill potential which makes her vulnerable.This is why farming jungle with spiders and farming lane is pretty hard. During mid/late game you'd rather have your spiders in lanes and your hero in the jungle for safety. If you want to farm lane and jungle during the laning phase it's much better to just push out the lane as fast as you can with hero/spiders(even vs pugna should be pretty easy by abusing your movespeed and the fact that she needs to come close to blast and the delay for the blast to connect) and then farm the jungle camps between waves. This way you not only get the farm, but also the exp.
  9. Hero spamming is the best way to gain MMR, i don't think anyone can argue with that. Which isn't to say it's the best way to improve.
  10. Seems a pretty good decision
  11. Yea your 6100 would definitely bottleneck at 4k :p
  12. The static is intended, some will like others won't. Remember music taste is subjective Good job btw!
  13. This is art
  14. Can't really single out one show, but the first TV show i actually watched and loved was friends. Led the way for many great others, can never forget it.