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      Im gonna call you Pluto, because nobody loved you (Jk, I luv u bae)

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      Jokes on you, I run my own hate club dont you know

  2. Nah, i honestly don't think people no how to play around annie until you get to D1-masters and event then they still wont play around it correctly realistically (at least in NA). You can also use her ult as zoning pretty much giving free lane control tbh and keep shoving them in under turret. If they are respecting annie so much they do everything they can stay out side her flash ult range then your wave is always going to be pushing in, so as long as you have side waves pushing it is easy map control. Just use the fact that they have no info on ult or flash, (cos lets be honest no one times that in NA) as a threat. But I do agree, vs the meta mid laners she is def. weak against them in lane.
  3. I mean, when in doubt just play annie, you can't F*ck up with that champ tbh, even if by some miracle you miss your ult and die, that teddy bear will just go on a rampage and kill half the team. Its a win win.
  4. BloodieVagina
  5. Already am, Once a Vice always a Vice. I'm @Cloa's jail bitch 4 lyfe.
  6. EWW, That anime reference with that profile pic. EWW But, err, Coachee S6 Rank: G4 Basic mechanics/game knowledge you would like to improve on, if any: Laneing, Roaming, positioning Positions you are looking to improve in, if any: Support pref. Champion you are looking to improve with, if any: -Thresh *Additional skill you wish to improve can be discussed with a coach to see if they are confident in helping you with it* Better shot calling @Cloa SENPAI TAKE ME BACK PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. What can i say, some people are more sensitive than others xD
  8. whelp, I'm more sensitive than all of y'all. 4k dpi, 1.43 sens.
  9. Cynic you weaboo get on we have to talk about stuff

  10. Cynic you weaboo get on we got shit to do

  11. Get out of DND you pleb we got shit to do

    1. CynicalBrit


      What we gotta do? You got your DIX'k?

  12. Current DI Team - Casual B Primary role - Support Secondary role(s), if applicable - Jungle What type of team are you looking for? CvC's, rank flex, anything competitive. But really:
  14. I stopped playing during cata when they start making dungeons/raids easier to the player instead of the player getting better for the raid/dungeon.