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  1. Love it!!
  2. Sweet. Yeah I know some of them are hard to find. i'll start keeping an eye out for them as well
  3. This is my song for the day
  4. First job was in landscaping
  5. Hey everyone i was wondering who else streams the games they play. I stream on twitch and will be doing so more regularly. Drop your twitch channel and let's get some follows and extra views for people in the clan who are streaming.
  6. just finished Cowboy bebop again, and watched the movie. This is def one of my fav anime's for sure. Although it is going to be live action, I am really looking forward to the Ghost in the Machine movie coming out!!
  7. Have been jamming out to Grunge Radio on Pandora for like 2 weeks now. They play soo many good jams on there is it amazing!
  8. This system looks great! Mine is a little underwhelming comparatively speaking lol but will last me for a few years. But like everyone has said you'll be gaming for years to come on what you have. be careful with the OC though.
  9. MMMMM Spam...who else hasn't tried it before lol.
  10. So some of you know I really enjoy playing Overwatch, enjoy it more when running on a team of people in games. My goal for this season and next season is to get to master's level in game. Going to be a long road but I am willing to take any comments and criticism on my game play. Ultimate goal is getting on a team or getting one put together from people in clan and getting involved in tournaments. I think this would be cool and also bring some name recognition to the clan as well. Anyway just thought I would share.
  11. Those look good man. We should get some made for Overwatch type stuff, although I know there are some floating around the net for streaming and Twitch channels stuff.
  12. I was just wondering about these things to add for a twitch channel. Is there a Banner type that can be used for the header of the info boxes for twitch?
  13. Yeah man for sure
  14. Hello everyone, I am Restored, known by other names in other games. I live in So Cal (Southern California). I am 35 and play Overwatch and World of Warcraft mainly, but love all Blizzard games. If you want to run in a game just hit me up and if time permits we can def get something going. I have read through some of the info on the forums already and can see there is some structure in place and that is a good thing. I have been gaming for a very long time, 31 years, and can get competitive with things. I work in the construction industry with Garage doors 9hrs a day generally Tues-Sat. Those days and time change when in the holiday season. I do have kids as well. If you would like to know anything else then just ask. Look forward to the fun, Restored