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  1. If i'm honest I'd use ear covering ones myself, if the constant pressure on my ears/glasses didn't drive me mental. Ear buds have evolved to the point where imo comfort isn't their biggest issue, now it's sound travelling up the wire and into your scull every time you move. Also, it's impossible to gauge your volume when talking on mic.
  2. https://www.thehouseofmarley.com/smile-jamaica-in-ear-headphones.html These ones. vv good :)
  3. I rather like Japan also. Free mountains wherever you want them!
  4. No pictures of water vapour 0/10 would not recommend.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Blade-Pro-Gaming-Laptop/dp/B01MQDPYZA?th=1 HNNNGGGGG THAT PRICE THO. Does anyone here have experience with Razer as a company or with their products? I am seriously considering this, I just need to wait until their "global release" includes Australia :/
  6. Very good, short and to the point.
  7. CGP Grey is awesome. Pronunciation Manual is also worth a mention.
  8. Oh districts. How I both love and hate you. If the folks over at Firaxis are to be believed, they're supposed to encourage us to "specialise cities" to do certain things - they even included a nice little district cap to stop us from getting too greedy. A nice idea, to be sure. But this is Civ. You constantly need more of everything, 5 turns ago. As we all know, you kind of *have* to build the same 3 districts in every city or you're going to fall behind and lose the game, so rip city specialisation. Campus, Commerce, Industry, in every city, all the time - individual districts, especially of the culture/faith/amenity kind simply don't generate enough of their yields to only be built once in a special "culture city". The problem I have with all this is that this game simply doesn't seem to be played tall. For a good half of the game, depending on your start location and/or willingness to spam farms, you're kind of stuck at around 3 districts. Which, I have no doubt, is by design, but this brings us back to the issue of some districts simply being so much better than others, especially in the early game. So, what to do about it? I'd start probably by buffing the lesser used districts, so that you actually get a tangible payoff for the opportunity cost of building them. I'm looking at you, Theatre Square. Perhaps if you got bonuses from adjacent luxuries it would make things better. A tidy +2 or +3 for just building the district would at least put its yield on par with most campus/commercial districts. Also, perhaps if there were more things you could build in it. Statues, memorials for past conflicts... relatively low hammer cost buildings that provide +1 culture each, unlocked with civics between Drama + Poetry and Humanism. Other districts, such as the Entertainment district could simply just not count towards the cap. Sure, you get amenities from it but ehh... if you're building it you clearly need it, and if you're district capped the last thing you should be doing is going further into negative amenities just to solve the amenity problem. The Holy district I don't mind so much. Maybe it needs to not count also... I don't know. You get good yields from adjacency and it's buildings make faith nicely, I suppose the problem is that the religious game is a little borked right now, and unless you're buying stuff with that faith it's kind of useless - Again, the opportunity cost is just so large for a very, very intangible gain. What do y'all think? What would you change about the districts?
  9. IZ is still pretty essential, but I find it often gets skipped on a city that has stacks of hills. Low growth potential + campus and commercial means I often can't build it due to district caps anyways. Mines scale super well in the late game so you're often alright until you can start putting farms on those hills. Which, while I mention it, is something else that comes in *waaaaay to damn late* IMO
  10. Just be friends next time :)
  11. It really, really is. The game needs more production potential IMO, not less. Maybe if instead of the stacking the factories shared half of the adjacency bonus, and the power plant shared the full adjacency bonus... A mere +3/+4 just does not feel like enough of a pay-off for settling cities within 6 hexes of an IZ, when often the best city spot is 7 or 8 hexes from it. Just IMO
  12. It was man I look forward to the next one with you. Why do you hate Island plates so much though?
  13. So now that the winter patch has had a little bit to settle in, how are we all feeling about it? Does anyone have any info on what unique districts still don't need pop? Also, how are we all feeling about the Industrial Zone bonuses no longer stacking? I'm not a huge fan... It has made for a strange internal struggle for me. Do I build the industrial zone in cites that are in range of one with a factory/power plant? It's a pretty expensive way to get +2 prod and one specialist slot. Then, if you build the factory and power plant you're really only doing it for the specialist slots... you don't get any other gains, except for perhaps displacing this issue to another city. Cost/benefit analysis breaks down like this: District + Workshop + Factory + Power Plant + Specialists + District cap = 1,115 hammers, 7GPT, 3 citizens, 3 population. Assuming the district costs you 60 hammers, which it almost certainly won't. For this colossal investment you now get a grand total of 8 hammers/turn + adjacency bonuses + 4 Engineer points. Sure you could just build the district and the workshop, and just run one specialist but that still isn't exactly cheap in the early game and in the late game it's just.... not really very relevant. Thoughts?
  14. As it turns out, you're pretty good at being a pest on Island Plates :p
  15. I guess push reeeeeal hard in the lobby for island plates, and then be nothing but a pest for the early game? Pretty much everything about this civ is focused on the water so without it they're pretty useless IMO.