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  1. Yeah I've seen some builds with the rigid tubes and man... those angles...
  2. Is that solid white tubing or white cooling liquid? Either way, it looks dope af.
  3. I mean, if you have the tools and stuff to make it, almost certainly not. But if you dont, like most people, it's certainly worth it. 7 Also that price is in AUD (probably? I can't remember what I paid). Thins here are usually +35% more, just because.
  4. Does anyone here custom watercool? I've *wanted* to do it for over a decade now but it always seems so... impractical, especially with the increasing amount of AIO solutions out there. So, do you? If you do, why? Whats the maintenance like?
  5. I use this one: PATRIK chair with no wheels. I always find that chairs having wheels are the reason they're not comfortable for me.The weight of my legs always seems to move them around. Also, I really like rocking back on chairs, consequences be damned.
  6. That does indeed look awesome. All I can think though is how mad I'd be if I built it and then couldn't fit something in it.
  7. Sometimes when I get bored I find myself on PC Part Picker, building systems for no reason at all. Today was one of those days. This was todays effort. Getting 2 AIO cooled GTX 1080s into a mid size ATX case, because why not. Theoretically, you'd mount the CPU cooler on the roof, the two GPU coolers on the front, with one exhaust fan on the back and an additional fan on the front below the GPU rads for additional airflow. This build also features an M.2 SSD for OS, a 6GB SSD for games and a RAID 1 array of 3TB disks for storage. We have an MSI mobo, because it has a dial that goes up to 11, and who doesn't want that. Stacks of the parts are corsair, because I like things that match. Build it like you're a millionaire!
  8. Brooklyn Nine Nine.
  9. You do spread like the plague.
  10. A few years back I saw this old guy (60+) riding them around the supermarket. He made it look so easy. I tried them and almost broke my ankle immediately.
  11. @DuncanIf you've got the time to burn you can pick up ME1 but in all honesty I wouldn't recommend it now. It is a great game in many ways, but its mechanics didn't age well. It's sort of caught between Gears of War cover combat and an over the shoulder FPS... The weapons systems are a bit frustrating and many parts of the interface are, in hindsight, terrible. It was a very enjoyable game at the time but I also remember at the time both wishing it was better and being wowed by what it offered. So many years down the track the wow factor is gone, so playing it could feel like a bit of a chore. ME2 and ME3 are totally worth it though, even if the ending was a sack of bricks to the gentlemans area.
  12. I have an espresso machine so it's really hard to keep track some days. 2 if i'm working, upwards of 4 if I'm sitting at home playing civ all day.
  13. Gamma gave me a helpful tip a while back. Consider a situation where you have your cap, which has citrus and horses. There is also a 2nd city spot that has truffles. Rather than researching irrigation to get the citrus online you're better off researching Animal Husbandry. Doing so allows you to improve the horses for more production and also allows you to improve the truffles for happiness as soon as you plant city number 2. Generally I find that I kick out a settler before I hit pop 5 so the cap never goes unhappy and you've saved yourself some beakers through good scouting and planning ahead. It makes a bigger difference than you might think.
  14. It is also good advice to not "waste" science in the early game. Get the techs you *need* as you need them. You don't really need to hook up luxuries immediately - those beakers are usually better spent on things like the wheel or bronze working, or writing.
  15. Well, I would be unwilling to say that they're the same as *all* PC's. There are, of course, limits to what you can pack in to a laptop enclosure. With that said, some laptops are the same as some PC's in regards to performance. See here. There is a level of subjection involved in this but at the end of the day if both machines are able to achieve the same fps at the same graphics settings, I would consider them to be the same. Further reading on the topic would involve looking up benchmarks for the GTX960m and GTX860m, which are the equivalent cards from the two previous generations. A simple comparison will show you how much things have improved over the past 5 or so years. Finally, this was recorded on the laptop I initially linked. Some are at 4k. Some are not. But the games run smoothly and look gorgeous. If it's an enjoyable experience then it's fit for purpose, and also nets you the advantages of a laptop.