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  1. Its fun ! :) very good idea of game ..i play mostly sniper :D But for around month and half i didnt had chance to play it as i was in pvp league in Guild wars 2 :/ must start again ! :D
  2. same with F1 :) but yeah ...last year i knew from start who wins :D excited for at least newer design of cars
  3. I have it ! :D
  4. 45 Seconds :D
  5. Great !
  6. Welcome :D
  7. Thanks :) Thanks :) i hope so :D Thanks :D thaaanks :) Thanks :)
  8. Thanks :) well said :D yeah it is as i am mostly in game :/ switching to browser is meh
  9. Game is simple but if you want to be better :) you must go deeper and then layers will show up
  10. Its not that difficult :D i learned it by being lone player in my parish ... on Euro 2 server :) i got parish with baddly damaged and bad designed castle i was practically defensles but maintained my flags :D
  11. If i could choose what to do with ex class girls :) then i would throw them out of plane ... without parachute ... into volcano .. .from highest possible position .. and yeah i hate them :D
  12. Great guide :)
  13. I have Stronghold Crusader ..old one :) love that game
  14. Thanks :)
  15. :D like Archeage ....with upgrading ..scrolls were only for rich .. and other were smashed by them