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  1. Maybe remove dust 2 from the pool and put the normal dust. Watch people get pissed off,have some lols. A small rewamp will be nice for D2, i've played for way too long, 1.6 days . it was horrible experience but its one of the maps on which i know everything there is to know about :| having to learn again, ugh.
  2. Dodo dex has an android application that i am using all the time. I like it very much That + the starvation method, makes it worth
  3. i like the starvation method. I can just leave it there, go do some stuff , check up on it when the timer tells me its 5 minutes before waking up, keep it asleep and basically just give it enough of the food when its about to be tamed. For example, 10 kibble for ptera, 80 food each, 800 food EXAMPLE : 3600 food on ptera, i wait for it to reach 2800, i put all the kibble. wait ~10 seconds, boom, Name your dino. If i let it feed periodically, it has a chance of dieing due to predators and i lose some of the stuff, the tame food ( depending when it dies )
  4. They need to make a hype train going in order to actually sell the thing
  5. Anyone here that has any spare cards to trade? There's Something In My Eye (2) is what i have available to trade. Need and then everything else. Trading link : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=103846731&token=xkD9eNgH
  6. no one in the right mind should think that CoD can match anything BF has. Sure it's two different kinds of games when it comes to gameplay but i think the arcadey style cod is going for stopped working since MW3. Modern warfare 2 was the best COD ( even though it wasnt considered a part of the call of duty franchise )
  7. Is teamspeak down? I can't connect to our server. 

    1. Specctre


      It's still running. 

      It's still running. What's the error message?

  8. Love the logo. hope we can find the players !
  9. bio gives little credit to himself ! Welcome : )
  10. Wanted to buy the game but after seeing it only has around 1 hour of gameplay and like 15 fights i don't want it anymore
  11. so far i'm winning.
  12. DO IT ! i dare you!
  13. don't encourage her damn it.