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  1. Coming from the Morgana/Thresh main >:P
  2. It was going so well...
  3. Don't expose me. pls.
  4. I know a Mr T.
  5. I have Adobe CC, but I mostly focus within Ps, Ae, and Pr.
  6. Just got Adobe CC, wanting to practice my  PS skills, so I'm taking requests. 


    1. PsmasterDaryan


      PS masters PS skills are unreached

    2. Dom


      It should have been:

      Good job!

      P.S. PS master's  PS skills are unreached.

    3. PsmasterDaryan
  7. So I just got my edition of Adobe CC, and I'm pretty new, but I've been looking for an excuse to start practicing and to begin building up a portfolio. Sadly I don't have any personal ideas, so if you have a request, post it here. Current Request: @iEcho Next in Line: N/A Please use this format: Hopefully I don't make too much of a fool out of myself ^-^
  8. A gentleman never tells.
  9. nice profile pic dude...its intriguing 

    1. Dom


      Thank you :D

  10. 5k movement speed op
  11. Any time babe <3
  12. Congratulations, you little monkey. Happy birthday! <3
  13. Good luck achieving those, bud.
  14. If you're sick, no. If you sneeze just because, yes.