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  1. Welcome to DI and have fun
  2. Welcome to DI and have fun
  3. Welcome to DI and have fun
  4. Welcome to DI and have fun
  5. yeah mate, good job getting the rank, I didn't notice until ender reminded me lol
  6. thanks
  7. Thanks slayin, nice of you to hack us too
  8. that is why I like the internet hahaha
  9. hahaha
  10. You don't that is not slutty, especially compared to here (UK) and it is cosplay anyway.
  11. who hates music? that is retarded lol
  12. Cosplay
  13. some perverted people about round here haha
  14. welcome to DI
  15. this looks quite tame hahaha btw where are the bronies?