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  1. @RebelMCthis might be of some use mate
  2. glad you are back

    1. Alpha


      Thank you, trying to be as active as i can

  3. Some were asking if it might ruin the game but I think that that might be a slight exaggeration. I mean an Alpha Tribe could dominate without using Tek. I would say it is more for Alpha against Alpha situations especially because of the time and effort to gain Tek. The resource cost is huge to not just kill the bosses for the engrams but for the armour. This video explained very well what I mean.
  4. Can anyone join from DI?
  5. I have seen some great towns on Ark, that I would definitely join for.
  6. triple walls, ceilings and foundations are amazing defence even quadruple is possible lol
  7. Welcome to DI and great you joined us to play last night
  8. Elle
  9. A gladiatorial type game mode like that would be cool.
  10. welcome to the fun house
  11. Welcome to DI, hope you enjoy your time with us.
  12. mission complete
  13. Moe is a girl lol, They want to know your secrets.
  14. Yet@Moehasn't commented haha I am shocked.
  15. Welcome to DI and have fun