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  1. Cheer up Mal. Reimagine the soothing sounds of dial-up internet.
  2. Razgriz. Captain. Slayer of Pancakes. Party Savant. 

  3. My mind says he'll take some time and resign with NJPW and shoot for the title again. My heart wants him to be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble, but I don't think it's likely. A man can certainly dream though.
  4. Hello to you too, and welcome to Damage Inc. This isn't awkward at all, my friend. You are right where you need to be.
  5. Welcome to the community, Nami. Will definitely take you up on some games of League if you are around. Have fun!
  6. Better late then never, Luteus. Welcome to the community, and hope to see you on the Rift one of these days.
  7. Well played sir, well played. xD
  8. Welcome to the community. Hope you are getting situated nicely here and having fun. :)
  9. Thank you very much for your service and welcome to Damage Inc. Looking forward to seeing you on the Rift. :)
  10. Agreed that it's far from the most intelligent move and Steve Corino pointed that out in commentary, but it did provide a nice wow moment for sure. As far as Jim Cornette is concerned, I credit his mind for the business but he has had huge beef with Kenny Omega to the point where Omega can't seem to do anything right in Cornette's mind, which I think sucks. Cornette is a bit of an old soul when it comes to wrestling and you can hear it in his discussions and podcasts, and Omega is trying to take things as far as they can go in his craft and in his gimmick -- the latter of which I commend and thoroughly enjoy. That's not to say anyone is wrong either. It's just a difference in opinion, ultimately.
  11. Could definitely do way worse. I've tried Nasus jungle before too -- it's fun :3