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  1. Cloa and Cynical pretty much hit the nail on the head. Make sure you are comfortable on a couple of other champions for your role as well, in case your original choice is either picked away, banned, or is in a unfavorable matchup with your opponent.
  2. At least he tried though. Let's see you do it and one-up him. :3
  3. Welcome to the community, Jamboy. I like JRPGs and Pokemon too. Actually am doing a playthrough of Persona 3 on my downtime. Hope to chat with you on Teamspeak soon.
  4. Welcome to the community, friend. Already you earned some brownie points with me for the Kerrigan avatar.
  5. Mord Freakin' Fustang
  6. Welcome to Damage Inc., butterfly.
  7. Could definitely still work for sure, especially for early game and lane pressure. Just need to play it careful due to the lethality buff and the meta shift.
  8. It's ok Bloodhearth. Everybody is a newbie at one point or another. Gotta start somewhere, right? Welcome to the community! Good to have you with us.
  9. Yay! You remembered my joke from last night. :D
  10. Welcome to Damage Inc., Turbo. Was really nice to meet you at the Town of Salem event yesterday. :)
  11. Why is it that when I earn an accolade at work, the fangs come out and people get really salty? :(

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cloa


      Because haters gonna hate. People who shade on success are people you shouldn't associate with. Only associate with people who celebrate your success with you. 

    3. Razgriz


      I need to keep reminding myself of that, and keep my head up. Thanks Cloa.

    4. Zezette


      you be rollin they be hatin