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  1. Gaming and spying on women in the Jacuzzi with my drone in the winter!
  2. The Percy Jackson series was pretty good, and dragon movies are a passion since they were all i read growing up.
  3. I loved overlord, no game no life, and balck butler!
  4. Can someone make a .io game for this with massive multiplayer?
  5. "hmmms" in spanish
  6. There a bit called Deepbot that works nicely and has a few features. Also music is a bad choice unless it's explicitly not copyright or else wouldn't be able to YouTube it.
  7. I could look into making you something, i could edit a premade template for you as well if you rather get something already made and fantastic. Nothing is charged btw, just helps my portfolio.
  8. Yea that's what I was thinking, everything is overused and there's nothing good that isn't mainstream.
  9. Most def can do that, do we have any music creators for some custom non copyright stuff?
  10. Ill have a little preview for everyone to look at after i finish some other things on it. give me your thoughts in a bit. We can definitely do a similar theme but the overlay will obviously vary by games since the hud will be different for each.
  11. Im using some renders i made from the logos from there, there is no overlay in that thread that i see if thats what you mean.
  12. We wont be able to have teams/groups until one of the channels becomes partnered. A schedule would allow viewers and members to reliably tune in and view the stream. They may be able to put aside work or chores for the 1 hour they want to watch if we had a schedule. Before anything we do need a schedule and programs. I can provide some funds of around 30$ total if and when it picks up a bit. We should start all of the streams around the same time on different DI channels and support heavily the ones that start the best.
  13. That would be needing individual channels then, we cant have everyone streaming at once, we can also split it to 2 people per division to stream and youtube, stream highlights on the youtube as well maybe?