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  1. I could look into making you something, i could edit a premade template for you as well if you rather get something already made and fantastic. Nothing is charged btw, just helps my portfolio.
  2. Thoughts on this? Mixed a BUNCH of stuff, not sure if its horrible like the rest or passable?
  3. What do you do to train you aim, play making, and/or awareness? Do you play maybe CSGO? Or learn all the maps inside out? What got you where you are and is helping you improve?
  4. That dependent on timing for that, but most are. Sombra is hard to play for some people so that is very hard to pull of but super rewarding.
  5. Drop down a rein shield to block that ulty and watch the salt flow! If they get not even one kill then their whole team turns on them and it brings a joy to my soul that nothing else could. On the other hand a sound barrier is the best ulty counter to pretty much anything in any situation, zarya graviton, another sound barrier, high noon, etc. The best combination of ults i can think of even post Roadhog 2.0 would be graviton surge and ult, or graviton and Soldier ult. Then going even further to stop movement once the graviton ends a blizzard could be thrown in or even a power boost on the soldier. Thoughts? What are your favorite ults, what map maybe? And why would it be better than mine?
  6. Got 20+ people, Overwatch is moving along!

    1. DazedGlory


      Nice! keep climbing!

    2. Nota


      Congrats bro! I see that my lessons has sent you far in this world xD

    3. Keverino


      Thank you sensei!

  7. Sorry I'm late, but thank you! Thanks!
  8. That sounds so mean lol, shots fired!! Still would be cool to watch even for Doms team as learning material. Gg though!
  9. What do you mean it's up, is there a recording of do you mean a past stream? I would like to watch it later if possible?
  10. Welcome to DI! To get you started let have you apply to become an initiate. Here you can submit your application. This is the division for CS:GO. The commander/leader for CS:GO. The 2IC or Vice of CS:GO. The teamspeak is where you can find me under the username Keverino. Hop on there and i can help you with anything you may need.
  11. Hey, im your mentor, check your PMs for me and lets get talking.

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    2. FxAErA


      Okay I've read it. I need to attend 4 events per month right? The problem is that I am living in germany and i think that the most events are at 10-12 o' clock here. It's really late and i am not online anymore at this time. I can attend at the events which are earlier but the other are to late :c

    3. Keverino


      No problem, just find any events you can attend or enter your information into the mandatory posts in the overwatch forum. You only need 4 events for the 1st month.

    4. AzusaListen
  12. i like your rounded look, used it well, makes it look like it is a sticker or popping out of the picture. whats the font if i may?
  13. Just expanding the portfolio, found some elements that seemed cool.
  14. I gave it a poke, havent downloaded/gotten any stencils or things to do better work with sadly.