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  1. Will look closer when I get home from work. But yes, I think the normal Vikavolt set seen on showdown is probably best here.
  2. Anyone have thoughts on this? It seems like it could be very strong, though a little bit niche. Scarfchomp could easily deal with this.
  3. I speedrun Pokémon Leaf Green/Fire Red, and have attempted speed runs of Super Mario World Glitchless any%. In the summer I would like to attempt more speedruns, especially Pokémon Emerald. Would love to hear what games you speedrun!
  4. On days I do not work, 12-15 hours. On days I do work, cut that number by 6 hours.
  5. That's odd. I see it at least once every 4 games, which on Showdown at the lower tiers, is saying something.
  6. Very insightful, thank you for your thoughts! I also really like Tapu Bulu, same as you, I just feel with so many mon's running poison moves right now (Nihilego, Garchomp, Muk, etc), that it can't really do its job, and for that reason it's the least used of the 4. Scarf Lele is really overpowered by the way.
  7. @Theopheno @Thesi @Relegation @Jarmstrong @JDI @ShadowLight284 @jolteonizationWhat are your thoughts on the Tapu Meta and what sets do you see more prevalent?
  8. Obviously the way Tapu's have been used so far this competitive season has changed. I want to know what your opinion if them is and what you think is the best set. Just to put things into perspective: Tapu Koko started as a Physical Attacker, then moved to being almost exclusively a Special one. There was also a short period of time with a bulky build with tapunium-z. I really don't know what set is best, are all 3 viable? Tapu Lele has been used in so many ways I can't even remember them all. What are the 3 most popular ones out there right now? Psychium-z, Scarf and Life Orb? Tapu Bulu was highly used at the start of the season, and is now the least used. It also fills a weird spot, since it's the only Tapu with means of recovery (Horn Leech, Leech Seed, Grassy Terrain), and it has a massive nuke (Wood Hammer in Grassy Terrain). I think people are a bit disconnected with how to run it. Tapu Fini was rarely used at the start of the season, and is now highly used. Same with Tapu Lele, it has so many ways to be used. Specs Special Attacker, Calm Mind Set, Heal Pulse Set, Swagger-Fini, Scarfed, and many more. What are the most popular ones in the meta right now?
  9. Dunno, that's just what the website I found this on said xD
  10. Might be trash? All teams you make are Garbodor :P In all seriousness, here's a decent list of picks you can choose: Arcanine Lycanroc (both forms) Mightyena Granbull Furfrou Delphox Zoroark Stoutland Lucario Manectric Houndoom All the Eeveelutions **Note: Not all of these are available in Sun&Moon
  11. A lot of my professors at University are americans, and one of my neighbors are Americans (but have since moved away). They didn't seem to have trouble moving or adjusting, but I have no idea how the process works. Trump probably made some changes already too :/
  12. I was about to say come to Ontario :D
  13. I know but it's still coming on the Switch :P
  14. Woohoo Shovel Knight and Super Mario Odyssey :D Plus, you know, the unnamed Pokémon game :P