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  1. Welcome to the clan, Brandon.
  2. Took Grav, Thx dude.
  3. no dont buy it.
  4. Why is Six afraid of Seven, cuz Seven's a registered Six offender. ;^)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Xenith


      What comes after 69? Mouthwash.

    3. Me0wth
    4. Siren


      You know why Microsoft skipped to Windows 10, right?

  5. Welcome! c;
  6. Welcome. c;
  7. I use this website for resizing and uploading pictures.
  8. Literally using that as my desktop wallpaper now. xD Looks solid n coolw.
  9. I had the same problem, and i failed my exam. c;
  10. Lol, the cs one, golden. xD
  11. ooo, that looks soo good. *click save image*
  12. Well still overall it shouldve been something that i can do hands-on, but it doesnt matter anymore as ive found a software to do it on.
  13. It can also be like a new program or something. ( one of my classmates did one about Cacti a network monitoring tool )
  14. Honestly just send the whole thing, i might not end up using it but it might still help me.
  15. Didnt this get shut down ? Also its not very related to computer hardware.