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  1. Or... log in with phone ?
  2. Tentacle hentai<3
  3. Welcome to the clan, Siren. c;
  4. Idk i use HRTF.
  5. @AFDragon s4ep16 is outtttt !!! <3 What you think of the new eps ? Im so hyped to see what ivar is gonna do in the show.
  6. Hello  Apache :TrollFace:

    1. bioMonster


      Dont test me boi.

    2. Nota


      If I remember correctly you said that you want to be called Apache so I am only respecting your wishes :TrollFace:

  7. Welcome Cala.
  8. Hey, hope you get accepted :P
  9. Welcome to the clan.
  10. Yeah i do, not much tho but im a GN4 atm.
  11. Hey nice to meet you Mike, welcome to the clan! :D
  12. @Dom @Moe @AlwaysSlayin
  13. Hey, hope you are going to stay with us. Welcome to the clan Dale. :D
  14. Hey, welcome to the clan INC. ;P