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  1. WOOOOOO!!!! XD
  2. This game will soon take over Rocket League. Can't you see a HUGE tournament in a HUGE stadium dedicated to this game?
  3. I said scarlet, deal.
  4. I'd agree, there is some screwed up stuff out there. I just think the fandom should be more into the cutesy side of things.
  5. Pretty hot, right? xD
  6. It means I'm apart of the "Furry Fandom," sub-culture. Which essentially takes a liking to animals with human-like features. Zootopia and Sing could be considered Furry movies.
  7. Oh my, this thread will get us to Hell.
  8. I'm not 18 yet, soooooo I have a game fetish? Does that count? I yeah, and I'm a furry! :)
  9. I really want some cool scarlet painted wheels. About the white hat, it does sound really interesting.
  10. You aren't, you can do it once you become a full member. You'll need an officer to do it, because the picture is bigger than the forum allows. :)
  11. 4722, I don't have any cool pictures. :(
  12. Nice to meet you, too! Welcome to DI! :)
  13. I'm literally crying, not figuratively! xD
  14. Not if they're everywhere, which I have the resources to get it accomplished. Should have known, how do I move it? Also, you dare say I did something wrong in the topic called "Be a Good Yoshi?" o.o
  15. This is how.