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  1. Initiate acknowledged. Please be sure to get in touch with DDD if you have not already. Welcome to the third division! :D
  2. Open spaces are for additional ballistae and there is plenty of room inside for more turrets.
  3. Open spaces are for additional ballistae and there is plenty more room inside for more turrets.
  4. Nice guide @Snek!
  5. hmm....might have to snag that one day when I see it on sale. :)
  6. Captain tactics is definitely worth it. That's one of those researches I wish I'd started a bit sooner.
  7. hmm.....never played any of those. shk was my first stronghold game. They any good?
  8. What a great in depth guide. Well done.
  9. Great guide man. Well put together.
  10. Nice post man. A useful guide to link to someone who is seeing a 0/8 report and doesn't know what to do next.
  11. Wow. That's crazy.
  12. I speak two languages then!
  13. Does sarcasm count as a second language? :P
  14. Nice guide Merf.
  15. Great guide. Well done Snek!