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  1. >.> I love helping people learn photoshop! =D ill think of somthing
  2. Idk why i took this. But yea i did
  3. They are really playing JoJo?!
  4. first year I couldnt get a tree =( I have been in Iowa for a month and I wont be back till this friday so I dont have time for a tree sadly.
  5. So someone should go to any post that @Dom has put up and give him one rep XD

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SkyWave
    3. Targaryen


      so to get REP all i have to do is ask ? sounds easy ... whats the catch?

    4. Dom


      @TargaryenYou're the catch ;)

  6. its been snowing all week and is now -6 so it ruined my weekend plans.... so YAY for staying in all day again!
  7. QQ did anyone watch the eps 11 of yuri on ice? Dx 

    1. Senti


      Yuri.. you still a sucker for Yuri on Ice? Dx

    2. VadaShiloh


      I dont wanna spoil it but im like so nervous for next week DX

  8. That moment when you are about to open up and think..... nahhh probably not the best idea. So you just go back making bad meme jokes to hide your disappointment #mylife lol

  9. NASA says there is 13 zodiacs now and im not longer a gemini im now a taurus...... I dont like this change!

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    2. TheGamer777


      I'm not cancer anymore though :(

    3. Snek


      Oh yeah, me neither! Gemini bros! 

    4. TheGamer777


      That's less cool :P

  10. I need to ask you a favor, tonight message me on teamspeak around 8ish please darling :)

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    2. VadaShiloh
    3. Cloa


      Damn @FatalAtonementyou gone for a minute she already hooking up with someone else.

    4. FatalAtonement


      Lol i see this! -__-

  11. I am such a sucker for yuri on ice!!! @~@ this last eps was sooooo GOOD!!!

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    2. Cloa


      Is it Boku no Pico v2?

    3. VadaShiloh


      omg XD senti i didnt even think of that. And no cloa DX its beautiful

    4. Cloa


      Just tell me if there's legitimate gay tendencies in there or not.

  12. snee snee where are youuuuuuu

  13. I love this, I still hate him but that was a good one.