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  1. Azusa.... I think I have fallen in love with you!

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    2. Worstnightmare



      Dafuc Nota xD

    3. Tuesday


      get a room, 

    4. AlwaysSlayin


      Lol teusday XD


      Also,I love your profile pic :D

  3. Hey Guys before I joined DI I was an admin for a game called Modern FPS which I played a bit with @Xenithand have been poping in and out of the game to see how it is going but it seems things are starting to take a turn for the worse :/ Modern FPS is a browser game that uses the Unity engine meaning it needs WebPlayer to run however most browsers nowadays are removing "outdated" plugins and these effect the WebPlayer which put this game in danger! I am a massive fan and supporter of this game and I am calling upon you guys to help me to keep this game alive. There are plans for it to go standalone (Facebook Arcade) and currently there are donations to help it along the goal is $24 and we are already 54% you don't have to if you don't wanna, but at least play the game and give it a try promote it to your friends and help revive the community.
  4. Did you loose your rank? I saw you on ts without it but you still seem to have it here... o.o

    1. Zxcaven


      he was prob just at another computer

    2. Senti


      Uff.. :p I hope he didn't lose it

    3. TheGamer777


      He was at a gaming bar so he didnt have his perms

  5. This is pretty old but I am glad people are still looking back at it, glad it helped :D (ps I will be revealing my completed map soon)
  6. New signature 

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    2. Sicario


      ...its ok...i forgive you

      ...youll always be a better taka than me...*sniff*

    3. s0LA


      Do you really think anyone cares for you?


      I do lol

    4. Sicario
  7. Your a GOD! and I think you know why :D

  8. Hello friend :)

  9. I am the one, don't weigh a ton
    Don't need a gun to get respect upon the street
    Under the sun, the bastard son
    Will pop the Glock to feed himself and family
    By any means, your enemies my enemies
    We wet them up like a canteen
    The yellow tape surrounds the fate
    Don't have a face so now you late, open the gates


  10. This is pretty cool will help noobs like me to find the guide im looking for than searching the forums for it
  11. I'm on my phone and about to sleep then I say your location o.o

    1. AzusaListen


      You should go to sleep my friend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. Worstnightmare


      @Notaremember to tjek under your bed!


  12. #makeDIgreatagain

    1. b0ssman
    2. Nota



  13. For a second i was like wtf.....


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    2. AzusaListen


      I just found it a bit funny to see Nota striking Nota :^)

    3. Nota


      If that was an option then I would've done so already.

    4. AlwaysSlayin


      that's hilarious!

  14. I am not much of a task player myself but I might try this build out and see how it goes for me thanks for sharing your wisdom with us 😁
  15. I heard that there isn't an actual way to train and warm up in overwatch and I know some of my friends just do so warmup in csgo and then go to overwatch because of the multiple tools that are available